Million Dollar Lottery Winner in Berryville

All Mohammad Lonekashmiri of Berryville wanted was to buy some milk.   But when he went to the Food Lion at 409 North McNeil Road in Berryville, he bought something else first: a $120 Million Cash Blowout ticket from the Virginia Lottery.   He scratched the ticket and discovered it was a $1 million winner!

“I forgot why I was there,” he told Lottery officials. “I forgot the milk.”

$120 Million Cash Blowout is one of dozens of Scratcher games offered by the Virginia Lottery. As the name says, the game started with more than $120 million in total prizes, ranging from $20 all the way up to 20 top prizes of $1 million (paid in 25 annual payments).

Rather than annual payments, Mr. Lonekashmiri chose to take the cash option of $564,000.

On Tuesday, August 31, he returned to the store to receive his check from Virginia Lottery Deputy Director Richard Williams.   The store received a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

Mr. Lonekashmiri is a convenience store owner in Berryville.   He said he hopes to use his winnings to buy a new house.

The Virginia Lottery generates approximately $1.2 million per day for Virginia’s K-12 public schools.   Operating entirely on revenue from the sale of Lottery products, rather than tax dollars, the Virginia Lottery raised more than $430.2 million for Virginia’s public schools in fiscal year 2010.   That represents about 8 percent of state funding for public education in Virginia. For more information, visit


  1. That’s so cool that someone from town won!! Congrats!

  2. Dawn Price says:

    i hope we get some upgrades at our foodlion now !!! starting to look like a warehouse and not a grocery store.

    • Maybe they will keep the shelves stocked for a while now. With fresher products.

    • Maybe they can hire someone to clean up the parking lot now. It is disgusting. It looks like an inner city street with all the garbage and cigarette butts on the ground.

  3. And I’m curious why he was buying milk at Food Lion. He owns his own convenience store, wouldn’t he buy his own milk?

  4. Lynette Brondsatater-Carlisle says:

    My nine year old niece and I were behind this man when he won his million dollars. If I weren’t the one winning (smile), HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN. What a sweet, humbled, yet very excited man he was. I am simply thrilled for him……..Enjoy!

  5. Lynette Brondstater-Carlisle says:

    I was not only shocked, but very angered to see todays Winchester Star, and Northern Virginia Daily. The man who was photographed, quoted, and praised,and handed a nice lump sum of money via check, was NOT the man I witnessed scratch the million dollar VA Lottery ticket at the Food Lion! This is injustice and simply dishonest.

  6. Stephanie Tomblin says:

    I also was at the Foodlion the day the million dollar Va Lottery ticket was purchased. When the article appeared in the Star and Dailey I did a double take!! That was not the man people were congratulating and wishing the best to.
    Not sure what the whole story is, but I’m certainly questioning the one in the papers.

  7. Just sayin says:

    To those lookin’ for a way to criticize the winner…give it a rest. There’s nothing unseemly here, and you’re lookin for a bogeyman in the wrong place.

    • Naked Truth says:

      I saw the [redacted] Facebook thread. Someone there was linking the story to an Obama scheme. Pretty pathetic I think. Let the lucky guy enjoy his win. We should be happy for him.

  8. I was in the 340 tobacco outlet the day after the million dollar win. They were congratulating an older caucasion gentleman from Winchester for his win. He had a xerox copy of the ticket in his shirt pocket. Said he won 200.00 at the outlet before going to Food Lion that day on his way home and puchased a few more.

    They were laughing about how much he plays and finally won big. The clerks at Quarles on Rt 7 new him as well, he buys lots of scratch offs at Quarles and it was not the gentleman in the news.

    I was puzzled as well when a different person claimed the prize. Maybe there is some sort of tax break for the claimant vs the one who actually purchased the ticket. It’s their business but kinda odd to say the least.