Local News Legend Honored for Clarke County Service

The Clarke Board of Supervisors expressed their formal appreciation this week for community contributions spanning nearly three decades by local news legend, Val Van Meter.

Clarke County Superviosr John Staelin presents award to Val Van Meter - Photo Edward Leonard

Supervisor John Staelin (Millwood) presented the award on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and acknowledged Van Meter’s dedication to reporting events in Clarke County for more than twenty-seven years, with eighteen years as a journalist and editor with the Clarke Times Courier; and nine years as a reporter with another local news publication.

“Throughout the years, Val Van Meter, has faithfully reported the news, consistently putting forth the effort to ensure that not just the facts alone, but the meanings of the events were conveyed accurately to the public,” Staelin said as he read the proclamation.

The Resolution in Appreciation of Service was originally approved in April, 2010 but not read until the Supervisor’s final meeting of the year because Van Meter had not been present at previous meetings to accept the award.

While Van Meter is well known professionally for her broad and deep knowledge of Clarke County’s people and issues, she is equally versed and active on her love of horses and history making her a kindred spirit to many in Clarke County.

Van Meter’s service has been recorded in book 20, page 224 of the Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes for April 20, 2010 – Regular Meeting.

At Tuesday’s meeting Staelin shook Van Meter’s hand as he presented her with a wooden plaque, however, the handshake quickly melted into a cordial hug. Van Meter appeared to be very moved by the award.

“It is always a pleasure to be in Clarke County,” Van Meter said with teary eyes. Always.”

The Board of Supervisors’ resolution congratulated Van Meter for her many years of dedication and journalistic integrity and resolves, “Van Meter’s dedication, loyalty, and service to the Citizens of Clarke County be hereby memorialized,” and that a “suitable copy of the resolution be presented to Mrs. Van Meter as a small token of the respect and high esteem in which she is held by the Clarke County Board of Supervisors, Constitutional Officers, and the staff of Clarke County.”

Van Meter’s well-deserved recognition was approved and ordered entered in the county’s official records by the unanimous vote of the members of the Clarke County Board of Supervisors assembled in regular session on the 20th day of April 2010 by Clarke County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman,   J. Michael Hobert.


  1. Congratulations to a wonderful reporter and woman!! Val surely deserves this wonderful recognition.

  2. Congratulations Val! I’ve worked with Val numerous times over the last 5 years, and she has a true “community” spirit. Love her!

  3. Jon P. Joyce says:

    Good things should happen to good people. Congradulations

  4. Val VanMeter is truly deserving of this recognition. She has always been fair and accurate in her reporting of Clarke County events. Congratulations to a local favorite!

    • Nancy Specht says:

      Val’s excellent reporting and her human (and horses!) interest stories were always great reads, and her kind attitude make her a pleasure to work with.
      Congratulations to a very fine person!

  5. just interested says:

    Without Val our life through the years in Clarke County would be without pictures and stories that all have come to cherish. Thank you Val for your lovely work.

  6. Cheers to one who deserves all these accolades. Val was the go to person whenever we needed her to promote a Clarke County Event. Thanks for all your years of excellent reporting, Val.