Operation Air, Land & Speed Returns to I-64 and I-66 This Weekend

If you are planning to travel Interstates 66 and 64 this Friday, Dec. 3, or Saturday, Dec. 4, 2010, then expect to see even more troopers on both corridors for Operation Air, Land and Speed. The two-day special enforcement initiative is an effort to reduce traffic crashes, fatalities and injuries through increased patrols.

The last time Operation, Air, Land & Speed targeted I-66 and I-64 was in December 2009. During that one-day operation, troopers arrested a total of 973 speeders, 226 reckless drivers and three drunk drivers.

Operation Air, Land & Speed utilizes troopers, supervisors, motorcycle units and motor carrier teams. State police operational duties on other interstates, primary and secondary roads are not affected during the operation. Funding for the enforcement initiative is provided through federal highway safety monies.

With more troopers on these designated interstates Friday and Saturday, drivers are reminded to comply with Virginia’s “Move Over” law. Drivers are required to move a lane away from stopped emergency vehicles with their lights activated on the side of the road. If unable to safely do so, motorists should proceed with caution when passing them. Earlier this year, the law was amended to include protection for tow truck drivers and highway workers who display amber-colored flashing lights.

Since September, three Virginia State troopers have been struck during traffic stops in the Commonwealth – two in Hampton Roads and one in Northern Virginia.