New Pharmacy in Berryville Moves Closer to Reality

The saga of Main Street economic decline hit home last May when the pharmacy in Berryville announced it was closing its doors. The loss to the town meant there would be no pharmacy in the entire county and would burden residents with longer trips to have prescriptions filled.

So, when news of a new pharmacy opening on Crow Street broke there was much excitement and enthusiasm. Reed’s Pharmacy, which currently has two locations in West Virginia and one in Maryland, had signed a lease to open their fourth location in Berryville. However, with no sign of progress months later, people began to wonder if it was really going to happen. Rumors of the “deal falling through” started to pop up in conversations in town as the months wore on so we contacted the owners to get the facts.

Tally Reed told us, “Those rumors are definitely not true. We have had some delays but we are looking forward to opening in Berryville and serving the community there.”

Kenneth and Tally Reed are the owners of Reed’s Pharmacies and they say their plans have not changed. They said they have acquired all the necessary permits and hope to get the build-out of the new space underway soon.

As work continues towards opening their fourth location, the Reeds will be counting on their proven approach in small communities to make the Berryville store a success. With stores in Berkley Springs WV, Hedgesville WV, and Hancock MD, the business seems to have carved out  a sustainable approach to operating in small communities. When asked about their success Tally said, “I believe we have been successful with our pharmacies because each one has been customized to meet the needs of the community it serves.  Every store has it’s own ‘feel.’  Unlike the big chains we do not try and ‘copy’ one store to the next.  We also try and keep things very simple and provide our customers with knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient service.”

Tally also said the new Berryville location will help them compete in an already difficult marketplace that is dominated by large corporate stores, “By continuing to expand we have more ‘buying power’ and can increase our profitability from the buying end.”

She added, “I guess there are no BIG secrets to our success.  We work hard, hire good people, and do our best to make customers happy!”

The Reeds have no firm date for the store opening, but say it will be soon.


  1. YEAH!

  2. Main street neighbor says:

    Thank Goodness! CVS in Winchester has been a nightmare

  3. Sargewillis says:

    I agree Neighbor, I’ll be one of the first to transfer my scripts to Reeds!

  4. Stop this uncontrolled growth; Next thing you know we will become Purcellville

  5. We are using the Walgreen on Rt. 7 and we will NOT be changing. We are getting excellent service from their pharmacist. She called my husband three days after he was prescribed a new drug to see if he was doing ok and had any questions. You can order on your iPhone or iPad and they will text you when it is ready. They also have a drive up window and express pay.

  6. Thanks CDN for following thru on an update.