Local Woman Arraigned on Charges Stemming From Shirley Death

A Berryville woman has been charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor related to the drunk-driving accident that killed seventeen year old Aaron Shirley. Virginia State Police say that the woman has admitted to allowing children to drink alcohol in her home. However, the indictment stops short of charging the woman with providing alcohol to the minors involved in the accident.

According to court documents, 46-year-old Stephaney LaFave Scott of   Berryville, Virginia, told Virginia State Trooper Eric Deel that she allows her two underage children to drink alcohol in her home. Scott, reportedly, also admitted that she allows her children’s underage friends to drink alcohol in her home as well.

Scott is charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor for violating Virginia Code Section 18.2-371; “while being eighteen years of age or older, willfully contribute to, encourage, or cause any act or omission, or condition which rendered a child under the age of eighteen delinquent, in need of services, in need of supervision, abused, or neglected as defined in Section 16.1-228.”

The charges stem from evidence collected at the scene of a June 18, 2010 accident that claimed the life of Aaron Shirley. Shirley was riding in the open bed of a pickup truck driven by then 16-year-old Amir Banks. Several underage teens were passengers in the truck’s cab when Banks lost control of the vehicle and it left the roadway. Shirley was ejected from the pickup’s bed and pronounced dead a short time later at Winchester Medical Center. Several of the teen passengers were injured. Banks and the several juvenile passengers had allegedly just left a party where alcohol had been consumed. State Police records indicated that Banks’s blood alcohol reading on a breath test administered after the crash was 0.07.

The legal blood alcohol limit for anyone under the age of 21 is 0.02.

In the criminal complaint used for the arrest, Virginia State Trooper Eric Deel states that shortly after the crash, photos and statements from the juveniles were collected by Virginia State Police investigators. The photos and statements led Deel to interview Scott on charges related to contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  According to Deel, his subsequent investigation revealed that Scott has allowed underage people to drink alcoholic beverages in her home when she was present. Deel said that photos obtained by Virginia State Police show Scott with her daughter and other children as they consumed alcohol.

Deel said that the evidentiary photos also show underage drinking parties at Scott’s home and that Stephaney Scott, “admits that she turned a blind eye to this activity.” According to Deel,  Scott was able to identify the names and ages of children in the evidentiary photos.

Scott did not appear today at the 10:30 a.m. hearing in Clarke County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in which she was scheduled to enter a plea to the charges. Judge Ronald L. Napier granted Scott a continuance until February 11th.

Napier is the same judge that remanded Amir Banks to six months custody in the Northwest Juvenile Detention Center in Winchester on December 10, 2010.

The accident and death of Aaron Shirley has forced the Clarke County community to acknowledge the terrible consequences that underage drinking can deliver. Many citizens believe that more needs to be done by county and schools to help young people make better decisions when it comes to damaging behaviors like teen sex, alcohol abuse, and illicit drug use.  One community member with close ties to the juveniles involved in the accident said that he/she believes the Virginia State Police and Clarke County Commonwealth Attorney have taken necessary steps to curb the culture of underage drinking in Clarke County, but warned against complacency.

“We as parents and relatives should add to the momentum and broadcast any information that  will stop the parties that dot the county most every week,” the person said. “Seeking charges  against anyone providing alcohol or condoning underage drinking is an  important step in preventing additional tragedies.”

“Parents hold the key to the solution. Don’t be a friend to your kids, be a  parent. Pry into their life, you may save it by doing so. We lost Aaron  Shirley, an outstanding young man, this past June not for the lack of his  parents teaching him well, but because of another parent that was teaching him and  other children that drinking is okay.”

The same community member emphasized the importance of the Clarke County Public School system as a partner to parents in the effort to curb substance abuse and other dangerous habits among young people.

“The SADD program (Students Against Destructive Decisions) in the school system is a good thing. I am sure that education about what  destructive decisions can do to a young person’s life has had  positive affect. But the SADD program should also back the school system for  drug and alcohol testing for every athlete during the school year, not just a few. Sadly, some school athletes will avoid the parties during their sport  season and be on the party wagon at all other times,” the person said. “Technology has enabled children today to avoid detection of wrong doing.  Parents should use the same technology and communicate more with other  parents. If we all would have been more alert and aware of the forces  affecting our children’s lives, we may have prevented the permanent scarring  of the children in the accident and saved Aaron’s life.”

“There are enough of us out here that are interested in saving our children  from underage drinking and stopping irresponsible parents.”

If convicted of a Class 1 misdemeanor, Scott could face confinement in jail for not more than twelve months and a fine of not more than $2,500, either or both.

Scott’s February 11th hearing is scheduled for 9:30 a.m.


  1. greenhouse supporter says:

    We as adults are responsible to set a positive role model for young people. It is hard to believe that there are adults in our community that think supplying alcohol to minors is appropriate. I think 12 months and the fine is actually pretty light considering the seriousness of her actions.

  2. Fly Swatter says:

    So parents should play a more active role yet in this case the parents did their part, it was someone elses parents who are to blame…..what a frustrating statement…

  3. She needs to be made an example of so other “adults” and/or “parents” will stop allowing this to happen

    • Interested bysitter says:

      Oh…I think that will happen soon enough. She’ll be excoriated on here, shunned in public, and so on. The fact that she’s even been charged is a first for this community, although I’m sure a few on here can’t wait until it’s one of the “gentry” who get hauled in front of the judge’s dais. If she’s naming names in the pictures, wonder who else has gotten a chat with the local law enforcement officials?

      • Here’s a link to her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/stephaney.scott#!/stephaney.scott#!/profile.php?id=608557423

        Wow, lots of CCHS kids are friends of hers. Lots of names are easily recognizable as members of sports and academics teams….


        • Just an observer says:

          So…you became her “friend” on FB to gain access to her pics and then stabbed her in the back by posting the link here?

          Wow…you really are a callous, hateful, dark-souled human being, RW.

          God help your kids if they ever screw up.

        • Did it ever occur to you that maybe her children are friends with all of them? Perhaps they have had friends over (not to party) and have introduced themselves to her and the kids request her and out of respect and she accepts the request? The fact that you post her facebook page for all to see like she’s some scum of the earth and then promote the idea of her being friends with kids means she parties is crazy and you should really be ashamed of yourself. Unbelievable.

    • Dmaxnjackson says:

      The driver of the truck was not made an example of! You need to really think about what you write. The good ole boy network working to protect certain people in this town, and this woman will have the book thrown at her, and all you hypocrites will talk behind her back, and at all your little simple minded social events. Get a clue people.

      • greenhouse supporter says:

        Perhaps if alcohol was not being supplied to our High School students by irresponsible adults this tragedy may not have happened. Whether it be the young person’s parents or at parties. If you have read studies you would find that most adult alcoholics started drinking when they were 12 and 13 years old.

      • 1. We are not simple minded people as a whole. 2. We do not attend simple minded social events as a whole. 3. Whether this woman let children drink in her home or adults, what type of person is she to let not one, but several people get in the truck and drive drunk? 4. Simple minded.

        • She had nothing to do with that truck accident. Stop shooting nonsense and placing blame where it is not to be placed. You don’t know anything relating to that situation and if you do pardon me. However I do know for a sheer fact that she had NOTHING at ALL to do with that accident. Again, another rude and ignorant statement that has no backing to it whatsoever.

        • Fly on the wall says:

          Check your facts. Per Commonwealth’s Attorney Suni Perka, “This woman is in no way responsible for the death of Aaron Shirley.” (Today’s edition of a different local paper.)

        • clarke county student says:

          She didn’t let anyone get the truck, they made the decision. She wasn’t there… that has been stated numerous times… The attorneys have even stated that she had NOTHING to do with the death of dear friend Aaron Shirley.

      • I feel the boy who drove the truck deserves jail time. He was caught at the fair under the influence of alcohol after knowing that his underage drinking and driving killed someone. No lesson was learned by him.

        • Where do you think he is now? It sure isn’t DisneyWorld!

          • Juvenile detention ain’t jail either.

          • What is the difference? Can you elaborate?

            Jail= Detaining of adults
            Juvenile Detention= Detaining of Juveniles

            Age thing!

          • Jail is a place in which people are physically confined and, usually, deprived of a range of personal freedoms.
            Juvenile detention is not intended to be punitive. Rather, juveniles held in secure custody usually receive care consistent with the doctrine of parens patriae, i.e., the state as parent.
            Just to enlighten you!

          • Yeah…I could’ve googled that myself! But thanks for taking the time.

            Hmmm…Physically confined….Held in secure custody. Can you tell me what the difference really is?

          • Naked Truth says:

            Juvie makes prision look like a Country Club. The ratio of gaurds to inmates, threat of violance, about zero rehabilatation in prision.

  4. Interested bysitter says:

    Why test just athletes? Don’t the band, and DECA, and other groups travel around to events and represent CCHS/CCPS? Are the partiers just athletes?

    • “Are the partiers just athletes.?”, NO, just not the athletes.

      Memories will be forever etched in the lives of the students.

  5. Naked Truth says:

    ‘ Stephaney Scott, “admits that she turned a blind eye to this activity.” ‘

    If she was in the pictures that were taken, then she did more than “turned a blind eye”. She was a Participant!
    All you “party” parents better wake up and stop being your childs “friend”. Even though you are OK with your child drinking, it is still against the law PERIOD. Let them be kids until the are legal age. Hopefully you taught your child the many dangers of alcohol abuse. I can’t believe these parents feel that if the let their child drink at home while they are in high school , the kids will show restrain when they move out of the house or at college.
    I agree, make an example of this lady for her actions. Let the other “party” parents see that this is serious.

    • Naked Truth where is your backing to this bogus statement about her being a participant. Have you seen all the pictures? How many details are you aware of? Was anyone consuming alcohol in the pictures or were they just sitting out somewhere where the picture was taken? All of these factors need to be evaluated before a bold statement like that is made. STOP pointing fingers and making accusations when you don’t know what you are talking about.

      • ‘ Stephaney Scott, “admits that she turned a blind eye to this activity.” ‘

        What part of that don’t you understand John 8:7??? That makes her a participant! The facts were stated in the news and that is what most are going by.

        Let me guess, you’re related to the accused???

      • Fly on the wall says:

        Dude…her house is known as a “party house,” and the loud music, alcohol, and oabundant pictures can’t change the reputation that the Scott house earned. The simple fact, which you cannot spin away, is that she allowed her children (which is permitted under Virginia code) to consume alcohol but ALSO provided alcohol to many underage partiers who are NOT her children (which is NOT permitted under code). Thus, she is arraigned on those 2 charges. Those are the facts.

        • Her children took advantage of her while she was away and threw those parties. The charges relate to her two kids, not others. The cahrges are contributing, not providing or distributing. Check your facts Fly on the wall.

  6. My 2 Cents... says:

    Chalk that up to another Parent trying to be a Best Friend, rather than a Parent! You are the people who make me sick….. I hope when you lay down at night, you feel the responsibility of this, is primarily on your hands!!!!!! Wake up people…. Be parents to your kids…….

  7. you all are a bunch of hypocrites, at one point in time ALL parents have supplied alchol to their children, not saying im backing her because im not, im just saying at one point in time, ALL parents have given alchol to their children at one point in time…and you cant act like you dont because you’re kids sit there and they talk about it in school…you all are blind sided by that because you arent in school with your child..every parent can act like they are sweet an innocent, but truthfully you all are a bunch of liars.

    • CCHS Parent says:

      I have let my child taste, but have never given more than a taste!! BUT I have also let it be known that it is against the law. I have told my child the dangers of drugs, drinking, drinking and driving and everything thing that comes with it. I TRY to be a friend to my child but also a PARENT, but also very honest about what could happen, just one accident, culd ruin the rest of your life. They know Straight up that I will not allow it. And there are consequences for my children if I find out they have broken my trust. We have laws for a reason. And if I find out that another parent has given my child alcohol believe me I will turn them in. I have control in my household but unfortunately not all parents has the same beliefs. They also see me when I have a couple of drinks NEVER drive. You have to set examples for your children as well!!

