Lights Out Again – The Lighthouse Closes Its Doors

lightouseDowntown Berryville has lost another business as The Lighthouse Restaurant on East Main Street closed its doors. After a tumultuous run, the local landmark turned out the lights for good on Thursday night.

This marks the second time in the past year that the establishment has closed. The latest owners reopened the business last November under new management but with the same name. The restaurant was known around town for having an active after dinner hours crowd and a devoted karaoke following. But it seems that was not enough as diners passed up the Lighthouse to spend their dollars at other local eateries.

While the economy has been difficult for almost all   businesses in   town, many residents speculated that Berryville’s cottage industry of restaurants had exceeded maximum density and that it was only a matter of time before the market thinned out the fold. Whatever the reason, the Lighthouse is the second downtown business to close in the past month. (see article on Movie Gallery closing )


  1. Jim Willis says:

    To bad, we were big fans of their Prime Rib. The chef was outstanding and Cassie and the other servers gave outstanding service. It will be missed.

    • thanks jim it means lots to the the girls who have lost their jobs with no warning. mabe we will see you around at other restuarants in town.

  2. This is unfortunate for the new owners. I never went there because there was a long-standing smoking allowed policy with the old restaurant and because of that, I never felt the desire to go back into the facility.

  3. Jim Gibson says:

    It is unfortunate, but it was hindered by several factors: the smoking policy, the lack of other businesses downtown (or in town, period), and a noted lack of convenient parking options.

    The Town of Berryville needs to actively pursue other businesses besides restaurants and a gallery. Resolve the petty issues with the owner of the land by Food Lion so that better shops can think about moving in. There, currently, are no stores to buy first-wear clothing or shoes; the one pharmacy in town has store hours that do not cater to a 21st-Century populace (rather, it’s stuck in an Eisenhower-era idea). We are saturated in restaurants – 1 Italian, 1 (sort-of) “chain burger joint,” 1 Mexican, 1 French, 2 Greek, 1 pizza place, Subway, Jane’s Lunch, the Berryville Grill, 1 Chinese, and the Bistro – and 1 fine-dining establishment (The Battletown Inn).

    The other hindrance is a dearth of parking that is close and convenient to these businesses. If there was something like Creekside over by the Food Lion, where there is ample parking, more folks might venture out – and we might lure commuters coming along Rt. 7 to swing in to meet the family for dinner instead of losing that potential revenue to Frederick County or Winchester.

  4. “dearth of parking” doesn’t seem to curtail business at Berryville Grill next door to the Lighthouse.

    • Jim Gibson says:

      One has to factor in other aspects, as I said – the smoking policy of The Lighthouse, the menu options, etc. There are many factors at work here. Convenient parking that doesn’t involve a lot of walking is a factor for some, nonetheless.

  5. oohhitstimetoleave says:

    Lack of good food is probably one of the biggest reasons for the recent demise of this restaurant. Also, good management…a good restaurant just does not close its doors without warning and without telling their employees.

    As far as parking goes…it should never even be considered an issue in Berryville. I have never had a problem parking within a 1/2 a block of any business here in town…that even goes for restuarants between the hours of 5pm and 8pm. And if some would have to park a few spaces away…well, exercise, no matter how little, is good for everyone.

  6. I have been a regular off and on (of course) of light house for years , and no it is not every ones cup of tea. The smoking policy was change well before it closed. The parking in the town of berryville is problem especially during mid day.I still think the meters are a joke.While I don’t mind walking a block ar so, alot of folks do and if they handicapped that brings up more issues. Good food is always a plus. I have not been to but a few that have always been consistent in that. How about the condition of the bldg’s them selves. most are under maintained to say the least and a good number stay empty.I think the latest owners just thought they could move in and it was buisness as usual with out some major changes and did not allow good management! I do feel bad for the girls mostly cassy who hung on there . The grill is very nice small quaint family place with no bar. I like restaurant/bar places. If the light house ever opens again I will try it aagin! “quality not quantity”