Mosby Boulevard Project Scaled Back

mosby-blvdOn January 13th, VDOT held a scoping meeting for the planned construction of Mosby Boulevard. The meeting, held in Staunton, was attended by representatives from VDOT, the town, and the school board, via teleconference from the Luray VDOT office. The purpose of the meeting was to determine the design of the proposed Mosby extension and the projected costs for construction. In October of 2009, a pre-scoping meeting resulted in a design with a preferred intersection as a round-about, a 3 lane extension of Mosby with curbs & gutters, as well as right and left hand turn lanes into the school’s entrance. This design generated a preliminary cost estimate in excess of $4 million.

Since that time the federal government has slashed highway funds resulting in a loss of $1,112,000 towards the project. Consequently, full funding for the preferred build-out is no longer available. Current funds available for the project are now at $2,794,000. VDOT Project Manager, Michael Fulcher, has made it clear there will be no future allocations (state or federal) and the funding situation dramatically affects the design of Mosby, which will necessitate a reduction in the scope of the project.

VDOT’s strategy to keep the project on track involves a scaled back alternative to the preferred design. This alternative Mosby build-out consists of two lanes instead of three, no curb and gutter, and dirt shoulders. The cost of this design was estimated at $3,231,447. Since this still exceeds available funds, VDOT has suggested building a portion of the scaled back project leaving about 1,000 feet unfinished. The cost of this partial build out is estimated at $2,787,339 which would put it within the available budget. The remaining unfinished portion would be left until additional funds could be allocated. The impact a partial build out will have on traffic remains to be seen.

Town Manager Keith Dalton was optimistic saying, “The scoping meeting went well.” His assessment of the new reality for Mosby is, “The pared back version works well for many reasons: it is believed that the two lane street section would serve to calm traffic and the nature of the use and size of the parcel to the south and east of the street (large 40+ acre) parcel lends itself to a ditch line section.”

Many residents remain concerned the road will have a severe impact on the neighborhood. Battlefield Estates Civic Association Member, Sharon Strickland comments, “I want our new high school built, and I do realize that  Mosby could be built scaled down, but the road does not have to go through to Main Street.   Stop it at the gate to the  proposed parking lot.   Keep unneeded traffic out of our quiet streets.”

The next step in the process according to VDOT will be a CIM (Citizens Informational Meeting) scheduled for sometime in August of 2010. At that time the design should be 20-25% completed.


  1. wayne webb says:

    Because the Town is the main benefactor of the completion of Mosby, the town should provide the money to finish Mosby and not have a 1000 foot section uncompleted. And I would prefer a 3 lane road rather than a 2 lane road. The Town seems to have money for all sorts of non essential stuff like the Barns which should have been razed so lets pony up the money for something that will benefit the town safety.
    A resident of Berryville.

    • Navigator says:

      [Redacted text] say just about anything to push the little bit of traffic [redacted text] on Jackson over to Mosby. [redacted text] the fact that Mosby just isn’t needed right now. [Redacted text] What a mess Mosby will make of the new school property [redacted text].

  2. John Mallery says:

    Let’s be reasonable about this. I also would like to see Mosby built according to the Towns long range plans. However, as we all know, money is hard to find. There seems to be an economic crisis in the country so DOT is cutting back as is the state. Also, the Town doesn’t have lots of cash lying around. They’re currently struggling to complete a Federal and State mandated tens of millions of dollars upgrade to the waste water treatment plant. It looks to me like the ‘barns’ are being funded principally by donations so let’s give the Town credit where credit is due and not take the cheap shots at them. Let’s do the best we can with Mosby and move on.

    • Kids, this is what hapens when you post late at night – you don’t think clearly. You want a road – PAY FOR IT YOURSELF! Stop taking my tax money for your stupid plans so people can go to the tractor pull 5 minutes faster.

      • Jim Gibson says:

        And your post is what happens when someone posts something ill-informed and negative simply because he/she happens to have a computer with Internet access. Should my tax money not may for the police protection you enjoy? Honestly…while you have the freedom to post what you wish, the least you could do is keep it positive and reasonable. Snarky hostility advances nothing but a poor perception [redacted text].

  3. Tony Parrott says:

    Mosby is either a distraction from building a school or simply entertainment for Robina. Don’t get me wrong some people have valid concerns about Mosby but for SB members a special use permit should be the focus.
    Some of the SB members have a failed approach to the Mosby issue and the town which was all started when Robina sent her “hush-hush” emails to the town over a year ago. Robina above all others was very well aware of the long range plan for Mosby as she was on the BADA. Now the strategy seems to be to back the town into a corner and force submission with a public fight. The SB needs the special use permit and the town will grant it with the deed of dedication; NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
    What is more important to the SB? Fighting about Mosby or building a school? Robina likes a good fight; no matter what the cost.