Opening Day fo the Clarke County Farmers Market!




Clarke County Farmers Market

Location:         South Church Street Berryville VA

Contact Info: Anita VanSice



  1. the website address here is incorrect, FYI.

  2. supportnClarke says:

    Looking forward to stopping by – (great website by the way… especially liked the “list of vendors” and pics!)

  3. Opening day for the market is May 12th, not May 5th.

  4. Mr Mister says:

    They have two opening days on their website. Too confusing!

    • jennifer says:

      Home page says in large type: Opening Day 2012, Saturday May 5. Where do you see another date?

      • Fly on the wall says:

        At the top, under their name, where they say they begin in “mid-May.” The 5th ain’t “mid-May.”

        • It also says, “Our summer market begins the 2nd Saturday in May….” The 2nd Saturday is the 12th, but I see the box on the top right that reads May 5th. Clearly, it was just outdated information, but I can see how people are confused.

          On a happy note, at least there is interest in the Farmer’s Market opening!

          • jennifer says:

            A good lesson to all writers and editors. People DO read the details. Not everyone just reads headlines.

  5. Looks like the words “2nd Saturday” have now been removed from the web page. Note: if you click on “archie and bonnie”‘s link above, you will need to refresh the page to see the changes. Looking forward to opening day on the 5th!

  6. Katapoet says:

    I look forward to visiting. Cinco de Mayo! Great opening day.