Main Street Bistro To Reopen With New Owner

bistroAs the Main Street economy looks hopefully to a resurgence of foot traffic this spring, a new business owner is hoping to make his mark in Berryville. Darrell Jones of Harrisonburg, Virginia recently purchased the Main Street Bistro and plans to reopen this Monday, April 5th.

Darrell is originally from North Carolina and has years of experience as a chef in large institutions, most recently working at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Last year, an online ad for a restaurant that was for sale in Berryville, Virginia caught his eye. He contacted the owners in November and came to Berryville to have a look.

Darrell said, “I fell in love with Berryville.”

After months of negotiations and planning he purchased the restaurant. Former owners Jimmy and Joette Breeden sold the Bistro and are returning to Harpers Ferry where they own the CoffeeMill and Coach House Grille.

As Chef Darrell Jones looks towards   his imminent reopening, his plan is to keep the name as the “Main Street Bistro,” but will totally revamp the menu as well as the target demographic for the restaurant saying, “I want this restaurant to be family friendly in menu and price.”

One of his ideas designed to appeal to family wallets is a $7.99 meal special everyday. “I want to provide families with an alternative to fast food, a good meal at a competitive price.”

While Darrell is not from Berryville, one of his goals is to be an active member of the business community and   create strategic partnerships with local business to support the local economy. He said one aspect he plans to implement soon, “I want to partner with the Clarke County Winery, Veramar. Once I obtain my ABC license I plan to offer their wines exclusively in my restaurant.”

From an economic standpoint this new version of the Main Street Bistro will add an alternative to the mix of dining options in Berryville. With the success of the Berryville Grille, the formula of quality food and family friendly prices has proven to be successful in town. Another restaurant catering to the family crowd could be a welcome alternative. In considering his purchase of the Bistro, Darrell visited all of the restaurants in town and said he   is confident that his menu and his approach is unique and will appeal to broad audience.

As restaurants struggle to attract residents and visitors, the ability to create good “buzz” about quality and value seems to be the underlying key to success. We wish Chef Darrell Jones and the staff of the Main Street Bistro good luck as they begin their business in Berryville.


  1. Cynthia Johnson says:

    As a regular patron of the Bistro, I am so sad to see Jimmy Sayed and Joette Breeden leave. The food at the BIstro wss the best in the area. Quality is what I look for. A country kitchen, to me, is not what Berryville needs. Whenever I visited the Bistro, it was a delightful experience. We were always greeted by Heather or Rachel’s smiling face and Jimmy and Joette treated us like family. We loved the quaint and cozy atmosphere. We have already paid a visit to them in Harpers Ferry and to no surprise, it was wonderful! Good luck to Mackenzies, but I miss the Bistro.

  2. The Coach House Grille is the absolute worst restaurant I’ve eaten at in my entire life. Everything they serve comes from the freezer and it is just awful. How hard is it to make fresh cut french fries instead of buying them frozen?? I hope for everyone’s sake this place is better, but if it’s the same owners, it probably isn’t.

  3. Uh… did you read the article?