Main Street Merchant Offers Safe Underage New Year’s Eve Event

With celebrations happening all over the area to ring in the New Year, the selection of safe alternatives for the youth of Clarke County has traditionally proven to be slim. However, in an attempt to offer a new alternative,  downtown Berryville business owner Brian McClemens has launched his first annual Under 21 New Year’s Eve event to provide a safe and most importantly, fun event for teens and young adults. “I’ve always wanted a place for kids in the town to have something to do, especially on New Year’s Eve,” said McClemmens.

Owner of both the Berryville Grille and The House of Light, McClemens hopes the event will provide a springboard for a weekly event to provide a place for the youth of Clarke County to dance and just hang-out. “If all goes well, I’m committed to having an event like this every Saturday night that would run from 9:00 p.m. till midnight.  As it grows we will add more lights and activities and just see where it goes.”

Initially undertaking the effort alone McClemens has hopes the idea will resonate with other businesses in the town who could sponsor prizes and other aspects of the events in the future. “Right now it’s just me but if other people or businesses want to get involved we’ll see what happens.”

The New Year’s Eve event is for teens and young adults from ages 14-20 and begins at 9:00 p.m. The cost is $5 at the door and includes free popcorn and unlimited fountain drinks throughout the night. Pizza will also be served all night for $1 per slice.

Activities will include music and dancing with a laser light show to the beat. At midnight everyone can watch the ball drop on the new 73″ television that McClemens is installing permanently in the dining area of his business. There will also be raffles with great prizes throughout the night.

RSVP by calling 540-955-9777 or stop by The House of Light at 13 East Main Street in Berryville and sign up today.


  1. footballfan says:

    Thanks Brian for thinking of the youth of Clarke County. They need to realize they have fun without drugs and alcohol involved.

  2. clarke county resident says:

    Typically I feel that young adults in this day and age don’t want to do anything “cheesy” or too “childish” but this activity seems modern and something they’d be able to attend and actually have a good time, without drugs or underage drinking. Hopefully all goes well.

  3. Clarke Life says:

    Hats off to these two business’s! You guys are a class act and offer a great amount back to our community!

  4. May God bless you in this effort Brian! You should run for town council. The town desperately NEEDS people who actually care about it’s citizens young and old (which you do). Are you going to advertise this event on Facebook?

  5. I’m over 30 but want the endless soda and $1 pizzas. Can I join? haha!

  6. Sharon Strickland says:

    Brian – I took your flyer and scanned it and sent it to the BECA members. Some parents called or sent me notes and there is interest. I sincerely wish you a great time and success with this event.

    Thank you again for the three angels. They were greatly appreciated. I wish you and Heidi and the staff a great new year!

    See you in the new year. Sharon