      • Just Curious says:

        Were there ever any charges against the other children that was involved in the accident? If they were drinking that night–they should have at least been given an underage drinking ticket. Why was that just swept under the carpet?

      • tasting is still technically called drinking…

    • This woman turned her head and allowed minors to consume alcohol while in her presence. The same minors go out driving around intoxicated and a child is killed. She definitely needs to be punished. This is what happens when a parent tries to be their child’s friend rather than a parent.

      I’m glad to see they are going after this woman. Everyone in this community needs to stop looking at underage drinking like its accepted in this area because “that’s what kids do”. It’s illegal and if the law is broken then people need to be punished…..period.

      I am hoping that [redacted] is a child and not an adult. Any other parent or adult would know that not every parent out there would supply alcohol to a child…..ignorance at its best!

    • greenhouse supporter says:

      I for one am not a hypocrite because I have never supplied alcohol to my children or anybody else’s. My children are now grown and my grandchildren attend Clarke County schools. I know that there are other adults in the county that have parties at their homes and turn a blind eye……but maybe, just maybe, the indictment of this person will make them aware that they can be prosecuted for their actions…….hopefully before we lose another young life!

    • Speak for yourself

      • Well, that went to a weird place. Let me clarify. I was attempeting to respond to 567987 with regard to their comment that all parents have given thier kids alcohol. Don’t know where that idea came from, but neither of my kids have gotten alcohol from us.

        Know why?

        Because it’s ILLEGAL

        • Wow……sounds as if 567987 attends the HS. Students have ideas and are sometimes more aware than the parent.

          You may not supply alcohol to your children, because “it’s ILLEGAL”, they find away to get it. How do you know what they do while you not around? you don’t. (this is only presumming they are teenagers of course).

          • Naked Truth says:

            You find out by keeping an eye on them. have them tell you where they are when they are not at home. Only allow them over other kids home after you are comfortable, and talk to the hosting parents. trust goes both ways. You would be able to tell if you kid was drinking. You can see it in their face, smell it on the breath and on their cloths. Come on now! Also lead by example to you kids.

          • I can’t begin to tell you how uncomfortable it is to see people that you interact with everyday through your children’s friends and see pictures that they post on Facebook of their partying adventures. Grown adults drinking while the children are in the pictures. Alcohol bottles everywhere. Parents do not lead a good example for their kids if they are going to behave in that manner. That definitely is not leading by example and I distant myself from people like that and certainly will not allow my children to their homes.

          • Here here! Now, if we could just bring the concept of shame and embarrassment into these folks’ lives, Aaron’s death will not be for nought.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            The correct response is “Hear! Hear!” Your narrow-minded, Puritanical definition of “shame and embarrassment” is not what is needed. Who made you the resident Pharisee? Jesus saved some of his harshest rebukes for shallow folks like you.

    • Michael Leonard says:

      What a blatantly ignorant comment.

      My parents NEVER offered nor made available alcohol to me or my siblings. I know that many of my friends during high school were not offered alcohol by their parents.

      Alternatively, I know that many of my friends during high school WERE given alcohol by their parents and, if not encouraged, were allowed by their parents to drink while underage.


    • My parents NEVER gave me any alcohol when I was underage. N-E-V-E-R! So until you talk to every single parent out there, you cannot say such!

  8. Sarge Willis says:

    Here is another life that will be ruined by an accident that shouldn’t have happened because some parent didn’t think before she acted. My lovely wife and I raised three kids in CC and would never have allowed drinking by them. That didn’t mean it didn’t happen, just that they knew it wasn’t happening in our house and they would be in trouble with us if we found out. Even if this parent didn’t support and/or supply drinking it could have happened, kids will find some older kid or adult to buy it for them, that is where we need to focus our attention. Limit kids ability to get alcohol, it will not stop kids from drinking, they are smart, if they want to drink they will find a way, but might lessen the chance of tragedy.

  9. livein22611 says:

    This woman is disgusting. And any parent who tolerates underage drinking is disgusting. Just go on Facebook and you can see pictures of some adults in our community “partying” with kids. Grow up and get control of your own life. The one thing I can’t understand is how parents do not know that their kids are drinking. Can’t you smell it on them? Can’t you see the blank look or the way they are acting? Just pay attention to your kids. You are their parent and legally responsible for them.
    I also agree that since the police have the pictures, the other underage drinkers at that party need to be cited. Don’t let them get away with it. They will just keep going until they are caught. It’s time we start using the laws in this country and quit being a bunch of pansies. You don’t have a problem writing out my speeding tickets….now do your job here.

    • Michael Leonard says:

      Just go to the annual Hog Roast which until recently (and maybe still) was hosted just outside of Berryville. My experience showed me that kids and adults, students and their parents, all drink together with no regard for the law. Hundreds of adults and children take part in this event.

      It’s interesting that such a widely known event in the area is never busted by the authorities.

      Maybe the parents just don’t care if their kids drink. Or maybe the parents are too busy drinking to pay attention to their kids at all.

      • Concerned says:

        Unless the law has changed recently, a parent guardian or spouse can give their permission for a minor to drink at a private residence. So if these young people had parents and it’s a private residence the Hog Roast is not doing anything illegal….

        • Pretty quick to defend underage drinking there “Concerned”. Could it be that the only thing you are “Concerned” about is getting caught yourself?

          • concerned says:

            Absolutely not….Rightwinger….I am proud to say that several non alcohol drinking adults have come from my home, and never sat down to have a drink with this parent before they left. What I am trying to point out is that the person who up above said people who let their own children drink are hypocrites because it is illegal, is wrong. No parent should be making a decision for my children, just like I would not presume to make a decision for theirs. Once again, you have leaped to a conclusion that is incorrect, the more you speak the more I see why officials in both the school system and the county avoid you…..

        • Fly on the wall says:

          Here is what the Code of Virginia says about underage drinking in a private residence:


          1. on private non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent:

          Underage consumption of alcohol in some states is allowed on private, non alcohol-selling premises as long as the under age person has the consent and/or is accompanied by the physical presence of a parent or legal guardian. Private, non alcohol-selling premises include residential homes, private properties not open to the general public, etc. In some states underage consumption of alcohol is also allowed on private, non alcohol-selling premises when the under age person is accompanied by a spouse who is at least 21. Each state sets its own specific requirements for what is considered legal.

          Actual Code of Virginia citation:

          • the relevant paragraph in the code of virginia cite above is 7. so maybe not interested in not getting caught at all. rather, in compliance with the statute if limited to your own kids. it is not illegal per se

  10. Dmaxnjackson says:

    Never heard of the annual hog roast? I wonder if my kids ever go there.hmmmm

  11. Finally!

    I think it would also be prudent for CCPS to forfeit any competetions, academic or athletic, where this “Model Citizen’s” children participated in the past because she’s admitted that her kids are underage drinkers.

    • That is totally absurd! When does it become the responsibility of CCPS to monitor a children’s activities outside of school hours. How would this be fair to your little angel’s to have to forfeit any school activities because of something that didn’t occur on their watch. Some of the things you come up with completely blow my mind.

      • CCPS says they do “random” drug testing, so that means the kids are doing it either during or not during school activities, and if a drug test should come back positive, they’re supposed to take action.

        Now we have a situation where a person has come forward and ADMITTED to allowing underage drinking parties at her house. So, look at the pictures, find out which kids in the pics are on what activities and have any victories/awards/trophies forfeited.

        Until the pattern of covering up illegal behavior is changed, it’s the only logical thing to do.

        • Naked Truth says:

          All they would have to do is choose a facebook pic at random. Bingo!

        • Fly on the wall says:

          Wow…your bloodlust is getting out of hand, there, RW. You’re sounding like you’d fit right in with that Salem, MA, bunch circa 1689. If it’s not a school function, then what legal standing does the school have to retroactively forfeit such things? You’re talking like the NCAA and the Heisman issue…

    • livein22611 says:

      Seriously, someone named “Rightwinger” is asking for the schools to monitor their children outside of school hours??? Like Big Brother? If people who have children would just act like parents this would not be a problem. If parents didn’t allow underage drinking this would not be a problem. If some parents didn’t party with their, and other people’s, kids this would not be a problem. If parents did not let their kids hang out with adults who are known partiers this would not be a problem. Do you see my theme?

      • Don’t put words in my mouth. I’m asking schools to do what they said they would do. Drug testing is one of those things CCPS said they would do.

        • I believe they said they would test student athletes and they do! So what is the problem?

          • Can you name (not here, of course!) 1 kid in the last 10 years who’s been busted by the “random” drug testing by CCPS?

            I didn’t think so. The testing should be truly random, secret, often, and of anyone participating in ANY extra-curricular activity in CCPS.

          • Once again your ignorance on this subject is starting to shine through. Know your facts before you try to become the Martyr!

          • I won’t give you names, but check out who is missing from the varisty boys b=ball team right now, and then go back to 2002-2003 and tell me who isn’t on the rooster at the end of the season. Don’t say it hasn’t happened. Again, you don’t have your facts straight. I think there are more but I don’t know for sure so I won’t say.

          • Were they starters?

            That’s the important question.

          • Two of them were.

          • Well then I stand humbly corrected.

          • Lucy is correct. There was also one student who switched schools soon after this testing policy was implimented. Supposedly his father was outraged by such a testing. Anyone who actually knew the kid, knew he switched schools before he could be tested.

          • Dmaxnjackson says:

            What does it matter if they were starters or not? They were caught thrown off the team. You need a reality check dude

          • Mr Mister says:

            Because it’s all about winning. A coach will fight tooth and nail to keeep starters. And also the starter have more of a popularity thing.

          • I couldn’t agree more. Favoritism amongst coaches of certain sports at CCHS is incredibly blatant. There’s definitely a group of “favorites” as well as a few families which are “favorites” amongst the community.

          • BlossomButt says:

            Umm, Lucy, get your facts straight. The two players you spoke of, I know of very well and know for a fact that 1 quite, simply because he is lazy and the other was pulled over on the way to the Winter White Out dance. He was initially charged with driving on a suspended license and then they found pot in the car. So while they are both off the team, one quit, one got kicked off, and neither was because of the random drug checks. Stop listening to rumors and definetely dont post what you are told unless you know for certain it is correct.

          • I DID NOT say that the TWO of them where off this years team, I was speaking of the 2002-2003 team, read carefully before you type. And I KNOW very well about the ONE on this year’s team and no it wasn’t from the drug test, but it was drugs and the rule of being kicked off the team was upheld. He was also not a starter, nor was the other one you refer to as “lazy”.

          • I do not post what I am told, only what I know. Thank you!

          • I was tested as a student athlete at CCHS. I was randomly pulled out of class and told I was being drug tested. It was random, it was secret. Not sure why you feel it isn’t?

  12. Kids can be mean and cruel and parents should know what kind of child they have. Look at their Face Book account. I log on to my childs every so often and its amazing the language you see, the stories you read and pics of kids partying. My child is not allowed to get a drivers license yet. I want to be sure they are mature enough to handle the responsibily and not let peer pressure persuade them in the wrong direction. It’s tough to be a kid these days, but it’s even harder to be a good parent.

    • livein22611 says:

      Congratulations on being a parent!! I’m so glad to hear this. I dont’ think kids (and apparently a lot of adults) realize how public FB and other social sites are. Employers and others are checking out FB pages so parents better wake up and do it too. Gee, maybe those who grant scholarships will be looking too…….

  13. Concerned says:

    There have definitely been children expelled from the athletic program in the last ten years for drugs. Thank God the school system has enough class not to publicize it. The one I know of recently was supported by the school to get help for the problem and has gone on to be an important part of Sports since. Quit spouting nonsense Rightwinger!!!! Not everyone reports back to you when disciplanary actions take place.

  14. Lynette Carlisle says:

    This feed is so very difficult to read with an open mind and grace.

  15. just interested says:

    Back when my kids were attending CCHS and were part of the sports program they were drug tested. I remember saying to them.This is where people are going to get caught,if you do drugs you will be out on your ear. They passed but a few did not. Problem with alcohol is that you cannot pick that up in a drug test unless the person has imbibed shortly before the test. Doesn’t alcohol leave the system by at least 24 hours? Drugs stay around,easier to catch.

