Paws & Claws: Would you support a local spay and neuter service?

by Brittany Fewell

Hello everyone!

I am sure that all of you, if not most of you, have heard about Spay Today, or Shenandoah Valley Spay & Neuter Clinic. These organizations are wonderful assets to have, especially in today’s economy where everything is so expensive.

These programs offer cheaper spaying and neutering for cats and dogs in this area. Spay Today is located in Charles Town, West Virginia. Shenandoah Valley Spay & Neuter Clinic is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, but has drop off points in Winchester, and Front Royal. However, there is the option to drive your animal to Harrisonburg yourself.

The prices are reasonable. Cats range from $30.00 to $60.00. And dogs range from $40.00 to $100.00.

That isn’t bad, compared to what you would pay at a veterinarian’s office, outright.

However, I would like to know how you feel about having something like this closer to our area. How would you feel if there was something here in Northern Virginia, and perhaps it used our shelter as a drop off point?

Would you use this service?

Would you be willing to pay these prices to have your animals fixed?

Would you be willing to pay maybe a little more expensive fee if this service was being offered in your area?

Are these prices even reasonable to you? Or would you like to see something cheaper?

How would you feel about it?

We are always looking for community input. And this is one of those times where we think the community’s opinion would be really helpful. Come into the shelter, leave a comment here, or give us a phone call and voice your opinion. It is always appreciated!

The shelter is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. It is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8 AM to 4 PM. We are closed on all holidays.

Our phone number is 540.955.5104

The address is 225 Ramsburg Lane, Berryville, Virginia 22611. We are located behind the high school next to the transportation and maintenance offices.

Thanks for your continued support of the Clarke County Animal Shelter!


Brittany Fewell is an animal lover and staff member at the Clarke County Animal Shelter


  1. would love to have this offered in this area. would use for sure. Love the prices. Especially after what I paid for all my animals in the past.

  2. We always spay and neuter all of our pets. More than half of our pets have been shelter adoptions. It has been frustrating for me to travel to West Virginia or to Loudoun County to find a place that will fit our schedule to get the surgery done for our pets. I would really appreciate having something here at home, with people that I can trust, the prices are *very* good and competitive. I could handle that cost. Hopefully more people will read this article and agree. Fingers crossed that this works out for you, Brittany!

  3. please yes! i have two kittens right now that i need spayed and i’m dreading hauling both to inwood!

  4. Roscoe Evans says:

    Are these businesses state regulated?

    If not, why would a pet owner bring his/her dog/cat to a neuter clinic, instead of to a reputable vet, who can deal with medical and emergency complications from the procedure?

    • Animal Shelter says:

      These are state regulated vet’s. In case like Spay Today, you pay them a certain amount of money, and then transport the animal to a vet you select from a list they have provided to you. In cases like Shenandoah Valley Spay Neuter Clinic they are an office of vets who specifically spay and neuter your animals. All of thse have to be inspected by the state veterinarian just as your local vet’s office and animal shelters do. They are required to uphold the same standards of procedure just as a vet’s office does.

  5. YES! I have used (and truly appreciated!) Spay Today in the past. This type of organization certainly helps control pet over-population. Would love to see a similar service offered in this area.

  6. Jennifer says:


  7. use this one, spelling error in first

    I’m not concerned about “State Regulated”. That’s more government involvement. A board certified veterinarian is a better choice. What do state officials know about veterinary medicine anyway?