Millwood Planning Commissioner Steps Down

The Clarke County Planning Commission honored Millwood election district planning commissioner Robert Wade on Friday. Wade was appointed to the Clarke County Planning Commission by the Clarke County Board of Supervisors on November 21st of 2000 and will step down from his post effective September 14th.

Robert Wade was appointed to the Clarke County Planning Commission on November 21, 2000 - Photo Edward Leonard

During his tenure on the Planning Commission, Wade was a strong supporter of the County’s Comprehensive Plan, Mountain Land Plan and served on numerous committees of the Planning Commission.

Wade, who is both a lawyer and a playwright, used both skill sets over the years to ensure that the Commission’s actions were in accord with the appropriate ordinances and regulations while also lending a dramatic flair to the Commission’s meetings from time to time.

“This is Robert Wade’s last planning meeting commission meeting” Planning Commission Vice Chairman Anne Caldwell said while presenting Wade with an honorary plaque in commemoration of his service. “We will miss you greatly.”

Wade, who appeared deeply moved by the praise from his colleagues, said that he had been honored to work with such an excellent organization as the Clarke County Planning Commission and singled out the County’s planning staff for particular praise.

“I’ve worked on the hill in Washington and have seen a lot of staff in my time” Wade said. “Our planning staff here rivals any that I’ve ever been associated with.”

Wade also extended praise to his fellow commissioners.

“The members of this commission are unified in their philosophy of land use goals and that is the key to the success that has been accomplished in Clarke County.”

The citation awarded to Wade on Friday reads, in part, the Clarke County Planning Commission publicly acknowledges a job well done, and expresses its appreciation to Robert Wade for his dedication and untiring efforts for the benefit of the citizens of Clarke County”.

The citation was approved and ordered entered upon the public record of the Clarke County Planning Commission on September 2nd, 2011.