  16. Laws are for everyone, you can’t just pick and choose the ones you want to follow. We have to set a good example for our children because they are very aware of what we do, whether drinking at parties, driving, talking to people or about people.
    When my son starts riding with friends, I want him to know that if the driver drinks, he can call me and I will pick him up…anytime, anywhere. That will also apply when he drives…if he were to “cave” to peer pressure and drink. I truly don’t want or expect him to drink under age but I also believe that no one should have to pay for a mistake with their life or someone elses.

  17. BlossomButt says:

    The atheletes are tested randomly. My son was tested 2 weeks ago, surprise, no warning, etc. Of course he passed, but I know some that were sweating bullets and were glad they did not get tested.

    • Then why don’t you turn them in?

      • BlossomButt says:

        I can “turn in” all I want but they have to be caught in the act. Also, I would think that those in charge have enough sense not to simply act on one persons word. If not, we would have tons of people making false claims just to make anothers life miserable. They will get caught eventually, but nothing can be done until they are caught.

  18. Dmaxnjackson says:

    They just go to Charlie Brown’s and buy the cleaner, that’s all. Listen these kids know how to play the game.

    • Then it’s up to us as parents to be SMARTER.

      These kids KNOW they’re breaking the law, and they KNOW they can get away with it or only get a slap on the wrist like Amir got if they get in any kind of trouble. The only reason Amir got any kind of penalty is because people talked and it was well known who was the driver.

      If big mouths like me didn’t make as much noise, I’ll bet he’d still be walking the halls of CCHS.

      Go ahead and cuss me, call me a Puritanical nutcase or whatever, I can take it. It’s senseless, preventable deaths of kids I cannot and will not take.

      • Wasn’t that question asked to you awhile back? Wasn’t you the reluctant parent in the stands that chose to turn a blind eye on a bad situation?

      • Fly on the wall says:

        Clearly, you can’t take it, because you keep coming back with pathetic attempts to excuse what you do.

        You give yourself WAY too much credit, sir, when you claim that you had any part in the consequences Amir received. His consequences came about as a result of a host of things – not the least of which was the fact that he showed up drunk @ the fair. You are not privvy to the inner workings of the investigation, and thus you have planted your flag on a spit of land that is not yours.

        What’s sad is that such a big mouth is fueled by such a shallow mind…

  19. None of you no anything about this woman besides the story presented here on this article and maybe bits and pieces from ignorant and immature “he said she said” gossip that all of you people are writing on here. I personally know this woman and everything that she has been through and let me tell you her life has been constant sorry since the passing of her husband three years ago. I also know a lot of this case and it makes me laugh at how ignorant these comments regarding her and this case are. This article is EXTREMELY misleading, and makes her out to be some party-animal parent who gets hammered with minors. Let me assure you this is all crap, and untrue in more ways than one. The quotes used are out of context, and have been twisted in order to incriminate her. The case is complicated and few of you, if not none of you have any clue on why she took the plea. I happen to and for whatever reason it was it is NONE of your business. She has raised two extremely bright children, one at James Madison and another with a 4.6 gpa at CCHS. These two children, like the vast majority of these kids in this county, have of course experienced their share of partying and in turn now know their limits and know the difference between “having fun” and being a complete irresponsible idiot. All of these parents that shelter their kids and do everything possible to keep them from drinking more often than not end up with kids who are completely oblivious to the real world and end up making these stupid mistakes resulting in tragedies and troubles later in life.

    I am not condoning parents to allow their children to drink heavily and know everything there is about being drunk, certainly not. I also am not condoning teenage drinking at all, but I do feel as if these cruel and brutal comments pertaining to this woman are extremely out of line and incredibly ignorant in more ways then one. Leave this woman alone, live your own life and do what you can to prevent your own children from making stupid mistakes instead of degrading the lives of others. And please for the sake of being a morale and understanding human being, get your facts straight before you start insulting and placing blame.

    “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

    • greenhouse supporter says:

      I am willing to wait till it goes to court and see what the verdict is, but please “a conspiracy theory”. I doubt the State Police and the Commonwealth’s Attorney has so little to do but to invent a case against this woman. I think most people who have commented here are concerned about an adult making alcohol available to teenagers, no more, no less. As far as her being friends on facebook with young people that means nothing. I as well am friends on facebook with teens. As far as the other teens involved and if they have had to face the consequences, they are minors and as such we are not entitled to know how they were dealt with. I think the important thing here is that we as adults should do our best to set examples for our young people and let them know that there are consequences for their actions as well as adults that break the law.

    • John 8:7, thank goodness that someone has made a stand on here that personally knows the person.

      You are so correct, AMEN, Do not judge and be not judged!!!!!

    • “…her life has been constant sorry since the passing of her husband three years ago. ”

      So, we should forgive the fact that she allows kids to drink alcohol in her home?

      People like you are part of the problem. It does not matter what kind of personal issues you have…


      • It was established earlier in this thread that it is in fact NOT illegal to provide alcohol to minors at a home in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Maybe you should start a temperance chapter in Clarke and try to get prohibition reinstated.

    • ElinorDashwood says:

      I simply cannot overlook your claim that no one knows this woman personally. Do you assume that the family in question has never had neighbors or a landlord? Or just that said people don’t read the Clarke Daily News and its comments?
      The children are both respectful and intelligent. The mother is neither as evil as some have portrayed her, nor as innocent as you have. As is often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle…

  20. Brittany Keesling says:

    Right Winger no one knows how much noise you make because as far as i’m concerned you are just someone who sits behind their computer and acts like they actually care. The computer seems to be a great source of hidden identity for you.

    If half of the people on here knew this lady or her family they would understand that this is just to put someone to blame for the horrific incidents that have happened. Mrs. Scott was never present at a party, nor was she ever aware, she was always visiting her dear friend who also recently passed away from colon cancer hence the reason she was not at her court date last Friday. This is a source of misconstrued information and is all nonsense. I have been a good friend of their family for the past four years and never once did i feel that it would be condoned by Mrs. Scott to consume alcohol in her presence. Kids go behind their parents backs no matter how much a parent tries to be a parent and not a “friend”.. The pictures that have been so generously donated from a “concerned parent” have two with Mrs. Scott in them and in which there is no “party” going on. As for her having Facebook friends of CCHS students… she has two kids of course she will be friends with their friends… maybe a sign that she is trying to monitor who her kids are hanging out with? i don’t know that’s just an idea to consider… My own mother has plenty of friends that are my friends.. [redacted] I’m sure you could agree with me!

    And just one more comment police actually have shown up at high-school parties.. ones that were held at the Scott residence and ones that were held else where.. GUESS WHAT! they never did a thing. nor did they ever see a Mrs. Stephaney Scott.

  21. Just Curious.... says:

    “Leave this woman alone, live your own life and do what you can to prevent your own children from making stupid mistakes instead of degrading the lives of others”

    Its hard to prevent your own kids from staying on the right path, when you have PARENTS like Mrs. Scott feeding alcohol to them!!!! Hmmm, I’m confused by that post John 8:7

    • You are an uniformed bystander looking in who is buying all this nonsense being spoken through Clarke Daily News and your own town gossip. I’d appreciate if all of you mature citizens of Clarke County can hold back on developing your own theories on the situation with no substantial and solid backing whatsoever. Thank you.

      • Just out of curiousity, how is it being “uninformed” when the story lays it out right here?

        Stephaney LaFave Scott of Berryville, Virginia, told Virginia State Trooper Eric Deel that she allows her two underage children to drink alcohol in her home. Scott, reportedly, also admitted that she allows her children’s underage friends to drink alcohol in her home as well.

        It says, “reportedly told” when referring to the friends drinking at her hourse part, but he “told Va State Police” is pretty specific

        • Just Curious says:

          Amen Sarge!!!!!!!

        • With all due respect Sarge, the quotes used have been taken out of context and have been misconstrued in order to give the town a face of another enemy. Not only are these readers misinformed but apparently so has the author of this article. Take my word for it or not I could not care less, but please stop being so disrespectful and cruel because you don’t know all of the information nor do you know Ms. Stephaney Scott or her family either. All you know is what is written on this single page.

          P.S. for all those accusing this woman of giving out alcohol to minors and “feeding” it to them, the article reads

          “A Berryville woman has been charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Nowhere does it say that she “distributed” or “provided” any alcohol to minors. Again, assumptions derived through word-of-mouth and ignorance.

          • Just Curious.... says:

            Well then how about you setting the record staight then….. Just because you know someone, it doesn’t excuse what they did. Like I said before, you are quick to defend Mrs. Scott, so please explain what REALLY happened then…. I think I speak for the majority of CC and would love to be informed……

            We will be waiting….

          • Dmaxnjackson says:

            It’s none of your business what happened.
            Give’em _ _ ll John 8:7

          • I appreciate the support Dmax, I had to take a step back from this awful thread because I couldn’t take the nonsense and cruel behavior that apparently still takes place on this page. Your statement is correct, and it isn’t any of Just Curious’s business or anyone else’s for that matter. These high and mighty people think they know everything, while they hold good intentions, the way they display their opinions are sad and unbelievable. They know so little yet continue to not only badger this woman with hurtful, untrue statements with only the surfaced information, but degrade typed speech of young people as well. They can sway it any way they want, but unfortunately they will think it that way for as long as they wish. I can only pray their ignorance and arrogance will one day subside. Until then we will let the Higher Powers take care of it all. Prayers with the Scott, Shirley and Banks family.

          • My 2 Cents... says:

            Actually its Public Record! When kids start getting killed because of some Parent trying to be cool and hip with their kid and offer them a place to party, its the whole community’s business! Hope you all have a super day! Thanks for the continued prayers John!

          • I completely agree if only that were the case. She did not offer a place to party, and she did not provide any alcohol whatsoever. These ideas that have been promoted through people’s own assumptions have transformed this woman into the enemy and something for which she is not. Again, get all the facts before criminalizing and labeling someone, and refrain from developing concrete opinions based on surfaced information such as this short article on the internet.

          • I would say that the official police warrant that was posted was a pretty good source of information for the readers and posters on CDN to draw our conclusions of Ms. Scott.

          • What color is the sky in your world?

          • What if it were her kids alone in a controlled setting? What if it was a single detail that you have missed? What if it were many details you missed? RW and Sarge, you are the types of people I never want my children to become, no matter how successful and content you MAY be. It was said once and I’ll repeat it again. Narrow-minded. Go ahead and be “perfect” and “know everything” while us normal people continue to live our lives with open minds and open hearts to anyone in a situation like this, on all accounts.

          • “What if it were her kids alone in a controlled setting? What if it was a single detail that you have missed? What if it were many details you missed?”

            What if a giant UFO appeared out of the skies above her house and zapped everyone with a Zombie Ray that made everyone think it was cool to tank up over there? Sorry, you can go on with the “What if’s” all day. What if she had taken some keys? What if she had been responsible?. See, it works both ways

            “RW and Sarge, you are the types of people I never want my children to become”

            You mean law abiding? Graced with their parents and peers with some common sense? I’ll take it.

            “Go ahead and be “perfect” and “know everything” while us normal people continue to live our lives with open minds and open hearts to anyone in a situation like this”

            Nobody is claiming to be perfect. But I just don’t have any sympathy on someone that breaks the law, especially when it results in the ending of a young life. And it could have been any one of our kids out there that died that night. “IF” as you like to say, young Mr Banks had crossed the line while driving all by himself and hit some other car, he and Ms Scott would be just as liable

            But I’m done here. There’s no talking to people like you who subscribe to the mantra of “If it feels good, do it”

            Hopefully you won’t ever find out what it’s like to lose a family member to a drunk

          • SO know the kids are playing the WHAT IF game? Trust me little girl, when you grow up one day, you will understand! That’s if you make it. The path you are travelling on doesn’t look good. Rather than defending others, take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself, if I had a kid and he was killed by a drunk-driver, or maybe if it was your parent, how would you feel then?? I bet your little pro-alcohol heart would be singing a different tune. But have no fear, the feelings that you have now, will go away when you reach adulthood!

