New Town Aquatic Facility Attracts Boaters

The Berryville Town Council has a big challenge just ahead that may have caught most of the lawmakers off-guard. What to name the new aquatic recreational facility that appeared over the weekend at the corner of West Main Street and Jackson Drive?

Photo courtesy Maura Rhodes

By design, a large lake has formed in the storm water management area next to the new Clarke County High School. The drainage area not only slows run-off ultimately destined for the Shenandoah River and Chesapeake Bay, but also provides some lucky residents of Battlefield Estates with waterfront property (at least for as long as the rainy weather persists.)

According to lakeside resident Maura Rhodes “Today our lake attracted a pair of swans and a trio of paddlers.”

Pictured are Bradley Brathwaite, Jake Rhodes and Brian Rhodes.

School board officials have said that once drainage connections are completed the pond will drain faster in the future. Until then, boaters are requested to observe a “No Wake” zone near Main Street to prevent spray from obstructing the view of drivers.

So far, there is no charge for use of the lake by town residents.


Photo courtesy Maura Rhodes



Photo courtesy Maura Rhodes

Photo courtesy Maura Rhodes


  1. Why would people do something like this, the only way this could be worse is if they brought a pirate flag and threw water baloons.

    • pro non-destructive ACTIVE kids says:

      All I see is some teenagers actually doing something active in the outdoors. Not sitting inside on the TV, as so many of Americans in general do today. Maybe they can’t drive down to the river with their canoes? I suggest you join me in being grateful. If this is the only desecrating of the new high school they ever do then I say “Thank You!”. Sure beats graffiti.

    • funeralforafriend says:


      Why would someone do this, you ask ? Were you never a child ?

      Adults complain about kids hanging out,sitting in front of the TV or playing video games and now you want to bash them for some outdoor fun ? You probably don’t cut the tags off your pillows.

      Maybe [redacted] would not be there if storm gutter were installed at the new school to divert run off.

      Your idea of desecration and mine and along with countless others polar opposites…

  2. Bradly Braithwaite says:

    This summer we are going to have pirate flags, thank you very much!

  3. these children are desecrating the new high school! disgraceful

    • Since when is splashing in a puddle after it rains, “desecrating”? Kids have been doing it forever!!! Let em’ play!!

  4. I wish I could go boating in a pond, that would be soooooo cool!

  5. Plankton says:

    Anyone else notice an absence of personal flotation devices on these juveniles? I hope there are lots of volunteer firemen around to get them out when an accident occurs.

    • Bradly Braithwaite says:

      I have a red “floatation device” on!

    • The water is 3 feet deep

      • Sunshine says:

        Boat tips…kid falls out…Oh No, he may drown…is anyone watching?…Can no one save him?
        Then a sweet steady voice calls out from the bank…Honey, stand up

    • Actually, just to lay any fears to rest, 2 of them ARE wearing PFDs. The one without is a certified lifeguard. He and his brother are also certified scuba divers and experienced paddlers. There really wasn’t any danger. Except for, maybe, the unhappy swans on the other side of the pond! They were very unhappy about sharing their new found habitat.

  6. It’s temporary! Relax… take a walk… get pics. And don’t fear change so much!

  7. This child should be required to take boating safety classes to do this

    • These young men are Boy Scouts who have taken many water safety and boating courses over many years. (And one of these young men taught water safety/swimming at a summer camp last summer) They were accompanied by an adult (notice the photo credit). They were making the most of a day outside, enjoying a temporary activity…they could have been couped up inside playing video games, unseen/unheard.

      Carpe Diem Jake, Brian, Bradley!!!!

  8. Have fun kids!

  9. 2 of 3 isn’t enough, you should have had spare life vests for others who would want to kayak on public property.

  10. Rice St. Resident says:

    please please PLEASE tell me that some of these comments are tongue in cheek, and are just a joke. I would rather these kids be doing this than some of the other alternatives.

    • I agree Rice Street… It beats what the group of kids who go up Tyson and into the woods do all hours of the day and night.

  11. Charles says:

    They were just having some fun! Don’t worry about them, worry about the bad teens that do bad things.!

