New Mobile Repair Service is Built Lean to Thrive in a Tough Economy

Sometimes the ideas born out of hardship provide the best solutions to tough problems. Such is the case with Greg Davis’ nascent equipment repair business in Clarke County. After being laid off from his previous job, Greg Davis had a front row view of the economic difficulties facing our community but he also had a clear perspective on the challenges that businesses face that rely on diesel trucks and heavy equipment.

Business owner Greg Davis

Greg said, “If your equipment fails you in the field you have to call and have it towed to get it fixed. Towing is expensive, so I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come to you for a change.”

So instead of dwelling on the negative aspects of his layoff, Greg decided to launch a new service to cater to the needs of small to mid-size businesses in Clarke County who need diesel and heavy equipment repairs.

“Some companies don’t do road side services, job site repairs, or farm calls and most of the locals have to go to or be towed to Winchester for repairs or servicing because there just isn’t anyone in Clarke County doing this type of work.” he said.

He launched Davis Mobile Repair Service LLC and provides the parts and labor to fix any type of mechanical failure on diesel trucks, heavy equipment and farm tractors. As the owner and sole employee, Davis can offer very affordable repairs through his niche repair service. His business also provides the added benefit of returning equipment to service quickly. Repairs in the field mean the equipment is back in service and generating revenue for the owner as soon as it is fixed. He also can provide regular maintenance and said, “Fixing the smaller problems when they appear, will help equipment run better and last longer, which will prevent bigger problems caused from lack of maintenance and upkeep.”

Greg started his career in diesel mechanics at the young age of 13 and for the past 20 years has honed his skills repairing and maintaining every type of heavy equipment from trucks to bulldozers. He holds a degree in Automotive and Diesel Technology and has certifications in Air Conditioning and Electrical Services as well as Truck Brake Systems. He also holds a   Class A CDL license.

He can be reached at 540-535-6782 Mon-Sat. from   6am-7 pm. Calls after 7 pm will be returned as soon as possible and no later than the next business day.


  1. Tony Parrott says:

    Don’t know Mr. Davis but this is a fine example of the “American Spirit”.

  2. Jim Beach says:

    I DO know Mr. Davis and he IS a fine example of the “American Spirit”!
    Best of luck Greg.