          • I don’t know John, I’m pretty decent with that whole reading comprehesion thing, and in the Star this morning it says;

            According to the court document, Scott admitted allowing underage drinking in her home when interviewed by police.

            “Scott advised that she does allow her two underage children to drink alcoholic beverages in front of her,” stated VSP Special Agent Eric Deel in the complaint. “Also, her children’s friends are allowed to do the same.”

            Looks pretty clear cut to me. If she does not provide the booze, she at least allows it to be consumed by undeerage drinkers in her home

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            “Looks pretty clear cut to me. If she does not provide the booze, she at least allows it to be consumed by underage drinkers in her home”

            What are you people not understanding? Read my earlier post and that should clear up all misconceptions. Mrs. Scott never allowed alcohol in her house under her supervision. Her words have been taken out of context for you people to shoot her down. do not judge a person for the things you read because a greater power in the end will be judging you.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Oh…so her kids, you, and all the others in those pictures snuck in the alcohol? She posed with kids, holding containers of alcohol, and didn’t shut the party down? Her house is/was a regular weekend party house. The simplwe fact is that she allowed her kids to drink, and she enabled others to drink, on a regular basis. I appreciate that you’re sticking up for your friend’s mother, but you can’t spin this one.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            Did you see the pictures? I didn’t think so. SHE WAS NEVER AT THE HOUSE DURING A PARTY! A “regular” party house? I doubt that.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            Also, I am not in any of the pictures

          • Brittany, do they still teach how to diagram a sentence in school? Apply those techniques. You can’t go wrong

            Here’some practice

            Scott admitted allowing underage drinking in her home

            “Scott advised that she does allow her two underage children to drink alcoholic beverages in front of her,”

            That’s a quote BTW

            “Also, her children’s friends are allowed to do the same.”

            Referring to the above quote about kids drinking in front of her

            Hence, the contributing charge

            I’m sorry if this is someone you look up to as a “cool parent”, but the fact is she broke the law

          • Aww, I think Brittany and her friends are beginning to get worried about how scholarships are going to be handed out now since names of underage drinkers are coming out.

            I hope none of them get any scholarships, because they simply don’t deserve them.

          • Yeah, it looks like Mrs Scott dimed out all the kids in those pics. If I were a minor and was stupid enough to allow myself to be pictured drinking, I think I’d be getting a little nervous about now

          • Fly on the wall says:

            So…anyone caught doing something illegal should forever in perpetuity forfeit any chance of reward, or accomplishment, or opportunity at success? Speeders should never again be allowed to drive, or forfeit the ability to earn down their negative driving points by being a responsible driver OR by taking the driving school? Miscreants should wear a tag around their necks identifying their sins to the world, so they may be perpetually shunned?

            Wow, dude…it really burns you up that you are in NO position of any authority to decide on these matters, don’t it?

          • “…you are in NO position of any authority to decide on these matters, ”

            Wanna bet?

            I just want to make sure that the deserving kids receive the awards, not the kids who think they’re above the law.

          • Fly on the wall says:

            Well…since there is no central committee @ CCHS that screens out “undesirables” for scholarships, your ranting and “wanna bet?” cockiness is moot. Each scholarship is handled seperately, and applicants – which are known only by the pertinent scholarship group and CCHS Guidance – generally are not publicized; the public at large doesn’t know the winners until Baccalaureate & Senior Recognition Night near the end of the school year.

            Seriously, RW…get a new hobby. You have dug in your heels so far on this issue that you have lost sight of the larger picture. You desire pounds of flesh for which you are not owed, you call for severe punishments that far exceed the offenses, and you are willing to trash anyone in this community who does not think like you. There is one Almighty Judge, and fortunately it is not you. You will have to answer for your pride, your arrogance, and the hurt and inhumane vitriol you persist in inflicting on others largely because you don’t have the maturity to let the matter go. This case, as with the Shirley case, is in the hands of the local justice system and not you. Apparently, you can’t stand that.

          • Musca, you are so clueless it’s not even funny. You’re trying to make this about me. It’s not about me. It’s about what’s right and what is wrong.

            I am on a few scholarship committees in CC, so I DO HAVE ACCESS. Trust me, any application that comes across my desk with a name on the list I’ve been able to compile of this year’s seniors will be tossed aside. I will make sure that no money is given to kids who have no respect for themselves or the law.

            Your constant buzzing against anything I say just tells me that you might just have a kid involved in this mess and now they might not get a scholarship because they got caught.


          • Travis Goodwin says:

            Hmmm…”musca”…you sure do like to show off, RW.

            It’s a telling thing about your callous nature taht you would use such a thing to disqualify otherwise deserving students. What if the scholarship committee votes to ignore your disapproval? You gonna stand up @ the recognition night and cry “Foul!” or just anonymously sign on here and unload your bile?

            You make it about yourself when you post such things as how YOU will treat scholarship applicants, how you braag about how it’s a “big mouth” like yours that moved law en forecemtn to act, blah blah blah. The fact that now you’ve admitted to being on a personal vendetta against the teens in pictures you’ve seen further diminishes your stature.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            I am far from concerned about my scholarships considering my record is clean and there are no pictures of myself drinking. here i’ll make this easy for you.
            please stalk my pictures and my name. you will find nothing to disqualify from receiving anything. i am an outstanding student with a 4.2 and i have been accepted to Shenandoah Universitys nursing program with a 12,000 dollar scholarship so please say im undeserving i hope it helps you to sleep at night.

          • Funny though, your listed activities are “partying”.

            You do know Google keeps a cache of pics, right? Wonder what would be on there from say………last year?

            Just saying. THe internet is forever

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            I do know that it’s all my soccer pictures last time i checked! and “partying” is such a loose term take it how you please 🙂

          • Ms. Keesling,

            You are doing more damage on here for yourself than good. Quit while you are ahead.

            You say you are an outstanding student with a 4.2….who lists “partying” as one of her activities…..

            Nice extra curricular activities that you have posted on your FB.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            More damage to myself? By voiceing my opinion? I have to say that I strongly disagree as I said before partying is a loose term. Funny how I have no pictures of myself drinking. You can have a party without alcohol involved! Please keep trying to put me down you’re making me so much stronger. My idea of partying would be listening to loud music with my friends and dancing silly what is so wrong with that?

          • Naked Truth says:

            I bet none of your FB friends have any pictures of you drinking and partying either? Maybe we’ll see them later. You can’t delete those, can you?

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            As i said Naked Truth,
            There are no pictures of me. please search!!

          • Dmaxnjackson says:

            Easy to cut n paste Sarge

          • clarke county student. says:

            So threatening a student over a website about recieving a scholarship, because she voices her opinion… & knows a hell of alot more then [redacted] people on this wedsite. You sure do have a big mouth RIGHTWINGER. you sir, disturb me, you seem to be on every single website… you were even on the one about the two boys in the accident in 2009. What does kids doing outside of school have to do with their academics… especially when their gpa proves they deserve it? your rediculous & NEED a reality check. hey COLLEGE kids party too, your sadly mistaken if you think they don’t. I think many people can agree, Your comments are very wrong… & cruel.

            Do you even have kids, because by the way your judging and referred to MY friends in the other accident as “idiots”. You have no compassion for anyone… Your on every website acting high and mighty behind a computer screen but won’t reveal your Identity. You might as well go away. You’ve taken this way to far.

  22. student at cchs says:

    Clarke County Schools & Law Enforcement, bark more than they bite…just saying. Parents can stop acting like they’ve never let their children drink once or twice at their house… Most parents would rather their child be with them drinking, then out in public or at parties to get caught. & i’m sure their are some who don’t let it happen. ALL kids have had an alcoholic beverage before they are 21. NO kid will ever wait til their 21. PERIOD. ALL parents should know that… they don’t have to support it, but it’s common sense. STOP being so pitty on a website referring to Ms. Scott as disgusting… that’s just rude & disrespectful. & I second all of what Brittany said.

    • Mr Mister says:

      Just for the record. I was of legal age when I had my first drink. And now in my forties, I have never been intoxicated, EVER. I hate to bust your bubble and your story.

    • No offense truly intended, but if the way you write is the way you have been taught at CCHS (and at middle and elementary levels), then shame on you and the schools.

      • Seriously? Your going to pass judgement on the teaching at CCHS (and the middle and elementary levels) by the way someone writes on this message board? Shame on you!

    • clarke county student. says:

      well pardon me, let me correct myself, MAJORITY of Teens will have an alcoholic beverage before the age of 21, illegal or not. Kids experiment, it doesn’t take a rocket scienctist to figure that out. As for everyone bashing Ms. Scott… You guys are acting like Children… Grow up. You can disagree or agree. You can place your opinions, but why do you need to be so harsh? what is that accomplishing…? NOTHING. you parents bashing everyone on here are pitiful. EVERYONE makes mistakes, NO ONE is perfect… SO stop acting like you are. Many of you know that their was an accident in 2009 with two CCHS teens. No one died, but were seriously injured… no one thought it was a big deal to make a difference because no one died… if this is such a big deal now, it should have been one then… it might have prevented this from happening… ever think of that… Regaurdless of age… People drink and drive on a daily basis and a few years ago two other boys died, they were of age, but they were driving under the influence… but because they were of age, NO ONE tried to make a difference then… STOP aiming at just teens… Adults do it too. People need to stop being pity over a website… and TALK to their kids, and make sure their kids know the right decisions to make, you’d be using your time more wisely that way. agree to disagree, this is MY opinion.

      • greenhouse supporter says:

        It is not ok for anyone to drink and drive, you are absolutely right! A very good friend of mine many years ago lost her teenage daughter, her aunt and her mother to a drunk driver and he was in his forties. Errors of judgement are made by all, young and old alike. But with errors of judgement comes consequences. I think everyone had a part in the tragic circumstances of that evening..the driver of the truck, the other young people who got in the truck with him and whoever supplied the alcohol, whether it be Mrs. Scott or someone else. Unfortunately, a young man paid the biggest price of all with his life. Lets not forget that.

  23. SKF Cares says:

    As I read all these comments about all the victims involved in this and it saddens me. Yes even Mrs Scott I feel bad for. Somebody said throw the book at her and lets make an example out of her. First of all she is innocent until proven guilty. Then the boy who was driving the truck. Let’s make an example out of him. You know the biggest punishment for them is they are going to have to live with this everyday for the rest of their lives. Let’s hope and pray the lesson from this will turn into a positive and some other child will learn from this terrible tragedy.
    Even if Mrs Scott bought the alcohol or not they would have gotten it from someone else. If the boy driving the Shirley boys truck had said no I am not driving the Shirley would gave more than likely would have driven it himself and the outcome would have been the same but the victim would have been one of the other kids.

    Do the parents of these children have they been the perfect examples as parents. Do they throw the big parties with lots of drinking. Do their parents come home from work and start drinking. Do they sit around on the weekends and drink. Children are so infuenced by adults, be it there parents or one of their friends parents.
    You can’t lay the blame on just 2 people. You need to take a look at yourselves and ask are we being responsible as parents. Do you monitor your Childs whereabouts. Do you stay up until they get home to see if your child is sober when they come through the door. You don’t want to micro manage your Childs life but if you let them know you care it can make a big difference in their decisions. I haven’t drank since college and it took 3 alcohol related tragedies and finally a DUI. I am 56 now and have raised 4 children. 1 out of college, 2 in college and one still in high school. I have Been through the ups and downs with my children and it’s not easy, but I am very proud of the young adults they have become. I asked my youngest who is in high school tonight why she hasn’t Been influenced with the temptations of drinking and drugs. The first thing she said was dad having 3 older brothers and sisters Its taught me that I would rather be there to help someone instead of having to rely on some else to pick me up to pick me up. The other was something I always told my children to remember. For every action there is a consequence be it good, bad or indifferent. The only person accountable is yourself.

    Anyone of these kids could had said no to drinking. It’s not like they are 10 year olds. They were young adults that knew right from wrong regardless where the alcohol and drugs come from. Don’t be quick to point fingers and start blaming everyone else. It’s time to look at yourselves and ask what could I have done that might have made a difference.

