Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on Blue Ridge Mountain Rd.

An early morning motorcycle ride on Blue Ridge Mountain Rd. in Clarke County ended tragically when a Great Falls man was killed in a single vehicle accident.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:10 am on Sunday, November 13th. The victim was riding a 2006 BMW motorcycle on Route 601, two miles north of Route 50. Virginia State Police investigating the accident reported the rider was coming out of a turn when he dropped off the right shoulder. He then veered back onto the roadway where his motorcycle fell over and slid into a tree.

The victim died at the scene as a results of his injuries.

The accident was investigated by VSP Trooper A.E. Clark.


  1. goodgracious says:

    This is extremely sad, and my heart goes out to his family.

    That said, Blue Ridge Mountain road has a speed limit of 40 mph. It’s got lots of curves and deer. I’ve seen several motorcycle accidents in just a few months. I’ve had both motorcycles and cars pass on a double line. This road can be dangerous even at 40-45.

    Slow down! You’ll get where you’re going maybe 5 minutes later.

    • Wife of motorcyclist says:

      My husband was a very careful driver. He would never pass on a curve. How could you call someone who was wearing a fire engine green full armour suit careless? He was a veteran who served in the submarine service, a wonderful father, amazing husband and friend to everyone he met. He road that stretch of 601 many times.

  2. Nice comment, Gonzo… No one has accidents in cars or trucks????? I am sure that this guys family appreciates your concern!!! Maybe now you can learn, not to make stupid comments about things that just maybe you know nothing about.. Were you riding behind this man at the time of his accident??? Did you know for a fact he was speeding? Maybe an animal ran out in front of him or he hit some slippery gravel in the road. Do us all of favor and keep your comments to yourself the next time….

    • Thank you to Gixergirl.

      I am a friend of the rider. He was not a reckless, careless man. He was a safe, responsible rider. He was a kind, thoughtful, loving, creative man. A man who would put himself before others for the greater good.

      You should not write about things you know nothing of. It is unclear how he actually died. How unkind and thoughtless of you to write such a thing about our friend.
      I know that many of his loved ones have already read this post. We are all struggling to come to terms with this terrible loss.
      My wish is that the world was a such a place where bad things don’t happen to good people.
      But that is not life. He died doing something he loved on a beautiful Sunday morning. We can all only hope to be so fortunate.

  3. Always sad when a fellow biker goes down. [redacted]

  4. Classless! Should’ve never passed through moderation!

    CDN Editor: You’re right, our bad!

  5. Goodgracious came to mind when I read your post!!

    Goodgracious, what were you thinking making that last comment? You started off ok, but really missed the mark in the end. I can only hope you have learned something from this.

    There is a lot more good in the world!!