Local Performers Gather for Acoustic Charity Performance

Musical talents from across the area will gather tonight (February, 19 2011) as The Sounds of Grace presents an Acoustic Showcase at Grace Episcopal Chapel in Berryville.   The concert will feature five local bands playing an array of musical genres including jazz, folk, and acoustic rock. The event was conceived by a group of friends as a benefit concert for local charitable organizations that they hold near and dear. Bill Johnston, one of the people responsible for the event, is also a musician who will be performing with the group, “William and Mary.” Bill said, “We’re doing it as a benefit for Help With Housing and the Humane Society.”

The Clarke County Humane Foundation, partners with Clarke County to operate the Clarke County Animal Shelter. The Foundation is currently raising funds for construction of a run-in shed for large animals that are temporarily housed at the shelter’s property.

Help With Housing provides funding, labor and materials to make necessary repairs to the homes of underprivileged and disabled homeowners in Clarke, Warren, Shenandoah, Page, and Frederick Counties and the City of Winchester to assist in keeping low income homes in livable condition.

While this event requires planning and behind the scenes effort to organize, it seems to be a group effort through and through. Bill said,” There’s a bit of work – but it’s divided up pretty evenly.”

Other individuals involved in the planning and development of the event include Robin Braithewaite and Robert Friedensen who are also in a band performing at the event. Their group, “A Taste of Local Flavor,”
will feature Acoustic Rock and R&B selections.

The concert will be held at Grace Episcopal Chapel at 110 N. Church St in Berryville. Doors open at 7:30 P.M.   Admission is $10 and under 18 is Free. For more information call(540)955-1610

Performances by:

  • William and Mary (Bill Johnston and Mary Ray Roberts)
    Blues, Country, Jazz
  • A Taste of Local Flavor (Robin Braithewaite, Robert Friedensen, Vic Compitello)
    Acoustic Rock and R&B
  • Rose Hill Ramblers (Terrie Sheaffer, Greg Lloyd, Mike Lorenzo)
    Acoustic Rock
  • Frozen Iguanas (J.C. Moore and Jeff Rezin)
    Acoustic Swing
  • Mike and Ethan (Michael Rumfelt and Ethan Cebulash)


  1. Hello,

    I was in attendance to the Acoustic Showcase last night and it was wonderful. I fully enjoyed every song that was played and I can’t wait to go to another one! While at the show I was able to take some snapshots and if anybody would like them (free of course) please E-mail me at: RunNplay@Gmail.com

    Enjoy the nice weather,

    Yolanda (*I believe a friend of Mary requested some snapshots but I have no way of contacting her. So I thought I would attempt via E-mail through the paper)

  2. Robin Braithwaite says:

    A huge thanks to everyone who came the Acoustic Showcase! We had a wonderful time and raised some money for our favorite charities.