Local Church Honors First Responders

Sunday was a day of remembrance and thanksgiving.   Americans across the nation focused on the sacrifice of the victims of the 9-11 terrorist attacks while offering prayers of support and encouragement to surviving families and first responders affected by the tragedy.

Local first responders were honored Sunday in a special community wide remembrance service at Apple Valley Baptist Church.   Church members expressed their appreciation to the Berryville Police Department, the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department and the John H. Enders Fire and Rescue Company.

Gifts baskets were presented to each group containing baked goods and individualized tokens of appreciations.

The Berryville Police Department received certificates for free coffee from the Berryville News Stand.   Since the sheriff’s office covers the whole county, its officers received gifts certificates from McDonalds.   And not to be left out, the Enders Fire Company will receive a free company photo provide by Stark Photography in Berryville.

“The gift baskets were just a small expression of thanksgiving to those that give so much to our community,” said Rev. Van Welton, Pastor of Apple Valley.

“One lesson we have learned from the crisis of 9-11 is to take every opportunity we have to thank those that serve us, “ Welton continued.

Representing the differing agencies were Chief Neal White, Berryville Police Department, Deputy Gary Lichliter, Clarke County Sheriff’s Office and Fire Fighter and EMT Lee Coffelt, representing the Mount Weather Fire Department and Clarke County volunteer fire personnel.

Clarke County is an island to the counties that surround us when you consider that Clarke County is still relying on volunteers to serve our community,” Coffelt said.   “Please pray for our fire and police forces.   Please be mindful of the sacrifices that go on every single day in our local emergency units.”

The service may be viewed at the church website; www.applevalleybaptist.com.