Look Up, Look Down, Spring Beauty Abounds in Clarke County

There’s an extraordinary story playing out in Clarke County, Virginia at this very moment and it doesn’t include budgets, politics or taxes. Instead, the story is the remarkable miracle called Spring and it is happening in the fields, woodlands and skies overhead and just outside your door.

Bluebells along the Shenandoah River in Clarke County, Virginia - Photo Edward Leonard

Take a moment today or tonight to look around and remember just how beautiful Clarke County is, especially in the spring.

Right now, Nature is dressed up in her finest purples and pinks just in time for Easter. Even though other flower colors are now beginning to make their grand entrance for 2012, the dominant pastel pinks and blues of the Virginia bluebells are still splashed along riverbanks and in shady forest groves throughout Clarke County. In the meadows, deep purple violets are everywhere. Tall pink-colored phlox are also just beginning to bloom.

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The exceptionally warm Spring weather and clear March nights make an ideal combination for those willing to linger outside and tip back their heads to the skies. Wander outside tonight around 8:30pm and let your eyes adjust to the darkness for a moment.

Then look directly overhead toward the moon.

Words can’t do justice to what you will behold above, so you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Overhead you’ll see the waxing crescent moon hovering just above an inverted crescent necklace of planets and stars. First, off to the left of the Moon, is Sirius – the very bright dog star; next and a little higher to the right of Sirius is Betelgeuse (which also anchors the upper left corner of Orion, the hunter); then directly across from Betelgeuse (and framing the Moon) is Aldebaran; a little lower to the right of the Moon is Venus with Jupiter further to the right terminating the crescent.

Nightly sky maps can be found at http://www.skyviewcafe.com. Better yet, if you have a smartphone, download the free Google Sky app then simply point your phone to any section of the sky to instantly identify any star or planet. (The app even has a “red light” setting to reduce night vision loss from the normally bright cellphone screen.)

Shakespeare may have come the closest in using words to capture the beauty of a Spring night. Nearly 400 years after it was written, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the night sky are just as captivating now as they were then;

Hippolyta:  And then the moon, like to a silver bow
New bent in heaven, shall behold the night
Of our solemnities.

Spring is a fleeting dream, don’t miss it!


The skies over Clarke County will features a waxing crescent moon and three planets aligned to makes a sight worth looking up for - map courtesy http://www.skyviewcafe.com (Click to enlarge)



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