Pediatric Practice to Open in Berryville

Berryville will soon be the home of a new pediatric practice.   Loudoun Pediatric Associates (LPA), is scheduled to open an office at 37 E. Main Street this month.   The practice will be the third location for the group which also has locations in Lansdowne and Purcellville in Loudoun County.

The new location will have four examination rooms with a spacious reception and office area.   The space was formerly occupied by Main Street Architects who have moved to the second floor.

The Berryville office will be staffed by four doctors on a rotating basis.   Matt Cubbage, LPA Practice Administrator outlined the plan, “We have the two owners of the practice; Dr. Rebecca Fox who has been in the community since 1993 and Dr. Corinna Schrankel who has been in the community since 1997.   They are the owners of the practice and we have two others in the practice, Dr. Joel Madrid who has been in the Loudoun community since 2000 and Dr. Max Lins who came in 2008.   We are initially going to be open four days a week and each one of those four physicians is going to rotate one day a week.”   Ultimately, the practice will be open seven days a week.

Cubbage emphasized the convenience of offering same day appointments, “In our Lansdowne and Purcellville offices we strive to offer same day appointments for people who call on that day but out here there’s not going to be a question.   That’s how we’re going to operate it – same day appointments.   We’ll schedule well care exams and consultations but the same day appointments are a drawing factor for our practice.”

L-R: Lindsay Schoenle, Intern; Annie Linsangan, Clinical and Administrative Coordinator; Matthew Cubbage, Practice Administrator

“We have rapid in-house tests for strep, flu, and RSV which is a respiratory disease that infants can get.   One of our physicians noted that pediatrics is grouped into primary care with internal medicine and family medicine which is true to an extent but we are also specialists in own way because we are familiar with every stage of development and every illness that could happen from the time you’re born until you’re an adult at the age of eighteen.   So there’s a lot of nuance with that approach to care which is something that sets us apart from family medicine.”

Opening a Berryville office had been on the minds of the owners for some time but LPA Clinical  and Administrative Coordinator, Annie Linsangan brought new enthusiasm to the idea with her move to Clarke County last year.   She met many patients in the Lansdowne and Purcellville offices who lived in Berryville, Winchester and West Virginia.   The owners, Cubbage and Linsangan all  recognized the need for pediatric services in the  community.   “We have high hopes for coming out here and we’re getting lots of positive responses from patients and even people I’ve met walking up and down here in town”, said Linsangan, who worked with a local realtor to find space and coordinated with Berryville Pharmacy and Berryville Main Street.

The location couldn’t be better noted Annie, “It is right next to the park …  and the pharmacy is right across the street.   That’s a big thing for us.”   It is also a big thing for  Clarke residents  as the   Loudoun Pediatric Associate’s new office continues the business renaissance of downtown Berryville.

For more information about Loudoun Pediatric Associates, call 703-723-7337 or visit them online at


  1. Michelle says:

    So glad to have them in town! Even though Purcellville is just 20 minutes or so away (give or take, with traffic), having them here will be one less stressor for sick kids and worried parents. That drive can be awfully long with an uncomfortable, sick child in the backseat!

  2. Germaine H says:

    This is wonderful! I wish I had known this today when I made an appointment for my son in Purcellville tomorrow. 😉

  3. This is great news! It’s not ideal for our children to miss time from school. This will help minimize that time and also minimize my time off from work by having the office right here in Berryville. Thank you!

  4. I am happy to see this, I love Loudoun Pediatrics. I am in Bluemont and go to Purcellville. I love that office and it is out of the main traffic. I love Dr. Anya, it is nice to know that Berryville has one since my son will be going to Berryville Primary.

  5. Sharon Strickland says:

    Please update. I believe the new Loudoun Pediatric practice is now open.