Loudoun Winery to Open Retail Endeavor in Clarke

The new business will be located in the soon to be vacated location of The Midas Touch at 1025 West Main Street

A successful Loudoun County vineyard is launching a new Wine Bar and they have selected Clarke County as the location for their endeavor.

Notaviva Vineyards has announced the opening of their new retail operation that will be called the Concertino Wine Tasting and Listening Room to be located across from the Ruritan Fair Grounds on West Main Street. Stephen Mackey, owner of Notaviva said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for Notaviva Vineyards. Expanding westward brings us closer to the relatively untapped wine markets of neighboring Clarke County, Winchester and the Interstate 81 corridor.”

Notaviva Vineyards is located in western Loudoun and was founded in 2002 by the husband and wife team of Stephen and Shannon Mackey. Their foray west into the Shenandoah Valley will offer tastings of selections from their vineyard as well as other Virginia wines. Stephen said, “Visitors to Concertino will have the opportunity to enjoy a Notaviva tasting, or they may choose from our monthly selection of wine flights. For example, a viognier flight might include the Notaviva ‘Vincerò’ as well as others from Loudoun and Clarke counties. A cabernet franc flight might pair the Notaviva ‘Cantabile’ with one from the Monticello AVA and another from the Shenandoah Valley AVA. By demonstrating the superb quality of Virginia wines as well as illustrating the differences in regional terroir, we believe we can both educate our customers as well as foster camaraderie within our industry.”

Clarke County Economic Development Coordinator Jesse Russell said the business is a good fit for Clarke, “Clarke County does want to promote more agritourism and farm wineries and their allowable spin-off to tasting rooms such as this to a certain degree is agritourism.  We currently have two farm wineries in Clarke, Veramar and Twin Oaks Tavern Winery, both located just off of Rt. 7 and this new business is following a pattern of winery locations in the county and wineries bring tourists to our area.”

However, the experience that the Mackeys hope to bring to Clarke County is about much more than wine. Stephen has a passion for music that manifests itself in his approach to the wine business. Each of their wines is paired with a musical genre or lyrical inspiration with the goal of capturing the feelings that music can create in their wines. The Concertino Wine Tasting and Listening Room will amplify that approach and provide a live performance venue for local talent.

Shannon Mackey said that the new venture has been received well. “Clarke County has welcomed us with open arms. Clarke Economic Developer, Jesse Russell, was a pleasure to work with, and several local businesses have kindly reached out with words of welcome. I am confident we can bring the relationships we have forged in Loudoun together with those awaiting us in Clarke and Frederick counties, for the mutual benefit of all.”

The business is currently scheduled for an August 11th grand opening and will be located at 1025 West Main Street just outside of the Town of Berryville in the soon to be vacated location where the Midas Touch operated for several years.


  1. I saw them building their winery on HGTV! I knew it was local when Singhass was there!

  2. Sargewillis says:

    Grand Opening August 11, the day before the start of the Clarke County Fair. I can see it now, parents dropping their kids off at the fair and heading over for an afternoon of wine tasting before picking up the kids that evening, Why don’t I have a good feeling about this?

  3. Mr Mister says:

    So which wine pairs with country music?

  4. geezlouise says:

    Ripple 🙂

  5. This business is guaranteed to fail. It’s like the tack shop in downtown Berryville. This is Berryville, not Middleburg. Good luck!

    • Jesse Russell said the business is a good fit for Clarke,

      P.S. I think Jesse Russell has been sampling too much of the product, IMO.

    • Roscoe Evans says:

      You may well be right, John. The Berryville “market” whatever it is, is a tough one. Tough to discern, tough to address, and tough to sell to. I’ve seen all manners of businesses fall on their faces in the twenty-odd years I’ve been here. Clients I’ve had in franchise businesses have clued me in to a couple of the reasons. But, who cares? They’re using their own money, giving it a good shot, and I hope they succeed. In spite of Berryville being Berryville.

      • jennifer says:

        ” In spite of Berryville being Berryville.”

        what exactly keeps a person in a place they don’t appreciate for 20 years Rosco? Not being snarky, just wondering? I hear a lot of folks here who think it is horrible in Berryville/Clarke and there is nothing to offer, so I just wonder since there are so many great places to live why they stay.

    • Sharon Strickland says:

      Hey, that shop is not just for tack. They make great shoes and belts. Last year, I took a favorite buckle to the owners and asked for a new belt and they made me a truly great one that I took on vacation.

      Walk into the shop and see the shoes they can make and the sandals they already have for sale. They offer great leather goods. And, they stitched several things for me. I needed my purse fixed and they did that too. Just good people doing good work. Try them Berryville residents.