    • Just Curious says:

      Well, with all of that wishy-washy post, you said and I quote, “It’s time to look at yourselves and ask what could I have done that might have made a difference.”

      Clearly, you make no sense. What everyone can do is, not break the law and provide kids with alcohol!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!! This is so cut and dry. If that was your kid that was killed, you may have a different viewpoint! Unbelievable!!!

      Why can’t people just be good parents? They are so afraid of making their kids mad or upset, then they aren’t COOL anymore. Be parents first, then I promise you, that you will eventually be BEST FRIENDS with them. Thats a WIN-WIN!

      • So unbelievable. Quit with this adults providing alcohol nonsense would you? Those are not the charges being brought forth and nowhere in the article does it say that she provided alcohol to minors. Your statement about being a good parent is true sure, but don’t post statements that aren’t true. I feel as if we’re in the High School hallways with all this gossip thats being said on this feed.

        • Just Curious says:

          Still waiting John 8:7….. Please enlighten us…..

          • check the Virginia Code. what you are saying is illegal, providing alcohol to minors in a home, is NOT illegal. have a problem? get our local representative to seek an amendment to the Code.

          • Just an observer says:

            It’s only illegal if said minors are not your OWN children.

          • Mr Mister says:

            It’s not illeagal for YOUR OWN kid in your house, but it is illegal for your kids friends that are at your house.

  24. Lauren [redacted] says:

    Right Winger,

    I have seen you’re harsh comments on here way too often. Do you know where you’re children are and what they are doing 100 percent of the time? I don’t think you do. As a teenager, I know first hand how often teens lie to their parents. Any teenager could walk into CCHS as a “goody-two-shoes” and come out as a screw up. It’s not a matter of “good parent/bad parent”, you’re children make their own decisions whether you’ve taught them well or not. We teens know the difference between right and wrong, it’s common sense.

    PS- Before you say “kudos” to the so called “parent” who turned in the photos of teens drinking at the Scott residence, why don’t you ask him how often he speaks to his daughter and how “involved” he is in his childrens lives.

    • Mr Mister says:

      Lauren, it goes many ways: Good parents good kid. good parent bad kid, bad parent good kid, bad parent bad kid. I can’t always know what my kids are doing 100% of the time, but I have lead them to be upstanding citizens. They know right from wrong. Sure they may get into some type of trouble, but they are nothing like the teens in those pictures. They do not drink or party. This I know 100%. A good parent is in touch with their child, good or bad. It’s all who you let them hang out with. You play with trash, you start to stink.

  25. God bless everyone of you children on here for taking up for each other and being loyal to those you care for. Right, wrong, or indifferent; loyalty is trait which is to be admired. I really hope in the future each one of you will be loyal to your friends before a tragic accident happens like this. Please, please do not ever let a friend drive drunk or under the influence of any drugs! Believe me, punishment from a parent for getting drunk to begin with will be much less life threatening than one of you driving under the influence. As for Mrs. Scott, the court system will decide that issue and it is not something any of us can control. Please control what you can, do not drink and drive! That is all I ask for out of this situation!

    • “Right, wrong, or indifferent; loyalty is trait which is to be admired”

      Unless it’s misplaced.

      • I disagree…loyalty, true love, and honesty are several traits to always be admired…..the lack of admiration goes to the person who does not deserve those traits……

    • Brittany Keesling says:


      Thank you oh so much. I’m glad there are adults out there that are not so closed minded to this whole situation. After Aarons accident I have made it a point to make sure nothing like that will ever happen again. I think that I can speak for every one of us “kids” that we do not want to experience that twice. Once was enough and we have learned our lessons.

      God bless you.

      • Spongebob says:

        Then why are there pictures of many CCHS students on FB drinking, partying, etc AFTER the accident? I’d be happy to show you those pictures. I find your statement hard to believe when pictures do not lie.

        • Brittany Keesling says:

          I am only responsible for myself. and sorry I’m not an avid party attender I try my best when I know that someone has.

          • Brittany, you are such a hypocrit. Everyone in the school knows youre a partier and friends with joe and emily. they are great people and should not be accused of anything in this situaion. but stop trying to make yourself out as a saint. i understand you are smart with your gpa and scholarships but that doesnt prove you dont drink. as for everyone else trying to make a point about Stephaney, the court will take care of that as earlier stated. and whats in those coolers at that river party? or get together if you want to say that? soda? of course………

          • Spongebob says:

            I found it interesting that you have a few pictures of you on the river with your friends and in one of the inner tubes there is a picture of a beer bottle sitting in the inner tube…..

            If anyone else wants to see these pictures, just click on “just a voice” and the link will take you directly to the pictures.

            You kids will never learn. You are not invincible so stop acting like you are. Learn from your mistakes and others mistakes and stop the partying!

          • Travis Goodwin says:

            Spongebob, I think you need to see the Bikini Bottom optician. The only bottle visible in the picture the link directs you to, that I can see on the left side of the frame, is clearly a bottle of water; judging by the label, it’s either Deer Park or Dasani. In the other one, it’s kinda hard to tell what it is, there on thr extreme right side of the frame.

            Now…the cynics might carp about what’s in the cooler, but…really…don’t fabricate something that’s not there just to tear her down. That’s low, even for a sponge.

          • Spongebob says:

            SCROLL through the OTHER pics! LOOK closely, Mr. Goodwin.

          • Spongebob, What did you and RW do before facebook??? How did you get the low down on all your neighbors??? Did you get up real early on trash day and go digging??? I bet one of the happiest days of your life (if not the happiest) was the day you signed up for facebook, second only to the day you got your myspace page.

          • Facebook and MySpace have just made it easier to spot the dumb people in society, that’s all. The people that want to keep their lives private know how to do it.

            How did we used to get the lowdown? People run their mouths in CC. You just have to listen.

          • Brittany Keesling says:

            Me a hypocrit? I cant say I have partied since the accident and yes thanks for pointing out the obvious Joe and Emily are my BESTFRIENDS!!! You seem as though you know nothing about them so just butt out of this whole situation.

    • Leea Shirley says:

      These same “children” did let their friend drink and drive the night of the accident, that killed my son’s best best buddy and uncle, no matter where the alcohol came from!!!!!

      • concerned says:

        Yes they did, and they can never remake that decision; nor can Aaron. Again, God bless everyone in this situation. At some point in our lives everyone of us has to deal with the death of a loved one. My sister died in front of me when I was 4 years old, do I blame my father for putting her on the horse? No, but my mother did and ruined their marriage and the childhood of the 4 children left behind. No one will convince me that bitterness and finger pointing will make this situation any better, I have already seen the results of that road. The justice system will handle this situation, the rest of us should find peace in whatever manner we are able.

      • Where did the alcohol come from?

  26. BlossomButt says:

    Can someone please explain this to me?:

    The legal blood alcohol limit for anyone under the age of 21 is 0.02.

    It is illegal to drink under the age of 21….how in the world can their be a LEGAL blook alcohol limit for someone under 21????

  27. SKF Cares says:

    I stand by my words. My children and I are best friends. I am certainly not the perfect parent and my children are the perfect kids. The one I lost is a heart felt pain more than you will ever imagine so don’t preach to me about not knowing how it feels. DO YOU??? I feel very bad for Mrs Scott regardless and I feel bad for the boy who was driving the truck and to the Shirley family. Having bury your child is something you will never get over. Everyday you ask yourself why my? Why not me?

  28. livein22611 says:

    In my opinion, we need to focusing on local law enforcement to make sure they are following through with alcohol violations. If they do nothing, then there are no consequences and nothing changes. When they bust a party they need to call parents and bring any adults up on charges. That’s how you nip this problem in the bud. I never saw the county police log on here regarding the week of the party, over winter break, where underage drinking was taking place and one kid went to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Was anything done about that? If the police went to the Scott’s woman home in the past did they do anything? It’s time we start demanding that our local police departments step-up to the plate and do something about this. There is more to being in law enforcement than just writing speeding tickets.

  29. Well, the Arrest Warrent surely shines the light on things. You CDN people should be ashamed of yourselves for twisting things around (Sarcasm off)

    Let me quote

    “The investigation (of Banks) led ths special agent to conduct another investigation on the suspect (SCott) named in this complaint”



    Sorry, no twisting, no misunderstanding there. She ****ed up and as I said in the beginning, she should be made an example of so teh other “cool parents” get the message

    • Dmaxnjackson says:

      There you go again cutting and pasting. The driver was not made an example of, so this woman should be cpared just like the driver.You really need to come down off that high pedestal that you are sitting on

      • Just Curious says:

        CPARED???? Wow, talking to you kids is very tough. The thing is, in life you have consequences for your actions. You will learn that as you make your way into adulthood. See, we have done lived through things and have what we call “experience” in these situations. Nobody is on a pedastal. You will learn, once you get older! There is a difference between right and wrong. And what Mrs. Scott did was wrong, and she broke the LAW on top of it! Now, I will be awaiting your response……

        • Dmaxnjackson says:

          Talking to my kids is great. Raised 2 wonderful kids, both in college, and doing everything normal college kids do. So yes, I am “older” as you put it. They know everything they do has a consequence, and they have seen alot from this community in the 25+ years we have lived in CC.So what, I did not check my spelling before I hit send. I will gladley jump on the list for you and the other 3 who have nothing better to do than to be on here thinking you all are better than everybody else. So go ahead crucify me. You are a joke.

    • Your first quote is incorrect. You need to go back and fix it…

  30. Oh, looks like she dimed out some of the kids in the pictures too.

  31. clarke county resident says:

    Wow…. I have sat here and read all of the comments pertaining to the charges Ms. Scott is facing…. While I am hopeful that all comments “come from a good place” I am absolutely blown away by the opinionated and judgemental comments of many of them. If she did provide and consume alcohol with minors that is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly. However, for her to be attacked over and over is just cruel…. Do you people have nothing better to do than kick someone when they’re down? My God, the law will deal with her – you on the other hand have to deal with yourselves for being so hateful. I AM NOT condoning her actions but I am also not condoning a bunch of judgemental busy bodies… Use your time better and get involved with your own children and stop attacking others. God help all of you when your Judgement Day comes…

    • Maybe this is how people choose to use their time. To vent and stir the pot, to ensure that these foolish acts aren’t repeated again.

      • clarke county resident says:

        While I agree with Wow THAT we don’t ever want a tradgedy like this to ever happen again – ever, my point was missed entirely. All I was saying is spend your time talking to your kids about this entire situation rather than bashing Ms. Scott. Your time will be spent on a much worthier cause. It is up to us how well we communicate with ouir kids because when it comes down to it, that is where the change ulitimately begins to take place. This feed has turned into a bunch of back and forth and is accomplishing nothing. Get involved in the SADD program, get your kids involved if you’re so high and mighty. I hope none of us are ever on the end of a bad decision that we or our children make…. Because from what I’ve seen, you’ll be lynched in this county. Good kids from good families make mistakes every day. God help you if yours is one of them…. And the day any of us think our kids aren’t the ones, is the day we quit paying attention. We have to be vigilent parents – NOT judgemental ones.

