Local Church Takes Congregation to the Daytona 500

By Van Welton

The Daytona 500 is NASCAR’s biggest, richest and most prestigious race of the year and is usually sold out months in advance.     Most race fans can only dream of attending the Daytona 500 and are limited to viewing the race on television.

This past Sunday, Apple Valley Baptist took its congregation to the race . . . sort of.  As part of its 10 am service, Senior Pastor Van Welton spoke via Skype technology to NASCAR Chaplain Billy Mauldin.

Mauldin, who was located in the pit area, was broadcast over the church’s 15 foot projection screen, giving church members a behind the scenes view.  It was easy to notice the clouds in the picture and predict the rain delay that eventually delayed the race.

Apple Valley uses the Skype technology to connect it congregation to mission work around the world.  “We Skype our Southern Baptist missionaries in the field to connect our people to the servants they are supporting,” said Pastor Welton.  The church Skypes around the world with a simple internet card.
Sunday’s Skype call to the Daytona 500 highlighted the ministry of Racing Motor Outreach which ministers to drivers, pit crews and their families.  Chaplain Mauldin told the congregation that the ministry conducts a weekly chapel service and works to meet individual needs.

Apple Valley members look forward to each Sunday the Skype network is used.  It gives them a window into the world from Berryville.



  1. Great Job Pastor Van !!!!