Mosby Heritage Area Association Conversations Lecture Looks at Civil Rights



Fifty years ago, the United States was in the heart of one of its hardest-fought battles, stirring some to action, ruffling feathers of others, but focusing the nation’s attention and bringing about important, lasting change. It was the time of the Civil Rights movement, and throughout the Old Dominion, its drumbeat was heard, and reactions varied. So did the experiences of individual jurisdictions.

For our September “Conversations” lecture, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights struggle, the Mosby Heritage Area Association partnering with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority will present Dr. Jim Hershman of Georgetown University speaking on Two Localities, Two Different Experiences: Virginians Tackle Civil Rights, 1961-64. Jim, a longtime Leesburg resident, will share the different experience in the Civil Rights Era of localities on the opposite ends of the Virginia Piedmont—Danville and surrounding Pittsylvania County, bordering North Carolina, and Leesburg, Middleburg, and surrounding Loudoun County, bordering Maryland. Historian Hershman brings this to life through personal experience, having spent time in and been accidentally wrought up in a police race riot at Danville, being an historian of Virginia’s civil rights struggle, and knowing Loudoun’s recent civil rights history intimately. Dr. Hershman continues to focus on Virginia’s modern story.

A conversation lecture and discussion with him is lively, invigorating, sharing, and yet not intimidating. We will be considering after the lecture how the differing experiences of these jurisdictions played out in the long run.

Location: The program will be offered in its usual location, the historic 1851 Mount Zion Church at 40309 John S. Mosby Highway (Route 50) a mile east of Aldie

No reservations are required, but the church once housed “hard shell” Baptists, and so a pillow for the buttocks might be!

Cost:  A small admission charge of $5.00 for adults, $2.00 for students will be charged to help the organizations with their educational programs.