Penalty for Speeding in Virginia Increases

speed-limit-$$Starting July 1st a heavy foot on the accelerator is going to cost you more if you’re caught speeding in the Old Dominion. As the Virginia budget moves through its final edits, legislators approved a fund raising measure that sits squarely on the shoulders of lawbreakers. During the General Assembly’s one-day veto session last week, lawmakers voted to approve Governor McDonnell’s amendment that will increase fines for speeding by $1 for each mile per hour a driver exceeds the posted speed limit. The current fine is $5 for every mile per hour over the speed limit. It will now rise to $6.

In 2007 Virginia imposed some of the most severe fines for speeding violations in the country. It was heckled statewide as the “$3000 ticket.” The fines were targeted at the most egregious violators who exceeded posted speed limits by 20 miles per hour or more. The measure was blasted nationally and was eventually rescinded.

This measure, while less painful then the previous attempt to raise funds through fines, spreads the pain across the board. Government estimates predict the increase may bring in an additional $7   million over the next two years.