Main Street Loses Another Business as Makenzie’s Closes

Main Street took another blow this weekend as Makenzie’s Country Kitchen closed their doors and ceased operation. The family owned restaurant that specialized in southern home cooking at affordable prices, opened in the spring of 2010. Patrons who attempted to visit the establishment were greeted by locked doors and a handwritten sign in the window that simply said, “Thank you to our loyal customers but we regret to inform you that we are closing permanently.”

The closure was also announced on their Facebook page and elaborated on the decision saying:

“Business has been really slow for months now and we held out as long as we could. This past month or so was the last straw [..] We poured our heart & soul into that place. We are so sad to have to let it go.”

The space at 24 W. Main Street has seen several restaurants including Mario’s which moved to a new location and the Main Street Bistro which went out of business.

This closure comes on the heels of the announcement that the Main Street anchor Berryville Pharmacy will close in March.


  1. James Haven says:

    Gutted when I heard. I have one of their t-shirts as a keepsake. I understand why they are going, and I’m sad I am not able to have one last meal there. Thank you to the staff at Makenzie’s, you’ve left wonderful memories.

    • Makenzies says:

      Thanks James. We truly do love our customers. Thanks for standing by us, it means a lot!

  2. Not Surprized! says:

    Never really blew my dress up.

  3. ismellcoffee says:

    Lets face it the food was just average. Folks here can cook and when they go out they expect it to be better than what they cook in their own kitchen.

    • I beg to differ. The basis of a restaurant is home cooking. Look at other chain restaurants KFC, Golden Corral, Popeyes, BURGER King, McDonalds, etc. Are you saying that all these restaurants cook better than the average joe? I don’t think so. All that food comes in frozen or in bags. Any american cuisine restaurant has the same staples Chicken, Beef, Burgers, etc. I frequented Makenzie’s often, I personally liked being able to go out to eat food that I could identify and not have to clean the mess up later. I think they had a good concept and a good product. I also know they had a rather large following. They made you feel like you were at home. I don’t think this is the platform in which we should be bashing anyone for closing. Many people are struggling right now and I’m sure this was a gut wrenching decision that family had to make. Why pour salt in the wounds ISMELLCOFFEE! Makenzie’s will be missed.

      • ismellcoffee says:

        I don’t eat fast food nor do I support franchise restaurants.

        I’m not going to be sorry for being honest, I’ve eaten fresh food my whole life, plus I’m an excellant cook.

        They should have called Kitchen impossible, its a great show that helps get restaurants that are failing going in the right direction.

        All restaurants have critics, it’s part of being in the business.

        My spouse and I dine at the Grill 3-5 times a month, always enjoyable. Never had a problem parking.
        Berryville Grill is the best restaurant in town, serve the best and the people will come.

      • Makenzies says:

        Thanks IDK! We too will miss our loyal customers!

  4. Went there once for the clam strips. I understand why they went out of business. I don’t understand why people think that a main street is a good place for lots of business. If there was a LOT of business on main street, people would shy away from it. There would be no place to park Bville Grille strategically has the bank parking lot across the street. If you want a thriving place to go you need a draw (grocery store, pharmacy) and parking. Main street parking is split off from most of the businesses, and I think the old timers couldn’t walk from where the limited parking is to the restaurants.

  5. My family and I have supported this business from day 1. I love the food and all the employees (past&present). Small town needs to support small town local business. You don’t want growth in your town well its hard to see that! And to base your opinion on Clam Strips?????? We are 100 miles from and joint serving fresh clams or any other sea food! Its a shame how people like to jump on here and bash people for trying to have a business……….

    P.S……. If your going to bash. Don’t post a fake name!

    • Makenzies says:

      Thanks Tank! You & your family have been so very loyal to us. We will see you soon! We have been blessed to have been able to meet so many great people that we now consider family, thanks for standing by us!

  6. This is disappointing news. I try to frequent the Main Street businesses whenever I can, but the sad truth is that due to my budget limitations, I eat out only rarely. I imagine trying to compete with the very popular Berryville Grille wasn’t easy either, but they did a good job and I’m sad to see them go. I’m also very sorry to hear that Berryville Pharmacy is closing after all these years.

  7. BlossomButt says:

    I really liked the place when they first opened, and the prices were decent, so I overlooked the poor parking issue. I even placed orders to go on many occassions. Then, they changed the menu, raised the prices AND they charged for carryout containers. That was simply too much. The food options were different, the higher prices, poor parking, too many negatives so I wont be very sad they are gone.

  8. Sorry to read this story. I enjoyed eating there,most of the staff were local and friendly.Always sad to hear of people being out of work or a hopeful enterprise closing down.

    • Makenzies says:

      Thanks for your comment and your patronage. Yes, we all were local. Most all of us CC High School grads. Our staff were great at what they did. Please know many of them have already found employment (So happy for that). This was a very hard decision we had to make. We tried to hold on as long as we could, mostly for our employees sake. Jobs are hard to come by these days.

  9. Stonebroke says:

    Speaking of changing menu’s and raising prices, have you ate at the Berryville Grill lately? I think they are getting away from what attracted a lot of clientele when they first opened. They had good food at a very reasonable price. So now they have two revisions of the menu and each time they do so, the prices raise about a dollar each time. I sure hope this trend doesn’t continue…because I think it could ultimately hurt business. I’ve heard a few complaints about this lately!