  32. hypocrisy says:

    Wow. I’ve read the majority of these comments (some of which were so nasty I was forced to skip over) and I think residents of Clarke Co. should be ashamed. What happened to Aaron was a terrible tragedy, but NOT Ms. Scotts fault. She hasn’t even gone to trail yet and you are all talking about her like she’s the scum of the earth. The ignorance that some of you spit out of your mouths is profound. Do you realize that this article is COMPLETELY misleading. I would like to start by pointing out that they don’t even have Ms. Scotts age correct. She is 45, and although some of you may say that is irrelevant, if your going to take the time to write an article that could potentially ruin someones life- get their basic information correct. Second of all, the quotes that you uninformed outsiders keep pulling from the article about Stephaney turning a blind eye to drinking in her home are invalid. She never said these things, and EVEN if she did I’d like to restate what Brittany said earlier about law enforcement in this town. BERRYVILLE POLICE came to the Scotts residents numerous times where there was underaged drinking and Ms. Scott was not home and they did NOTHING. I’ll repeat it once more for those mindless individuals who can’t seem to comprehend. BERRYVILLE POLICE DID NOTHING! They came numerous times where there was plenty of underaged drinking and they just left the parties be. I can tell you that those officers who would came knocking on the Scott’s doors knew for a fact that children would leave that party drunk and driving but they just let them go. Now shouldn’t this be addressed? Why is Ms. Scotts world that she has worked so hard to build back up being ripped from under her feet simply because “rumors say” Amir left her house to go get Aaron. Trying to place the blame for Aaron’s death on Ms. Scotts shoulders is horrendous. The County has already incriminated one of Aaron’s best friends for his death… The [redacted] need to stop! Aaron made the choice to jump into the bed of that truck ( COMPLETELY SOBER ) and if he would of listened to the passengers in the vehicle and gotten inside, this probably would not even be happening right now. [redacted] Would Aaron want you to send a widowed mother of 2 to jail AND have the guilt of being associated with this tragedy as well. She didn’t kill Aaron. She’s agreed to take the charges she’s faced with but NOT to hold the title of “Aarons Murderer”

    This whole situation makes me sick. How do those of you who don’t even know the real facts sit at your computer and say such hateful things about a woman who you probably wouldn’t of even recognize until you stalked her Facebook.

    Oh yeah.. and I hope you find this interesting the “concerned parent” who turned in the alleged photos of Ms. Scott must not be THAT great of a father because his children are in the pictures as well.

    • Leea Shirley says:

      You need to know ALL the facts about the accident before you write everything on here!!! NO one will ever know everything that happened that night.

    • Lynette Carlisle says:

      Sounds like an excellent parent to me!

  33. GoodDeedz says:

    The woman who posted “This feed is so very difficult to read with an open-mind and grace”,


    On another note: Do you honestly believe that all parents of the kids in those pictures were aware of their child’s where-about that night? I myself have caught my kids sneaking out at night in order to drink..and to me that is much more dangerous than being home in a safe place. They were severely punished for this attempt of “partying”, but I understand the liability of me not knowing exactly where they are at all times.

    It’s up to the parents to raise their children, teaching them right from wrong and no matter how “well” a child is raized, they are bound to make mistakes. The fact that Mrs. Scott is being judged by what you people have read in this article is ridiculous, you all don’t know this woman and neither do I. From my understandings, her children are great students. Both graduating with over a 4.0 GPA and attending a university, and if they party (like all other teens) and are capable of making good decisions, why punish their mother for monitoring their well-being?

    This community is not a great as you all make it out to be, teacher’s have smoked with students..drank with students and they’ve maintained their job because Clarke County turns a blind eye to what “doesn’t hurt anyone”. Aaron’s death was hard enough on the teens and now they have been thrown into the judicial system with no regards as to what was going to happen. The small town of Berryville is very close nit, and the idea that this has been going on for over two years and we are just now trying to do something about it is redundant. And to give the rap to this one woman, who, from my understanding has been going through a lot, with the loss of her husband three years ago and the recent loss of a dear friend to colon cancer (which is why she couldn’t attend court) is ludacris and insane..and those of you who sit behind the computer all day and judge people..

    God help you

    • concerned says:

      This community is as great as we make it out to be, Thank You. No, we are not perfect, but we are a lot closer than many communities. I hear they have plenty of properties available in D.C., why don’t you go try out that area? Maybe they are more easy going about adults serving alcohol to minors there. And really, a husband’s death three years ago is no excuse for her allowing children to drink in her home; if anything she should value life even more and do everything in her power to prevent a possible occurrence like this. I would have a lot more respect for a lot of people, if they would not make excuses, just own up to the fact you were wrong and take the punishment.

    • Lynette Carlisle says:

      And it continues to be very difficult.

  34. Just Curious says:

    “BERRYVILLE POLICE came to the Scotts residents numerous times where there was underaged drinking and Ms. Scott was not home and they did NOTHING. I’ll repeat it once more for those [redacted] individuals who can’t seem to comprehend. BERRYVILLE POLICE DID NOTHING! They came numerous times where there was plenty of underaged drinking and they just left the parties be.”

    This is obviously a bunch of High School kids defending Mrs. Scott. Read what you just typed! I re-posted it for you. This must have been an on-going thing here. Many parties were had, so you said. Clearly, that makes Mrs. Scott look even worse. You kids are taking up for this lady and you are making her look even worse than she already is. Wow, this just keeps getting better……

    • clarke county student. says:

      “Did you see the pictures? I didn’t think so. SHE WAS NEVER AT THE HOUSE DURING A PARTY”

      Maybe this will refresh your memory, she wasnt there during the parties!!!!!!

      Not only are you people shallow, but you can’t read either. haha. rediculous.

      • Honestly son, what part of “Scott has allowed underage people to drink alcoholic beverages in her home when she was present” is so hard to understand?

        So either the cop is lying or you don’t know what you’re talkig about.

        BTW, “ridiculous” is spelled with an “i”

      • Naked Truth says:

        She is being caharged. Does it matter if she was at that particular party?

  35. winston hubert mcintosh says:

    herb should be legalized. this underage drinking plague has gone too far. i saw it go on in this high school and it didnt make sense to me then, it now makes even less sense.

  36. winston hubert mcintosh says:

    “herb is the healing of the nation, alcohol is the destruction.” -Robert Nesta Marley

  37. My heart goes out to all those involved either directly or in-directly from the tragic mistakes that were made last June. Now you have to read the negative commentary on this site. How dis-heartening for the Shirley’s to know that while they were/are good parents, people will keep hammering it home about the parenting skills of everyone whose children appear on these so called facebook pages, the events of that fateful night and about knowing where your children are at all times. They call people poor parents if they were not aware of the activities of their young people that night. Please let young Aaron rest in peace.
    These negative and rude comments gain nothing but wrath. Try practicing forgiveness and in doing so, you too will be forgiven. As was so aptly stated in an earlier comment, Let He Who is With Out Sin, Cast the First Stone. These don’t have to be blatant sins, small ones count the same. Be careful, be very careful of those glass houses you might be living in. Remember, if you have lived in Clarke County all your life, everyone knows the good and bad about you and your kin folk and would be more than glad to share it, just for the asking. This is the nice/not so nice thing about living in a small town or county. Work together to build a good community for everyone to live in. Make it a place where your children will be proud to say thay came from.
    Mistakes have been made and there are people who are paying dearly for them. Pray for these people, the Shirley’s, Amir and Mrs. Scott. Spiteful remarks and hurtful statements are not going to solve anything. Let your comments be positive about your school system as you teach your child to respect it. Let the Law Enforcement and the Judicial system do their job as they are quite capable of doing. If it ever becomes vigilanty justice, God protect people from some of you on this site. It doesn’t take grace to read these posts, it takes a lot of Prayer.

  38. Member of the inner circle says:

    You all want to sit here and act like you’re saints. Please, tell me that none of you drank before you were 21..

    The fact that this has been completely blown out of proportion is out of this world. Ms. Scott has gone through enough in her life. Please, get to know a person before you think about judging them.

    The death of Aaron Shirley will forever leave scars on the hearts of all parties involved, and it shouldn’t have happened, but it did, and we can’t go back. From a party that knows EXACTLY what happened that day, the day before, and the days after, I would like to say that none of this was meant to happen. It wasn’t Ms. Scott’s fault the driver was drinking and went to go pick up Aaron.[redacted] In all honesty, there are a lot of hypocrites on this page.

    As a teenager, I, and the others that have stated above, know first hand how we think. You want to lock us up on the weekends and not go to our friends houses? We’ll rebel. You don’t want to let us go to our friends houses because you don’t “approve” of them? We will rebel. It’s what we do, and I’m sure the majority of the adults above have done the same.

    In no way, shape or form do I think underage drinking is acceptable, but come on here people.. If you want to sit here and hold your children’s lives hostage, you’re going to suffer the consequences.
    With that statement, I don’t want any of you to feel like I’m saying I think all parents should just have no reign over their child’s life. That’s not what I’m getting at, at all.

    Kids are going to do what they want to do, and if you want to sit here and judge a woman that has done the best she can, and might not have been right in some circumstances, be my guest. There’s something out there that will judge you for your hateful thoughts and your lack of knowledge. Karma is only mean if you are.

    Thank you.

    • Naked Truth says:

      It’s funny to me that you feel the need to explain the thinking process of teenagers. Here’s a bulletin. We adults were teens too at one time. Did you ever think of that? Maybe we understand what kids are thinking and doing, because we thought and did the same.
      Rebel all you want. After a while the State will go after your parent(s) for you underage actions. You may have your weak parents afraid of your rebellion, but I don’t think you have the Police, Prosecutors, and Judge shaking. I hope your parent(s) have deep pockets. Maybe when you are blessed with children, you’ll finally understand the purpose of the laws that are written for your’s and my protection.

    • My, aren’t we the upstart? I got news for ya kid, like Naked Truth said, we were teenagers once, and the parents that want to be are way ahead of ya.

      Here’s how things work in my house between myself and my kids. My philosophy has been forged from 22 years in the military.

      Essentially, I trust you. Until you give me reason not to trust you. If you give me reason not to trust you, life starts to get hard. I take things like phones, X-Boxes, whole TV’s, cars, etc. You get to stay home a couple of weekends and scrub toilets instead of hanging with your buds. I do things like call and ask where you are, then ask you to take a picture to verify your whereabouts and email it to me. I won’t even mention activating the GPS feature on your phone because you know, I pay the phone bill.

      Still feel rebellious? Heh, heh, heh? Have fun with that, because while the law says I have to take care of you until you’re 18, after that if you want to keep rebeling, you’re out

      Big world out there with no place to stay and not a lot of money

      My kids, fortunately, have never pushed me past the “verify your position via cell camera”, a couple of groundings and some toilet scrubbings. But they know from watching me correct some attitudes in the military that I’ll do the rest in a heartbeat.

      Maybe, if some of the “parents” here kept up with their kids with half the intensity I do mine, some of this would not have gone down

      • My, aren’t you a cock-sure crank? You proved Inner Circle’s point, even with your “Yo, Joe!” attitude. Despite your rules, your kids did still push the limits…that is all that “Inner Circle” was saying.

        • Naked Truth says:

          There is a difference between pushing the limit and crossing the line. Read it, learn it, live it!

        • Not a crank at all. I just have rules, as all parents should. Break them, it’s not me that pays as Inner Circle insinuates, it’s my kid

          You want to lock us up on the weekends and not go to our friends houses? We’ll rebel.

          You don’t want to let us go to our friends houses because you don’t “approve” of them? We will rebel.

          Kids are going to do what they want to do

          In the military and elsewhere, this is called a bad attitude. Bad attitudes can be corrected

          Of course, if my kids play by the rules (And they do almost all the time)then you get treated like a young adult

          Fair deal I think

  39. Fly Swatter says:

    This new comment layout stinks. I couldnt even comment on the comment article. If people don’t like the comments, just stop scrolling down to them.
    “Just sayin” <<<Ughh

    CDN Editor: Thanks for pointing out the technical problem with viewing the “comments” in our editorial on the new comment format. Ironic, but we’ll get it fixed asap.

    • CCHS Parent says:

      I agree Fly. I hate having to try and find where the comment is. PLEASE CDN go back to the old way!!

      CDN: We are working on a way to make it easier to navigate to the recent comments.
      In the meantime, as a work around if you click on the link for the recent comment on the home page it will take you to the article. Click on the link to view comments then click on then recent comment in the sidebar again and it will take you to the comment.

      • I sent them an e-mail about it. I got a really quick response, too! I hope they get it fixed soon.

  40. clarke county student. says:

    You parents on this website, should be ashamed. Not for disagreeing. But for bashing and degrading Ms. Scott. Shows your maturity level. If it was your kids in those pictures,I bet you wouldn’t be saying much, because if you were “such good parents” your children wouldn’t have been at the parties in the first place. Funny how what you say would be totally different, if the circumstances were different.

    • My 2 Cents... says:

      Honestly, the best thing that the students can do is to just quit talking. You guys are making Mrs. Scott and yourselves look even worse with your posts defending her and your obvious views on getting your “DRINK” on…….

