Multiple Western Loudoun Establishments Busted for Underage Sale of Alcohol

An underage alcohol sales operation conducted by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Thursday night resulted in five sales clerks being charged with selling alcohol to under-aged customers. Members of the Community Resources Unit of the Sheriff’s Office visited nine stores with two underage volunteers.   During the sting operation they were able to complete alcohol transactions at four of the nine locations.   Two of the sales were completed at about the same time from two different clerks at the Giant Store at 1000 E. Main St. in Purcellville. A clerk at the East End 7-11 at 700 E. Main St in Purcellville was also charged with selling alcohol to an underage person.

Other stores which sold alcohol to the underage volunteers in the sting operation were in Lovettsville and included the Bridge End Center at 11161 Berlin Turnpike, and Liberty Gas at 12842 Berlin Turnpike.

“This is a serious issue. Those who sell alcohol to the under-aged endanger everyone’s health and safety,” said Sheriff Stephen Simpson, warning that there will be other sting operations in the future.

The five clerks involved were each charged with one count of selling alcoholic beverages to a person less than 21 years of age, which is a Class 1 Misdemeanor.


  1. Sarge Willis says:

    Good, I hope they throw the book at them!