New Salon Opens on Main Street

Hair Studio 340 at 3 1/2 East Main Street - Photo credit Mike Dowling

Main Street businesses face tough times particularly in small towns like Berryville. The recent closure of two businesses, both restaurants, bears testimony to their tenuous plight. However, an appealing storefront location caught the eye of one local entrepreneur and led her to open Berryville’s latest downtown business.

Hair Studio 340, located at 3 1/2  Main Street next to Jane’s Lunch has opened for business. Owner and professional stylist Wileena Webster, who has worked in the industry for many years in Florida and Virginia, has decided to start her new business here in Berryville.  Ms. Webster’s new salon is warm and inviting, with a huge view of Main Street Berryville, where patrons can enjoy a relaxing visit for beauty and spa treatments.

“Hair Studio 340 is a diverse salon,” said Ms. Webster. Her vision includes hair care for men and women. She has already added a barber to the business and has room for further expansion. “Right now I am the sole stylist in the salon, but I plan to host two more stylists in the future.” The salon already has four stations to accommodate her planned growth.

Hair Studio 340 is open five days a week. The hours are Tuesday – Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4. For more information visit the website

Hair Studio 340 - Photo credit Mike Dowling




  1. JamesHaven says:

    Good luck with your enterprise!

  2. Just as an interesting side bar—the location of the new salon was the original location for the Blue Ridge Studio over 20 years ago. We moved upstairs when we needed more room. And yes, it is difficult for small businesses these days. Best of luck to Hair Studio 340!

  3. trailriderone says:

    Best of luck, I’ll be there when I’m ready for a trim. I’ll send my husband as well.

  4. that’s fantastic. oh wait, i thought that said saloon.

  5. New to the town of Berryville and found a new stylist. My o my. The shop is so inviting and the stylist is so welcoming. The shop is nicely decorated and the coffee served was great. I love my hair Style and my husband also gave me great compliments. U have a new customer. Folks take a stop and welcome the salon to the area. Thanks a mil…

  6. Sharon Strickland says:

    Good Luck. I patronize Shelly Wiley’s studio in the back of the building and she formerly cut hair at the Eclipse Salon, which now houses the new business. I am hopeful that the electrical issues have been resolved. Shelly and the other owner/stylist would raise their hand when they were ready to blow dry a customer’s hair. If both tried to do that, the power would stop. I did enjoy sitting in a chair with a view of Main Street. Very charming.

    Again, good luck,

    • Thanks for telling us about the last problems but that wasnt necessary. Why can’t people just be happy for other folks without the negativity.

      • Penny Leigh Poe says:

        I completely agree with you Lilly. As a co-owner of a salon that has been in business for 25 years I understand the difficulties of pleasing the public. Operating a small business in today’s trying times is hard enough and negativity from our own community is definitely not needed.

        There are some really nice comments posted here about your shop and I pray that it brings you many years of artistic happiness. I will stop by soon and welcome you in person.

  7. Annabelle Beauty Salon serves women and I have been to three barber shops in Berryville. I don’t see where you will get the customers to support your business. Good luck to anybody who want to open a business in Clarke County. Shopping locally will help our community.

  8. Kendall Sloane says:

    I am the new barber at Hair Studio 340. I’m very comfortable here in Berryville considering I went to school at Clarke County High. I believe the business will do very well and its showing in our clientale due to our extreme professionalism. You are more than welcome to come get a haircut, hairstyle or just a shampoo. We are more than happy to let our skills speak for themselves. Hope to see you there!!!! Thank you, Kendall Sloane/Experienced Barber!!!