      And for the record, OUR kids probably wouldn’t be at the parties in question. If it looks like trash and smells like trash, it probably is, TRASH!

      • Member of the inner circle says:

        I’m sorry, did I ever say I was getting my “drink” on? No.
        I was defending a lady that means a lot to me, I was saying that since none of you probably know her, know her backstory, know what she goes through, you shouldn’t sit here and judge her.
        Secondly, if you’re going to sit here and call somebody “trash” then you have some issues with yourself you may want to realize. You’re an adult, correct? You think you have the right to call a teenager trash? Please. Never once in my post did I say anything about any of you mean, other than you need to understand where the teenagers are coming from. We’re all we got, we’re going to defend ourselves.

        You parents push your limits also. Everyone has a story, everyone has things they don’t talk about, I just think it’s funny that people put themselves on a pedestal when nobody’s perfect. I just don’t understand how some people can be so cruel.

        I’m glad your children are so amazing Sarge, never go out.. Never do anything wrong.. Have you ever thought maybe they need to get a life outside of the house? Just a thought..

        What I’ve been trying to get at with these posts is that you degrading someone you don’t know and posting these harsh comments, is ridiculous. Please, try to open your mind just a little bit to the other side.

        • My 2 Cents says:

          I wasn’t calling any of the kids “Trash”. I was speaking of this poor woman who you kids are defending. Sorry, but you admitting, that she knew of more than 1 party that was occurring at her home with underage kids sums it up in my eyes. You kids can try and spin it all you want, but there is NO getting around that! Her past and (backstory) doesn’t mean that she gets a free pass in life and can break the law! PERIOD!

          • Member of the inner circle says:

            My 2 cents, you just proved my point even more. NONE of you are even REMOTELY okay with opening your mind to seeing the other side. I hope you guys have a great life, I am done with everyone’s petty comments.

            God bless you all…

          • My 2 Cents says:

            I’m sorry, whats the other side? I might need some clarification. The only people that are open to the “other side”, are the kids that wanna get drunk and the parents that support that happening.

          • clarke county student. says:

            WRONG. She obviously had to admit to it, because of pictures taken at her house, that the oh so generous parent turned in. She didn’t have to be there, to be held responsible for the parties being at her house… Ever think that she wasn’t aware until the pictures were showed to her… and she admitted to giving it to her kids, not any other kids. Which in the VA law says under your roof, you can give your own kids permission on private property to drink alcohol…just saying. No one is saying she should get a free pass, we’re saying, you shouldn’t call her names and be so cruel, if you don’t know her as a person, & only know of what this article says she did… think about it…

          • William James says:

            Stay in school son, Leave the driving to us tax paying adults. focus o n your school work instead of trying to defend your party friend.

          • I don’t know Charles Manson either, but I’m pretty comfortable calling him a piece of ****

            Give up kid, you’re on the Titanic here. The ship is sinking, the band is playing and the lights are going out……………..

          • Did you really just compare Ms. Scott to Charles Manson? That is completely messed up, this woman was not a conspirator who murdered numerous people, let alone anyone. [redacted]

          • My 2 Cents... says:

            No, you think about it! One day when you grow up, you will understand what the ADULTS here are trying to communicate to you. Then again, you will probably be just like Mrs. Scott! I think you guys should really quit beating this dead horse. You cannot win.

          • No one is going to win this battle. I can pretty much guarantee you that 10 years from now there will still be High school students drinking and probably a few parents still allowing it to happen. Not that it’s right..but it is just a fact that it’s going to happen! Face it!

          • clarke county student says:

            I have thought about it. It’s against the law I get it,

            BUT, the article states “she allows her two underage children to drink alcohol in her home. Scott, reportedly, also admitted that she allows her children’s underage friends to drink alcohol in her home as well.” — meaning she allowed her kids to drink under her own roof, thats not illegal, on private property.
            also, whether she was there or not doesn’t matter, shes responsible for her house, when pictures are being shown to her she can’t say no it didn’t happen, pictures don’t lie, therefore she had to admit to it.

            & her identifying the kids in the pictures… she has two children, those kids were more than likely friends of her children, and like most parents… She knows who the kids are that her children hang out with. Parents on here caling her discusting? there is no need, she is a human being like the rest of us… you don’t know her as a person, you only choose to know her by what this article states… and they didn’t even get her age right… . This isn’t a competition
            maybe you should stop being stop thinking like a child. No ones here to win, we’re here to defend a woman, who as a human being is a wonderful person, aside from what this article says. How would you feel if people referred to you as discusting because THEY think you don’t raise your children right? or don’t let your kids play sports, just some examples… you wouldn’t like that now would you. I guess hiding behind a computer screen makes you all feel more powerful.

          • You’re still not getting it kid. And that’s why you’re a kid, because you don’t have the life experience to figure this out yet

            Let me clue you in from the other side, give you something to think about. Trust me, in a few yars, or at the very least when you have kids, you’ll get what I’m about to say

            Someone died, in part because of the person you are defending.

            Did it ever cross through your’re collective noggins about what goes through your parents minds when you step out the door? Thinking about all the drunks, pot heads, inexperienced teens zipping around in their little souped up race rockets and you out there among it all?

            No, I didn’t think so. Because you can handle it, can’t you kid? We all could at 18.

            On top of it all, us parents now get to think about people like the lady you are here defending. Great, she’s super dupper nice. Awesome. She’s also irresponsible. Not only did she let minors hang at out at her house and get tanked, in at least one case she didn’t even take anyone’s keys. Again, producing yet another hazzard on the road when you boys and girls go off to the next party

            And while we’re at it, let’s put a little more guilt out there, becaus ewhile you say you “get it”, it’s more than apperent that you don’t.

            Did you all ever once consider what would happen to this lady if you all were caught at her house hammered?

            Bet you all thought you were bullet proof, that nothing would happen, especially after the cops showed up previously and did nothing, didn’t ya?

            (Oh CDN, this needs to be followed up. Nice FOIA request to the sheriffs department would show what was going on)

            Probably never once considered that the lady who you all hold up as “cool” would one day be getting bashed in public and probably going to jail, all because YOU ALL kept going over to her house and partying.

            You sit here and rail against the parents when the fact of the matter is YOU ALL are just as responsible for what happened to this lady.

            But being minors, you’re going to get off. and this lady is probably going to jail, thanks to you.

            Think about this weekend before you head off to the next “Cool parents” house to tie one on

          • You kids who defend her are [redacted]. You can’t defend someone as a “wonderful person” when they allow kids to break the law in their own home. You swim with sharks, you’re going to get bit.

            As far as calling us out for “hiding behind a computer screen”, you’re hiding as well. If you’re so self righteous that truly think defending this woman is the right thing to do, then put your name out there. Otherwise, don’t use it as an argument for your case. One of your classmates is doing it right now (a pretty dumb thing to do IMHO).

            There are many fine CCHS students who don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs and they come from families who won’t allow that type of behavior. My kids hang with their kids, not you and your group. They see everyday how the loose behavior of the party crowd is ruining their lives. Teens with STD’s, pregnancies, drug issues, stuff that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Our kids want nothing to do with them. We’ve been blessed with kids that have their heads screwed on right, and we want all kids to grow up and achieve their potential, but we refuse to defend the indefensible, and we won’t tolerate illegal behavior.

          • CC Student, do you know what a negative externality is?

            Very simply, what “she” did may have been fine – not legally – but fine in the sense that if you and your friends drank and partied at her house and remained at her house until you were sober, there would be no effect on anyone in the surrounding community.

            Unfortunately, this is not what happened. The negative externality occurred when some of your friends left “her” house while still intoxicated. Their actions negatively affected the whole community.

            Now, it was “her” decision to allow you and your friends to drink at her house. “Her” decision allowed your friends to make the decision to leave her private property, enter public domain and endanger members of the community (who did not agree to be subject to underage drunk drivers).

            Ultimately, “her” decision to allow you and your underage friends to drink on “her” property directly allowed/caused/provided the opportunity for one of your friends to KILL ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS.

            If asked “is it okay if your buddy A kills your buddy B tonight,” you would probably say “no,” yet you do think it’s okay to drink while underage.

            Next time you go to anyone’s house to drink, ask yourself (while sober, please) if this is “okay” by your standards: “if my friends and I drink tonight, it’s fine if one or more of us is killed or left permanently impaired for the rest of his life as a result of us drinking.”

            If that’s okay and makes sense to you, please drink up and play on the roof of the house in which you’re drinking.

            About the legality of the issue:

            7. … However, such alcoholic beverages may be served or given to guests in such residence by such
            person, his family or servants when (i) such guests are 21 years of age or older or are accompanied by a parent, guardian, or spouse who is 21 years of age or older and (ii) such service or gift is in no way a shift or device to evade the provisions of this title

            By providing minors with and allowing them to drink alcohol, “she” was breaking the law. No questions about it.

            Other than her kid[s], she was neither the parent nor guardian (legally) of any of the underage drinkers on her property.

            I doubt that any of the underage drinkers were married to anyone on the premises who was over the age of 20, which would allow the individual to drink while underage.

            The only reason the underage drinkers were drinking at “her” house to begin with was because they knew they were not legally able to drink in public and because they knew that “she” wouldn’t care that they were breaking the law (drinking while under the age of 21 – for those who were unaware, CC Student).

            According to the excerpt above, “she” obviously broke the law because “she” was not the legal guardian of the large majority of the children drinking on her property.

            The reason the drinking age is 21 is because it was decided that until that age, people would make unwise decisions with regards to their drinking and actions while drinking. What occurred the night of the death of your friend only strengthens the validity of this law.

            However you want to look at it, as the adult, “she” was responsible for the health, safety and actions of the children on her property. Her negligence and bad decisions led to the death of YOUR FRIEND, CC Student.

            If that doesn’t make sense, try to understand this: “she” killed your friend.

            Get it?

          • ElinorDashwood says:

            “The failure to use reasonable care. The doing of something which a reasonably prudent person would not do, or the failure to do something which a reasonably prudent person would do under like circumstances. A departure from what an ordinary reasonable member of the community would do in the same community.”

            This is the ‘legal’ definition of negligence. I think it safe to say that what Ms. Scott deemed acceptable was, ” A departure from what an ordinary reasonable member of the community would do in the same community.”. Even the childrens posts support that…

          • Highschooler says:

            Could you all please stop referring to us as “you kids”… as if our young age makes us inherently unintelligent. How about this you “old folks”, could you please refrain from the condescending comments which bring all kids down a level. Are you smarter than us Sarge and Rightwinger? If so, then please come to the high school and you can help me study for my Calculus and Trigonometry tests. Thanks!

          • You are kids. You are under the age of 18. If you need help with your math homework, ask your parents or your instructors. That’s what they are there for.

            If you want a math tutor, I charge $100 per hour because that’s how much my free time is worth to me.

          • Highschooler says:

            I’m aware of my age sir, but I thank you for reminding me. I have the utmost respect for the adults of Clarke county; however, I expect atleast a little respect to be given in return. I’m not arguing my age with you, I’m simply asking that you respect my opinions regardless of age instead of writing them off as the ramblings of “just another kid.”

          • To High Schooler

            “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” ~ Mark Twain

  41. clarke county resident says:

    When I viewed the comments on this issue late last evening I was actually encouraged because several people had left comments similar to mine… Quit mud slinging, worry about your own families, and quit judging this woman and her kids!!!!!! Today I log on and its gone south again. Now the adults are actually arguing with the teenagers and calling them TRASH! Do you all hear yourselves?? You are acting just like kids yourselves. You are not their parents and to try to force your views on them is AGAIN accomplishing nothing!! They are still children and they are still going to say and do things we don’t agree with. Their opinions may be misguided in your eyes and you have a right to your feelings and to post such. BUT as an ADULT you should have the maturity to control your tongues. You have gone PAST judging these kids and have gone straight to namecalling. Its shameful. Those kind of comments are exactly why these kids are fighting so hard to be heard. They are feeling attacked by every person who has something negative to say and are responding as such. And again, because they are still children they don’t always get it right. As I said before….. Instead of spending your time here – attacking not only Mrs. Scott but many of the children who are trying to get you guys to look at their side, use this time to talk to your own kids!!!! Discuss with them the comments the kids are making and why you think its right or wrong… Its borders on sad that some of you all are supposed to be adults yet reading these comments, is like watching a bad high school movie…. It has certainly given me another topic to cover when talking to my own children. Judgement and name-calling accomplish NOTHING.

