PEC Promotes Energy Awareness and Conservation in Clarke County

Picture 14The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) unveiled a broad energy efficiency/conservation education program to help all homeowners and renters save up to $375 dollars a year in utility costs.

“According to the National Academy of Sciences, full deployment of cost-effective, energy efficient technologies in buildings could reduce electricity consumption 25 to 31 percent by 2030, entirely offsetting the need for new power plant capacity”, said Christopher G. Miller, President of PEC. “So instead of spending billions on new generation, by weatherizing our homes we can help strengthen our nation’s energy security and economic competitiveness, all while helping to save money, reduce emissions, and preserve the beauty of our Piedmont region. The challenge is to find ways that enable and encourage everyone to act.”

“Energy conservation not only helps homeowners save money, but it also helps lessen the demand on the nation’s power grid. Consumers can do their part by making sure their homes are energy efficient and this energy guide has lots of good suggestions. On the federal level, I have supported research and development investment in clean and efficient energy technologies as well as tax incentives for homeowners who improve energy efficiency. We call can do our part to be good stewards of the environment”, said Congressman Frank R. Wolf (R-VA 10).

The program, developed by PEC, includes a six page Energy Smart Solutions guide that is being mailed to every homeowner and renter in Clarke County, detailing 10 simple “do it yourself” projects that can save a typical household nearly 20%, at a cost of only about $500. The companion website includes a series of short “how-to videos” and related information on tax credits, energy audits, and other topics.

“The critical issue is how to help individuals do the things that are already possible and economical. PEC’s role is to connect people with good information so that they can take the actions that make the most sense for them. If we all take those steps, we will have better options to address the broader national and global challenges,” said Miller.

“This effort is consistent with our overall mission of protecting the environment in Clarke County and the Piedmont region we serve,” said George L. Ohrstrom II a resident of Clarke County and a member of the PEC Board of Directors. “I am pleased that we are able to kick off this comprehensive education effort in our home community and look forward to expanding it throughout Virginia.”

via   Piedmont Environmental Council