    • It’s just inflation. Gas prices go up, the cost of getting food to market goes up. Notice too how the size of the packages that food comes in have gotten smaller, but the price has remained the same or gone up.

  10. That’s Berryville for you. [redacted] I feel sorry for the new restaurant coming in to town. Im sure it wont be there long. And not to mention the pharmacy. The one and only pharmacy Berryville has. Guess that’s why everyone goes to winchester. There is just NOTHING here in this town.

  11. Just in time for the new Berryville signs.

  12. They were nice people. All of them. But their food left one..craving a salad to counteract the amount of fats and grease the food was cooked in. Sometimes, it is not a bad thing to lose a business. But also maybe Main St. is too mainstream, and expensive for a new Mom and Pop eatery? Food for thought…

  13. menu too big says:

    I think their menu was too large. You can’t offer that many options and do it affordably. In contract, Berryville Grille’s menu is too small. I agree BG has good food, but I am getting really sick of the same old thing time and again. They need to expand their menu a bit and perhaps add some of their specials to their permanent menu. And what’s the deal with needing reservations?? Should be first come, first served. Gone in their on a Friday night and more than half the seats are left empty and marked reserved. They’d do better business if it was first come, first served instead of holding tables for people.

    • Stonebroke says:

      I Agree! It’s like they are trying to become the BattleTown Inn or some other Fancy Restaraunt. I didn’t think that was the plan when they first opened up! No need for reservations. Go and wait if you need to! Shouldn’t be allowed to take reservations when you have limited seating as they do! Just my opinion!

    • Makenzies says:

      Just a quick blurp. We actually reduced our menu size tremendously before the New Year. We did that per customer requests. Sadly, after we did it.. we got three times as many complaints because we took items off. I guess a lesson learned here is you can’t please everyone.

  14. I have to agree with some comments about the BG their food is good but their menu has the same thing over and over. They need to expand it people get tired of going in there and having to choose from the same thing from when it first opened. I used to patronize there qu;ite often but entil they have something different to offer on their menu I’ll just cook at home. My son loved the varieties of burgers at Mackenzie’s he will be disappointed to know they’;ve closed their doors. I’m so sorry for the family they worked hard to open that place and tried to make a go of it.

    • Makenzies says:

      Thanks Pat for your patronage & comment!

    • Right Winger says:

      BG has recently changed their menu. And if you want something different, try the specials.

      I actually am glad they take reservations. Beats waiting in line for a table.

  15. The best restaurant in the county in my opinon is my own kitchen. Never need a reservation, plenty of seating. The food is always hot and I know the chef real well.

    • Uncle Jessie says:

      Ya- but from some of your posts- I’m sure customer service is a little suspect.

      • Maybe suspect,. Depends on their attitude, and how crossed their eyes are as they look down their nose,
        We all put our trousers on they same way one leg at a time.

  16. IlovedMakenzies says:

    I am very sad that Makenzies is closeing, they by far had the best food in town and the best staff. It truely broke my heart when I found out they were closeing as I am sure that it is breaking the familys heart too. They made you feel at home as soon as you walked in the door the owner and her family did pour their heart and soul into this place, I geuss they just fell under that nasty Berryville curse. But they will move onto bigger and better things because cooking is what they know and love! Well atleast I know I can visit their cafe in shenandoah farms and still get that same great cooking that Ive had in berryville. Makenzies I wish you the best!!!!

  17. I would be willing to wager. If you remove the ability to serve alcohol at a restaurant , A few more eateries in the county/town in a matter of time would suffer the same fate as Makenzie’s, Tastee Freeze and Knoso’s. To many food joints for such a small area.

  18. Ah Jes Luv Jurassic Clarke says:

    Hey, I just had a great idea. We could create a catalog listing all of the failed businesses in Jurassic Clarke (It already has the makings of a pretty substantial volume) We could, for example, include all the blathering collected here on this site, court documents, etc.

    Clarke should tout itself as a place for business that absolutely wamts to fail!!!! Get the Guiness Book of World’s Records folks here. The IRS could set up an office to help with bankruptcies. The flower shop would have an outlet for the half dead flowers that they sell. Get Kim Kardashian to do a tv spot for Clarke County (You CAN go out of business faster than it took me to get divorced)

    WANNA GO OUT OF BUSINESS FAST – COME TO CLARKE COUNTY VIRGINIA – Where Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad came to DIE (It’s no longer on the menu – they’ll be back to film a funeral for it)

    We get what we pay for when we keep sending the same hidebound, self interested pack of bozos back to the “Bored” of Supervisors and town council.

    Sorry to see Makenzies and Poe’s and the Pharmacy go – all good people – it didn’t have to be.

    • Right Winger says:

      “….WANNA GO OUT OF BUSINESS FAST – COME TO CLARKE COUNTY VIRGINIA – Where Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad came to DIE (It’s no longer on the menu – they’ll be back to film a funeral for it)…”

      I believe they advertised that it was a seasonal item. After all, it is a FRESH FRUIT item.

    • If you want to help your local businesses try using them for your product and services needs. I do. There are plenty of restaurants, grocery, gas, hardware, electronics, automotive services, dollar stores, music store, book store, bakeries, health food, beer, wine, lawyers, doctors, vets, leather shop, barbers, flowers, and DA Barns to name a few. Maybe if more of our citizens used our local business they would do much better and have a higher success rate.