  12. I’m getting my jet ski out!

  13. Squanto says:

    Plankton is right, not all of these young men are wearing life preservers, maybe we should hire some lifeguards to watch the lake.

  14. luvb-ville says:

    Any chance of getting it stocked with some Large Mouth Bass? (I’m kidding)

  15. StoneBroke says:

    Additional Tax Revenue for Clarke County? Don’t Loudon Clarke!

  16. Is fishing permitted?

  17. Kayak parent says:

    I give the kids a heck yeah!!! Good for them getting out an doing something fun. Much better then sitting around playing video games.

    My daughter and other kids around here love Kayaking the river and lake Frederick. What is wrong with getting out and having some fun in their own neighborhood.

  18. doubleedge says:

    I thought it was quite a neat sight seeing the swans floating on lake Echols. Kids will be kids so if the town fears a tragic mishap is looming, they will have to fence the property. Otherwise just enjoy the amusement.

  19. Justsayn says:

    Not trying to bust anyone’s bubble. It is a pleasure to see children out of the house and playing outdoors, however, if an accident were to incur , it is called a liablity. The property is not marked as it should be to divert such play. Bet if there were an accident then the Town will be further in debt, because, of a lawsuit that the property was not properly marked.

  20. Give it time, our backwards town and their lawyers will put a stop to it. The police will be instructed to write tickets. The government has to protect us from ourselves. I am glad they were able to enjoy it for a while.

  21. Springs-B says:

    Would be kinda cool if there was a real pond here….
    This story made me smile. Thanks CDN
    I Kayak as often as I can on the Shen River. It’s great fun..

  22. Bob's Sports store says:

    “Eagle lake” has unofficially opened, everyone please stop by the store and see our full line of aquatic sport supplies!

  23. I loved the idea. Yes one of them is my family an I am proud he did something in a Sunday other than an iPod and play video game. My hat is off to you 3 boys and they all know how to swim. Ad if I would have been feeling better I would have Probly been in the boat too. Hats off to you boys.

  24. Allan "Bugs" McWilliams says:

    I’m about 99% sure the Town of Berryville doesn’t own the lake.

  25. Plankton says:

    Uhhh…..seriously. These kids could drown because they are not wearing PFD’s; and if they are Boy Scouts they should defineately know better. If you don’t believe someone can drown in 3 feet of water you are sadly mistaken. Its all fun and games until some gets dead.

  26. They should have a spear gun in case of a shark attack.

  27. Stonebroke says:

    I think the real questions for this topic should be related to:

    When will this problem be fixed? I’m sure the neighboring houses will enjoy the manifestation of mosquitoes once the hot weather gets here! Or the dangers that this poses to a small child that doesn’t know how to swim! Overall, it’s not a good situation.

  28. That’s nothing compared to some of the things we did as children growing up in Berryville… But then again, we were usually brought home by the police.

    • tee hee says:

      That made me chuckle…usually if you didn’t get caught by the cops then somebody that knew your family would rat you out :)….and instead of just a few kids in the ‘lake’ you would of had half the town there young and old asking if they can have a turn

    • Good ole days says:

      yea, I was wondering if there was enough room to park for tailgating……since they have run us off of the river banks where we use to be able to park and throw back a few! 🙂

  29. I like the name Eagle Lake. This might be a great chance for the high school to form a rowing team.

  30. Stonebroke says:

    No funding available for a rowing team!

  31. Yeah, and if it flipped and one drowned, we would be paying off the families law suit for not being fenced off.

  32. What ever happened to the good ol’ days, when kids could have some non-destructive fun and no one had to wring their hands over whether or not they’d be sued?

    • Right Winger says:

      Someone decided that we have to protect people from their own stupidity. That’s what happened.

  33. Teacher says:

    Interesting that we get this much conversation from kids playing, having fun, heck – maybe even learning something! Too bad we can’t have this much input on more important topics. Keep enjoying, kids!

  34. DAWN PRICE says:


  35. You know what the best part of this article was? The comments where most of us actually just found humor in the situation and had fun instead of trying to be all serious and put down the town. If this happened more often…well that’s just too big of an idea to even fathom…but it’d sure be nice to try

  36. DAWN PRICE says: