Mid-day Blast Rattles Windows in Northeastern Clarke County

A loud blast was heard and felt across a wide area of northeastern Clarke County, Virginia just before noon today. The blast rattled windows several miles from the source, a rock quarry located near the intersection of Virginia Route 7 and Shepherds Mill Road.

According to Clarke County Central Dispatch the blast was part of normal quarry operations but weather conditions may have contributed to the noise seeming louder than normal.

“We checked with the quarry manager when the blast was reported” said a Clarke County emergency dispatcher around 11:45am today. “The low cloud cover apparently kept the noise contained causing an unusually load echo.”



  1. Birdonawire says:

    Yeah right… I live in Shenandoah Retreat, I heard and felt the blast. I wonder how often OSHA visits the quarry?

  2. Gone Local says:

    I live very close to the WV line off of Wickliffe Rd. and it shook my house. That was not a normal day of blasting! I do hear it every now and then but the explosion yesterday sounded like a bomb went off.

  3. Think what you want to, but this article is right. With low cloud cover the sound and concussion of the blast have nowhere to go but to stay low to the ground. This is why it seems to be so loud and shakes so much. You might not think that the quarry gets inspected very often and that is where you are wrong again. They are strictly inspected by state and federal inspectors. The quarry gets no special treatment for breaking the rules. I am not trying to take up for the quarry just to get the facts straight.