Northern Shenandoah Valley TEA Party Continues Active Schedule

By Jay Marts

Thanks for your attendance last night.!!  Sorry we went a bit long, but I hope you found our speakers informative.!!!  I am always pleased when our elected representatives are willing to meet with their constitutients and discuss public policy issues and their voting record.!!!

Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel gave us a great summary of her General Assembly priorities.!!

Jobs & Economic Development      Education Reform

Government Reorganization           VRS Reform

Public Safety                                   Veterans Issues

Property Rights

 Her most significant accomplishment – Olivia Marguerite Holtzman Vogel.!!!!

Delegate Randy Minchew, 10th District  DelRMinchew@House.Virginia.Gov

Frederick County Shawnee Magisterial District

Parkin’s Mill, Shenandoah, Carper’s Valley & Armel Precincts

Clarke County Precincts:  Whitepost & Millwood

Randy provided great insight on his 1st Term in the House of Delegates.  He has been a good friend of the TEA Party and his work on 10th Amendment issues is especially noteworthy.  His priority on constituent support and open communications is admirable.

Clayton Millhouse spoke on the Chinese Laogai (Prison) System  [].  What an “eye-opening” message he deliveded.  He is a fine young man & we wish him all the best as he competes in the National Christian Forensic Communicators Association.

Buy USA Websites…


Monday May 21st is the deadline to register to vote in the June 12th Republican Primary.  Tell your friends & neighbors.!!!!


  1. Shaun Broy says:


    I certainly would enjoy the opportunity for a rebuttal on Senator Vogel’s stated priorities versus reality if you would be kind enough to extend another invitation for me to join your group once again. I have always felt welcomed and given the up most amount of respect from your membership, even though we may hold some very different views on a few issues. It has been quite a while since my last visit!

    I suggest that possibly Delegate Joe May or former State Senate candidate Donald Marro, may be excellent choices to weigh in on the debate as well.

    You know I have never declined an invitation, nor do I plan on having to do such a thing. I believe that indeed I have paid your organization a few more visits than Senator Vogel has over the past year.

    I hope that you take my offer seriously and certainly would join you for another spirited discussion.

    Warmest regards,


    • Let’s discuss a date. Our next meeting is on Tuesday the 15th at the House of Light Cafe.!!