New Partnership Will Allow Virginia Residents to Purchase Hunting and Fishing Licenses at DMV

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell today announced a partnership between the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) that supports his government reform initiative to streamline services.  Beginning in late-January, citizens can register boats and boat trailers in one trip to either DGIF or DMV.  They will also be able to purchase hunting and fishing licenses from both agencies.


Speaking about the partnership, Governor McDonnell commented, “This partnership will simplify the citizens’ interaction with state agencies.  Boat-owners can choose where they go to register boats and boat trailers.  Previously, boat-owners had to go to DGIF to register their boats and to DMV to register their trailers.  Now, it’s one-stop shopping.  They can conduct both transactions at either agency.”


Governor McDonnell continued, “The 74 local DMV customer service centers and two mobile offices will join the more than 700 DGIF license agents across the state so customers will not have to travel far to obtain these products if they desire a face-to-face experience.”


DMV and DGIF are working with the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) to determine how the DMV 2 Go mobile offices can assist with the sales of hunting and fishing licenses during peak seasons and events such as the highly-anticipated opening day for trout at Douthat State Park in early April.


  1. Roscoe Evans says:

    Another accomplishment for Governor Bob!

    He’s already set up a great college basketball tournament. Now this!!

    He’s Vice Presidential nominee material, for sure, now. (Not Vice Presidential material. But nominee material.)

    He looks the part, and if he can keep his hair straight and his mouth shut, his future is golden.

    Next: Governor Bob announces that DMV/DGIF offices will be selling discount cigarettes, lottery tickets and fireworks for the 4th of July, and for New Year’s Eve.

    He’s accomplished far more than I ever expected, and is rapidly proving himself an activist governor. I hope that does not upset his conservative base.

  2. I’d go for this if they privatized the DMV. Otherwise, I’ll get my license at Wally World