Minchew Memo: Memorial Day Message

Dear Friends,

Memorial Day is upon us.  It is our nation’s time to collectively remember and give thanks for the honor and bravery of our fellow citizens – past and present – who have fought for us and graced us by giving America the ultimate sacrifice in our never-ending fight to secure the blessings of liberty.  Freedom isn’t free and never has been.

Winston Churchill once observed that courage is the most indispensable of all human virtues because it allows all the other virtues to take root and change the world.  Imagine how the fundamental human virtues of honor and patriotism would thrive in a hostile place without being fused with courage.

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing man by the name of Julian Kulski, who is a well-known architect in the Middleburg area, through my friend Kim Hart of Unison.  Mr. Kulski told me a story about applied courage and its importance that I will never forget and that is an appropriate reflection as we celebrate Memorial Day.  Mr. Kulski is a member of that outstanding worldwide group of people who Tom Brokaw onced called the “Greatest Generation.”  Regrettably, we are losing about 4,000 persons per day from this group of patriots who fought tyranny and oppression in World War II and changed the world for the better.  Mr. Kulski was a 13 year-old Polish Boy Scout in 1939 when his nation was invaded by Germany.  His Scout troop, under the direction of a courageous Scoutmaster, became an active part of the Polish Resistance.

On May 16, Kim Hart and I worked with the Boy Scouts of Loudoun County to arrange for Mr. Kulski to come to Tuscarora High School in Leesburg and address 400+ Boy and Girl Scouts and their families about his amazing experiences as a youth in the Polish Resistance and the Warsaw uprising.

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Delegate Randall Minchew represents Virginia’s 10th District