Local Veterans Provide Flags for New High School

As the Clarke County school system continues to navigate a challenging budget environment to provide the best education for the youth of our community, two local organizations have stepped forward to shoulder a portion of the burden in the fit out of the new high school.

American Legion Post 41 and VFW Post 9760 have volunteered to provide flags for the new Clarke County High School.  The new school will be dedicated on Saturday, April 28th, and will replace the current high school beginning with the 2012-13 school year.

Bob Ferrebee, Adjutant for American Legion Post 41 in Berryville said, “One of our members suggested that it might be a good community service project to donate the flags and our membership approved it.  VFW Post 9760 then offered to join us in the project.”

The two organizations approached the high school principal and superintendent with the offer and they gladly accepted it.

The donated flags will include U.S. and Virginia flags for the outside flagpole, U.S. and Virginia flags with flagpoles for the auditorium, a U.S. flag for the gymnasium, and U.S. flags for all of the classrooms.  The cost of the flags will be split between the two veteran’s organizations and is is expected to total approximately $800.

While the opportunity to contribute flags to a new school is an unusual opportunity in Clarke county this type of service is often offered by veteran organizations.  Ferrebee said, “Many VFW and American Legion Posts, including our local posts, provide flags for non-profit and community organizations including schools, cemeteries, parks, and schools.”


  1. Thank you, veterans!

  2. Thank you, veterans!

    for more than just flags!

  3. Tony Parrott says:

    Great offering from my fellow vets.

  4. Because I Care says:

    Way to go vets! Thanks!

  5. sargewillis says:

    Great idea from our vet organizations, thank you for the flags and your service to our country!

  6. Sharon Strickland says:

    I thank you American Legion members and VFW members. As the wife of a vet that is a member of both organizations, I am personally proud that the flags will be donated from both organizations.

    Way to go veterans! I would not have expected less. All of you are givers and protectors of our American flag. God bless all of you.

  7. Way to go guys! Maybe the Honor Gaurd could get together and do reveille and retreat on the first day of school to give the kids a lesson on flag respect as well

  8. Why would someone give a thumbs down to a thank you fro someone’s generosity? My Dad always said to me, “There are going to be people that you will not get along with”, and man was he ever correct.

  9. Its because the Old-Timers that live here just hold vendetta’s against a person’s name, rather than what they post! Trust me I know too well……………………

    Kisses and Hugs………

  10. Absolutely. This standard of living in this town and county won’t really improve until the Old_Timers, who seem to think my vote for living here a mere 10 years is worth half of theirs, move on to bigger and better things. Quaint is nice but our grocery store and pharmacy both, well suck to put it mildly. AE tells a story that when FL was being built, they wanted a pharmacy. The BOS blocked it because they knew the dude that owns the current pharmacy. God forbid competition, maybe we wouldnt’ have to drive to Winchester to get a Rx filled at 7:00 pm any day of the week. When the pharmacy application was denied their response was “You are going to get the worst store we can provide”. So crony-capitalism brings Berryville a bad grocery store and a pharmacy that is open from 9-6 MF 9-1 S. God help you if your kid gets sick and needs a Rx called in at 7:00 in the evening. And while the new HS seems impressive now, wait for the changes that are coming down the pike. Something will get hosed up, You wait.

    • Local Biker says:

      Dave M well good luck getting a doctor to see you in B-ville after 5 pm or on a weekend so what is the problem with our Pharmacy and there hours they do a great job. So you will be in Winchester seeing the doctor so you can pick up your meds there. I have been here for 17 years I grew up over the mountain and left because of the build up if you came from the big city and want that sort of things then you can always go back to were you came from.

  11. Stonebroke says:

    Build up? What does that have to do with your Dr.’s office closing at 4pm? Build up? What does that have to do with the (only) local pharmacy closing at 6pm? It’s not about build up, it is about having the necessities in the town that you live in, it’s not about build up! If the current business owners don’t want to provide for everyone, then it might be time to build up with something more current and with the times!

  12. Local Biker says:

    Stonebroke, I guess a 15 min. drive is to much for you to make to help keep our town from being built up like the ones that are around us. You didn’t say how long you have lived in the area but I guess it may have not been that long.

    • Stonebroke says:

      All my life brother! And that has been for many moons! Like I’ve stated before, nobody is asking for what Winchester or Loudoun has, we are asking for “NECESSITIES”! Please read that word. (NECESSITIES) Yes, it is sometimes too much to drive 15 minutes!

  13. My 2 Cents says:

    35 years for me! I say build it up! Just more tax dollars going up the road! I guess you are ok with that though? As long as your cow-fields are still in tact…….. PITIFUL!!!!!

    • Fly ont the wall says:

      Veterans, thank you for all that you do, and for this most generous donation.

  14. Clarke Co Annie says:

    Wonderful donation from the American Legion and VFW!
    A heartfelt thanks for the flags and your service!

  15. Yet again the comments have over-shadowed the actual information in the article. Thanks to the VFW and the American Legion for all that you have done for our community!!

  16. Tammy Lanham says:

    A sincere “Thank you” to members of the VFW and American Legion for this special gift. I am again encouraged by community support of our schools ~ looking forward to the new High School’s dedication day:)

  17. Happy In Clarke says:

    You knew when you moved here, what was here. If it did’nt meet your needs you should not have chose Clarke County! Thanks American Legion.