New Tanks Installed, Monitoring for Contamination Continues

Replacement tanks have been installed at J&J Corner Store on Route 7 and as work on the site wraps up, some nearby residents have expressed concerns over the possible long term impact of the incident. Residents who live close to the station say they have not been contacted regarding the incident and are concerned about the possible impact it could have on their drinking water.

In November a leak was detected in the fuel storage tanks at the store and a substantial amount of gasoline was leaked into the ground.   The station owner was alerted to the incident by automatic monitoring technology and environmental consultants acted swiftly to deal with the release. Monitoring wells were installed and the existing   tanks were removed after 19 years in service. The ongoing environmental impact will be monitored by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the environmental consultant on the project.

The Clarke Daily News (CDN) contacted the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) representative   from the Valley Regional Office, David R. Forrer, about residents concerns.

CDN: Nearby residents said they had not been contacted by anyone. Is there a central point residents can use for questions and information on the clean-up?

David R. Forrer: “Yes. Any concerned residents should contact me. The consultant has sampled the wells closest to the release.   The northernmost of these was clean, so he hasn’t gone farther up the road.   Surprisingly, groundwater flow and contaminant migration appears to be toward the NE.     No contamination was detected in the well serving the residence just east of the store and storage units…so they haven’t tested other wells along Rt 7.   We’ll (DEQ and the consultant) continue to monitor these wells and will extend the range of our sampling as necessary.”

“Anyone who detects a gasoline odor in their water should contact me right away.   Fortunately, in most cases the nose can detect gasoline compounds at concentrations that are below which are considered harmful.”

To contact DEQ with questions or concerns:
David R. Forrer – DEQ – Valley Regional Office
P.O. Box 3000 Harrisonburg, Va. 22801


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