Water Service in Berryville Restored

The disruption of water service in the Town of Berryville on the 26th was a result of scheduled work related to the 12″ water line being installed as part of the new high school project. Accoding to Town Manger Keith Dalton:

Yesterday morning crews working on the new high school site, in cooperation with Town Public Works Crews, were making a planned “cut in” of the newly constructed 12” water main that will replace the water main that traverses the school site.   The pipe section in question was to be isolated in a fashion that left no customers out of service for the duration of the work.   Attempts to isolate the pipe section in the planned manner were unsuccessful therefore a larger portion of the water distribution system had to be shut down to complete the work.

The first service disruption, lasting approximately one hour, occurred yesterday morning.   The second disruption, lasting approximately one hour and forty-five minutes, occurred yesterday afternoon/evening.

The “cut in” has been completed.

August 26 Notice of Water Service Disruption

The Town of Berryville has issued the following emergency notice concerning water service in the town.

Water service has been unexpectedly disrupted for Berryville households on West Main Street between Lincoln Avenue & Hermitage Blvd. We expect water to be back on by 9:00PM. If your water is discolored, run your cold water taps until it clears up. Call Clarke County Communications at 955-1234 if you need help.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Our office re-opens at 8:30 tomorrow morning.


  1. Sandra Blythe Marcus says:

    Have no water pressure at my house since water was turned off on Thursday.