May Recognizes Dunning, Arthur

Former Clarke County Supervisor A. R. “Pete” Dunning, Jr. and former Clarke County Commissioner of Revenue Warren A. Arthur were recognized for their combined fifty years of service to Clarke County and the Commonwealth of Virginia by Virginia House of Delegates Representative Joe T. May (33rdDistrict) on Tuesday.

Virginia House of Delegates member Joe T. May (left) honors Warren Arthur for his service as Clarke County Commissioner of Revenue – Photo Edward Leonard

Virginia House of Delegates member Joe T. May (left) honors A. R. “Pete” Dunning, Jr. for his service on the Clarke County Board of Supervisors – Photo Edward Leonard

May presented a framed copy of a resolution passed by both the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate to each man. The individual resolutions, House Joint Resolution 360 for Dunning and House Joint Resolution 412 for Arthur, chronicled the long and distinguished political careers of both men.

“I am here today because two of my long-term friends have chosen to retire,” May said at a small ceremony held in the Clarke County Joint Government Center in Berryville, Virginia. “I felt that it was appropriate and right for the Virginia Assembly to honor the service of each man.”

May said that he first met Warren Arthur nineteen years ago when May first ran for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

“Art Arthur was the first guy that I ever had a political handshake with and Pete Dunning wasn’t far behind him,” May recalled. “It has been a pleasure to work with both and they have contributed a great deal to Clarke County and Virginia.”

May said that because of Warren Arthur’s service he never had a moment of doubt about the integrity of citizen’s funds in Clarke County.

May called Dunning a “dedicated and esteemed public servant.”

Upon accepting the award, Dunning said “I enjoyed my stay on the Board of Supervisors and was probably overdue to get off.” Speaking to May Dunning continued, “You’re one of the few class acts in Richmond. You’ve always been good to deal with because you are a gentleman.”

View House Joint Resolution 360 commending A. R. Dunning, Jr. here: A. R. Dunning, Jr

View House Joint Resolution 412 commending Warren Arthur here: Warren Arthur



  1. Glad to see part of the “Good Ole Boy” group is movin on!