  42. Just Curious says:

    I don’t think that person was calling any of the kids trash….. From the way I read it, it was someone else.

  43. Anotherobserver says:

    As a community we usually support one another right? Clarke county is famous for everyone knowing one another and treating each other with respect. We can’t sit back and say it’s ok to say some of the comments that are being said. Have some sympathy and learn from the accident, not make matters worse. To watch Parents argue over something that has had a huge impact on the students and everyone else is more harmful. I loved Shirley along with anyone else that knew him. He was the nicest kid I have ever met and I KNOW he wouldn’t want this to come down to how it is. He knew the risk of what he was doing when he did it, plain and simple.

    To be as low and shallow as some of you are is disgusting and I hope all of your children grow up to be a better person. Blessings to the Shirley family and to also the Scotts, who also know what it feels like to loose someone.

    R.I.P. ABS- free and easy bud.

    • clarke county student says:

      I didn’t say it wasn’t against the law, i didn’t say i thought she was cool. i said she is an amazing person as an individual, i’m done arguing with adults who argue with kids. I’ve met the woman aside from knowing this. She’s done so much for her kids, and has done and not fallen appart after loosing her husband. have some sympathy even if you don’t agree with this. I’m not saying it’s right, i’m a high school student defending someone who isn’t what people refer to as “discusting” [redacted] I believe what i believe and i’ll believe it when i have children call it what you want, everyones different. sorry for not being an ignorant human being and judging everyone by ONE article they’ve read. and if your confused, SHE DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DEATH OF AARON SHIRLEY, stop making it seem like that. thank you i’m done here, for those of you who continue to bash this woman and bash students who know her and not just know her name from this article and act like they know her as a person…. (: have a nice day.

  44. just interested says:

    Easter is right around the corner (for those who are Christians)that means Good Friday is 3 days before that.Well then we can set up three large crosses. Nail the 2 offenders to the cross and a thief to the other. Create a crowd and watch them die. Nope they are not Jesus or followers this was a common way of execution in the past. Or we can burn them at the stake in the village sqare or if that is too too messy we can do a public hanging. oh wait this is the 21st century. Let the law do the job.

  45. livein22611 says:

    She admitted to allowing kids, other than her own, to drink in her house. That’s illegal. She allowed it the night of the accident and the parties involved had been drinking at her house. End of story. Guilty.
    Again, law enforcement needs to step it up and start busting these parties and arresting and charging those involved. I don’t care if it’s a party in a house or in a field. They are still happening. Will kids continue to drink? Yes. But at least the community is doing what it can. Are there deliquent parents who allow their underage kids to drink? Yes. Other parents just need to know who these people are and keep your kids away from them. There are some families that I will not allow my kids to socialize with at their homes.
    After all this, nothing is going to change if parents do not wake up and start parenting.
    Oh yea, this whole part about her holding it together after her husband died, please! Others go through this everyday without breaking the law. From everything coming out about this case this woman needs counseling.

  46. While there are some that continue to make nasty comments regarding Ms. Scott and Amir and use cyber space, scareing our young people regarding scholarships (could this be a form of cyber bullying?), [redacted]

  47. Highschooler Kid says:

    Im in highschool and i think its pretty sad that adults argue like this over the internet. Please don’t post images from others facebook, your setting a bad example for your children and you should know better. Also please quit these biased and un educated arguments regarding teen drinking. Half of you most likely drank during highschool. Im very sad to see that the peers of my parents act so immaturely. you should be ashamed

    • Nobody posts images, CDN doesn’t allow it. Folks can post links to images and CDN can decide whether or not to allow the link to be displayed or not.

      My advice to you….Stay in school, learn how to spell and properly structure a sentence, stay out of trouble, and perhaps one day you’ll grow up and maybe even have kids of you’re own so you’ll understand where we adults are coming from.

      • Fly on the wall says:

        “…learn how to spell and properly structure a sentence…and maybe even have kids of you’re own…”

        Physician, heal thyself.

      • Highschooler says:

        Is it true that if you insult someone’s ability to structure a sentence that teen drinking will magically disappear? No? Then I don’t see how my grammatical errors are relevent to this conversation whatsoever.

        CDN Editor: Agreed

        • greenhouse supporter says:

          You spoke about respect in a earlier post, you are absolutely right. I have always told my children and grandchildren that to get respect you had to give respect. Trying to belittle these teens is in no way helping the situation. As I posted before, it is up to the adults to be role models for the younger generation. They will turn a deaf ear if you are not talking to them respectfully.

        • I disagree with both CDN and you about the relevancy of grammatical errors. I admit that I am also guilty of grammatical errors.

          However, in the adult world, grammatical/spelling errors can destroy your chances at getting ahead in life. Society has become way too complacent when it comes to the written word. I remember when penmanship was taught in elementary school. I see High Schoolers that write what looks like a nervous kindergartner on crack. The handwriting is extremely difficult to read. Spelling and grammatical errors abound, but nobody cares because spell check and grammar check will automatically fix them. Spell check and grammar check aren’t everywhere, and if you don’t know how to properly communicate without these crutches, people will end up not taking you seriously.

  48. Middle Schooler says:

    Your parent’s peers are not the ones breaking the law. Also learn proper sentence structure while you are still in school.

    • Fly on the wall says:

      “Peers” in this case means those of similar stature or position in a community. Parents of school children would be “peers” of each other. It can also mean a level of connection like friend, but that was not – I don’t believe – the intent of the post to which you refer.

  49. Rachel Norweyne says:

    Every one of these posts are completely and utterly appalling. How many times do you check this thread for a new “low life” post from the “mindless” teens and adults? Is this all you do? Please stop hiding behind these names and computers with fake identities. You need to take a look at the larger picture of what you are doing. I am not siding with either side *cough* certainly RW, Sarge, etc. *cough* but I am letting one know that this cyber bullying has run its course on this thread.

  50. rubbernecking says:

    Reading this thread is like watching an accident on the freeway-you strain yourself to watch what’s going on.

    Obviously the community is pretty torn about this whole situation and there are parents, teens and teachers on here(i’m sure) that are giving their 2 cents to this whole scenario. My question is what the hell is this community going to do about it? What are educators, people in office in the town or county or anyone going to do about this? Are people going to continue to attack one another on this anonymous forum or is someone going to step up and do something!?!

    This topic is a huge sore spot for everyone-no matter if you are involved or not so…. what next?

    It would be nice to see a town official, county official, school official make the next move and open this(and many more topics, I’m sure) for community involvement.

    Mayor….are you listening? Chief of Police-any feedback? Mike Murphy, what abut you?

    Something needs to happen here. This has gone ignored for far too long. The community is torn up about these delicate topics. It would be nice to see someone pull these skeletons out of the closet and face them head on.

  51. just interested says:

    Absolutely agree Rubberneck,these comments have moved beyond the sorrow of the loss of a great young man,the woman who allowed alcohol in her home,and the driver of the vehicle. It has become a classic case of cyber bullying by adults who feel that is is their duty to correct and put down all of the young people trying to express their opinions. These young people are just learning to express opinions and do not need to be told to go back to school to learn to diagram a sentence. Which they do not teach any more. At least not the way they did back in my long ago day.Let them speak and stand on their feet. They will be our leaders one day. I do not care if they misspell a word or make a comma mistake. We all do that at times..This great country gives us the freedom to make these comments but let us not bully the young ones who are just getting thier feet wet. Of course their opinions will differ from an older adult,that is youth. But,by putting them down they are not learning a thing from the advise given by an adult. Instead it makes them mad and they walk away. Advice should be given with knowledge and not anger. And no Rubberneck you did not use the words cyber bullying. Just a clarification.

  52. Alecia Schulz says:

    these are the times when it upsets me to say that I’m from Clarke County.

  53. Just Curious.... says:

    Let them stand on their feet? Why so someone else could get hurt again? You must be a kid under a new screen name. We know thats been done several times on here by them. Ms. Schulz, PLEASE! Gimme a break.

    • Kids aren’t the only posters who use different screen names. There are several “adults” that do the same thing, even though they complain about the posters who wish to remain anonymous.

  54. [redacted] If you are truly a responsible, caring and loving parent, then let your children know now. Don’t wait for something bad to happen and then try the “tough love” approach, self promoting the good parent you possibly have never been all along through their teen years. Step up to the plate now, if you still have pre-teen and teens at home. If they live with another parent, then let them know how important they are to you. Don’t let anything or anyone come between you and your relationship with your children. Then when you grow old and are facing your final battle on this earth, these young people will treat you the same as you have treated them. Ignore them now and only show up when you have a negative agenda, then don’t expect them to be around you in your final days. Negative relationships reap negative relationships.
    Gene Pitney’s song, “Town With Out Pity” seems to fit some of the people on this site in many instances.
    May God have mercy on all the souls (including me) on this site.

  55. Outside Observer says:

    OK… I’ve read most of these comments but not all…. my question is… who purchased the 2 dozen eggs which now reside on Ms. Scott’s front door. Was it one of you?

    The other thing I question is that the news say that the teens had just left a party and then stopped at the Scott home… I don’t see where it says the party was at her home… so, where was that alleged party taking place? Is someone else responsible?

    • My 2 Cents... says:

      just give up kids….its over. she’s in jail now for 2 weeks. let her be…. shouldn’t you be learning in school right about now anyway?

      • No, she is not in jail. Her two weeks are conditional. If she behaves for the next two years, both time to be served and fines to be paid are dropped. She got slapped on the wrist. I think not only her behavior , but also her minor children ought to be under that condition. If they screw up, she goes in the pokey!

        • No, she most definitely went in last night to serve her 14 day sentence. A year of good behavior and not a drop of alcohol consumption in her house (including her own children) are the terms to be abided by, and please believe these terms will most certainly not be broken. The mother and children alike have learned their lessons, let us now move on to present and future tasks and situations, rather than dwell on this past particular one.

          • Tell ya what…We’ll stop dwelling on the issue of underage drinking when our kids quit coming home and telling us about all the drinking parties that are still going on. Okay?

          • That’s perfectly fine RW, like I said focus on the “present and future tasks and situations, rather than dwell on this past particular one.” Or in other words, dedicate our time to current matters of underage partying, and getting involved in organizations such as SADD, law enforcement, and any others that wish to graciously devote their time to this ordeal, and to drop this one pertaining to this woman seeing how it has already been taken care of. That was the point I was trying to get across.

      • Outside Observer says:

        Are you saying that you think that I’m one of the kids? Sorry to disappoint you but my children are having children now.

    • It would take some time to throw two dozen eggs. Don’t you think? Why do you want to know who bought them? I would be more interested to know who threw them.
      [redacted] reported that Banks was in her garage when he stopped by. Not her house. Nobody will say how long he was there and what he was doing, ie drinking.

      • Outside Observer says:

        That’s interesting… I asked who purchased the eggs (equivalent thought to who bought the alchohol) you want to know who threw the eggs… which is equivalent in thought in this discussion to who drank the alcohol…

        The whole discussion (I believe) has been about supplying our youth with alcohol. All I asked was who supplied the eggs. I suppose it would also be interesting to know whether it was a teen or an adult who threw them.

        I don’t hang out in my garage and possibly wouldn’t know if anyone was in my garage… although I’m sure that I would know if there was a party going on. I find it hard to believe the party was actually in this garage. So again, where did the party begin? I’m betting it was at a much more influential home and someone is covering that up.

        • You do not have to be a certain age to buy eggs. Now if alcoholic beverage bottles were thrown, then I would ask who supplied them. Taa-Daa!

          And you do not need to have a “party” in the garage for teens to gather and drink alcohol. Taa-Daa!

          But her teens were allowed to drink, so I bet there was alcohol either in the house or garage the night in question.