Paws & Claws: Volunteers Make a Difference in the Lives of Shelter Inmates

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year!

Things are going wonderfully at the shelter. Thank you again to everyone who helped make the holiday season a special one for all the kitties and doggies! It really is help from the citizens that help us keep things going. Also, a special thank you to the Humane Foundation for building our new livestock run-in shed.

Jingle is a loving 2-4 year old female, collie and pit bull mix. If you've been thinking about a dog, Jingle might just ring your bell!

I am told that Mr. and Mrs. McLean are having a birthday this month, so Happy Birthday to them!

But on to more pressing matters. Earlier I posted two stories from two of our volunteers at the shelter and I promised a couple more. So this week, I would like to share two other stories from our treasured volunteers.

“I love to work at the animal shelter. There is always plenty to do, like cleaning the cat room and dog room. I even get to help let the dogs out. I am always happy to see one of the pets get adopted. I love to help there so I can see how happy people make the animals, and how happy the animals make the people. There are many loving cats and dogs there. There is this one cat there who is super sweet. I like it the most there because I can be myself and have fun too”.

McGrady, a DSH, neutered male, between 1-5 years old, hopes that he finds a home soon.

And one more…

“My experience at the Clarke County Animal Shelter is one I will remember all my life. Volunteering with Jenny and Brittany has made me realize I want to work with animals when I graduate from high school. I have learned how to take care of kittens, cats, dogs, rabbit, and guinea pigs. I collect food bowls, clean cages, fill food bowls, walk dogs. I even help clean kittens and cat cages. I have learned the animals need love. And care. I leaned this is a lot of reasons people abandon or give up their pets. The main thing I leaned is don’t mistreat your pets. It makes the animals very scared of humans. Animal cruelty is the worst thing that can happen to a pet. Animals need love, food, water, exercise, and shelter. Volunteering for the Clarke County Animal Shelter has taught me a lot, even animals need bathing and grooming.”

We love having our volunteers at the shelter. And we hope they love working with us! And I hope you guys enjoyed reading these stories as much as we enjoy having the girls work with us.

Brittany Fewell is a animal lover and staff member at the Clarke County Animal Shelter in Berryville, Virginia


  1. I have close ties to the shelter because my daughter is employed there. The
    County is very lucky to have Jenny. Brittany and the many volunteers there.
    They are experienced and compassionate about their jobs. I too, have adopted
    3 dogs from the shelter. The county residents should stop by and see what a
    wonderful job they are doing.