Marro Out of State Senate Race

Independent candidate for Virginia’s 27th district state senate seat has told the Clarke Daily News that he is withdrawing from the race.

“I’ve decided to withdraw,” Marro said in a written statement.

Reached by phone on Saturday morning Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel said that she had no comment on Marro’s withdrawal from the campaign.

“I wish him the best,” Vogel said.

In a phone interview on Friday, Marro said he entered the race in order to make it a race when it appeared that the Democratic Party would not raise a candidate to run against.

“I stayed in the race even when a Democrat surfaced because Democrats gave only begrudging, almost meaningless support to Shaun Broy, their candidate,” Marro said. “Mr. Broy could have been the Democratic Party’s Pygmalion. Instead they chose to ignore him.”

Marro’s decision narrows the field to just two candidates, Democrat Shaun Broy and incumbent Republican Senator Jill Holtzman-Vogel.

Donald Marro announced that he is withdrawing from Virginia's 27th State Senate District - photo courtesy Fauquier Times-Democrat

“Mr. Marro has informed me of his decision to withdraw from the race,” Broy said. “He expressed to me multiple reasons that have led to this decision and informed me that he would be making a formal public statement soon announcing his exit from the race.”

“I respect his decision very much and believe he has raised a lot of important issues that shall not go ignored,” added Broy. “For all those who believed in the many issues that Mr. Marro articulated for and against, I shall incorporate many of those causes into those in which I shall now make my own.”

With the November elections just a week away Marro’s written statement stops short of endorsing Broy making the impact of the withdrawal unclear because Marro’s name will still appear on the ballot.

“I offer no advice on what to do November 8th other than turn out and vote,” Marro said.

“Out of respect for him, I shall let him take it from here and will comment further after Mr. Marro has had the opportunity to publicly address his decision and those reasons in which he has decided to bring his campaign to an end,” Broy said. “I have no further comment at this time.”



  1. This clearly helps Shaun Broy, even if it means just an additional 3% of the vote more than he would have gotten with Marro still in the race. The decision to endorse him or not, makes no difference. I doubt whether Marro was going to get much more than the 4% he got last time out anyways… Does anyone know of any polls indicating how close this race is??? I am not sure what to think about what the results will be at the end, but I do think that this move is +3-4% for Broy. I think that Vogel may very well win, but if she expects to seek higher office soon, then she must win decisively. This decision by Marro makes that just a little bit harder.

    This is my best non-biased take on the state of this race… What do the rest of you think???

  2. Anonymous, no one commented.

    Perhaps if you’d offer something other than your “best, non-biased take on the state of this race”, you could get a rise from your fellows (and gals).

    For my part, I think I would’ve ended up not with 4% but rather owing the State Board of Elections votes, based on my decision to run on issues when all my correspondents suggested I should have mastered smiles, slogans and simpering promises, or prefer NASCAR to real life.

  3. My sense is that Jill Vogel is going to win in a landslide. An incumbent with name recognition, money to get her message out and a Republican make her an overwhelming favorite. This race is nothing like the one four years ago.