  6. Clarke County Annie says:

    Concertino Wine Tasting and Listening Room – Best of luck in your new endeavor!

  7. Sunshine says:

    Certainly is a different type of business from others in Berryville but not saying in a negative way.

    Umm, classy facelift, quality signage, Ms. Jackson’s warm bread and get the ice cream place to move to different location and it may work.

  8. Jill Valentine Welton says:

    Way to encourage a business that hasn’t even landed here yet. We know that prospective entrepreneurs to Clarke read cdn so why in the world would anybody write negative and discouraging comments straight to these people? This happens so routinely with the rhetoric on here it shames our county (in my opinion.) I don’t even drink but I appreciate their approach to the business. There is nothing stuffy or snobby at all about pairing wine with music. They intend for it to be a laid back atmosphere with a variety of wines, music and the ability to educate. This family looked west, saw an opportunity to bring something to the valley and chose Berryville as the location for it. They see potential in their endeavor. It’s worked well for them in Loudoun and I know there are many that will have a curiosity about the business over here. Marketing our county as being close to I – 81 makes sense and should yield results for them. It will potentially expose their clientele to our other businesses, etc. I’m worn out with this. Just welcome and encourage those that are new and keep derogatory comments off line, please.

  9. Mimi Stein says:

    It is very significant that Stephen Mackey has chosen Berryville rather than Purcellville (though he has retailed his wine at a local PYO farm there). I’d say it’s a vote of No Confidence in the Loudoun government and the future of its rural economy. We should be cheering the selection, saying thank you for his faith in us, and doing everything we can to support his venture’s success. He is well-connected and has the potential to entice other entrepreneurs to look at Berryville. And, if he can siphon off DC Wine Country tourists from across the mountain, all of the tourism venues can benefit.

    Three cheers for NotaViva!

  10. What gave him Confidence in the Clarke County Government? Just curious?

  11. Will they have Boone’s farm, Mad dog 20/20 and Cold Duck available for tasting?

  12. Cold Duck= Malt Duck

  13. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the fun dialogue surrounding our upcoming wine bar launch! Appreciate the insight and positive thoughts. Never fear, we have the highest respect for Virginia ABC law and are well aware of the fact that the Fair and adjoining parks are family attractions, therefore we will be absolutly diligent in preventing intoxicated patrons. You have also wisely foreseen that our business plan will be focused on east-west tourism traffic between Winchester, Loudoun and DC as well as serving the Berryville and greater Clarke county communities. We are confident we will be able to redirect visitors into downtown Berryville to dine and shop and thereby bolster the local economy. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


    • Steve-
      I look forward to your upcoming wine bar launch! I welcome the new business to our community. I wish your company the best of luck.

  14. Bill Thomas says:

    Steve and Shannon Mackey will be a tremendous asset to our business community. No doubt about it. I had the priveledge of getting to know them both well during the making of Dreamhouse for HGTV and found them to be extemely bright, charming and good business people who also happen to be making some excellent Virginian Wine. They are family people with a brood of 3 great boys. Steve is an old time Virginian and Virginia Tech Grad who in his earlier years toured as a technician with some of the biggest bands in the music business including Garth Brooks and about a dozen others. Welcome to Clarke County Steve & Shannon ! Thrilled your here. It’ll save me me the expense of having to drive to your Loudoun Vinyard to purchase your wine.

  15. Tammy Lanham says:

    I am very much looking forward to the wine tasting room- as well as the opportunity to experience musical “pairing”! As a musician with connections from Loudoun to Frederick I see a terrific venue for a variety of talented performers to share in our local Clarke Community:)

  16. Mike Sipe says:

    Steve, welcome to Clarke County. I have been to your place in Loudoun for the comedy show. Good friends with Ken Wright. It will be nice to be able to get your wine just just driving up town. Had a great time that night and hope things go well for you here. Don’t pay attention to the negative comments. That is just typical for the people (a lot of them) who post comments on this site.

  17. Chuck E. Cheese says:

    Did Santorini’s go out of business? I’ve been by there a couple of times during the evening time and they were closed!

    CDN: This is off topic but we wanted to make sure that everyone knows they will reopen soon. They are still working with the landlord to repair the fire damage from the incident that occurred on Jul 3.

  18. So glad to hear of the music /wine pairing. This will hopefully give Clarke another live music venue to enjoy. Slowly but surely ,berryville is coming into its own. Maybe main street can get a much needed makeover, as other main street communities have done. My vision, eliminate the parking meters , plant trees and have benches, hanging flowers, and storefront makeovers. Oh well that’s another topic, good luck wine bar.

  19. I am digging the new wine-colored siding on the building!