Planning Commission Honors Johnston

The Clarke County Planning Commission formally said farewell to Chuck Johnston on Friday. Johnston, who joined the County planning team 22 years ago is leaving his Clarke County post to take over planning responsibilities for Calvert County Maryland.

Planning Commission Chairman George Ohrstrom (l) presents Planning Administrator Chuck Johnston with a resolution honoring Johnston''s 22 years of service - Photo Edward Leonard

Clarke County Planning Commission chairman George Ohrstrom thanked Johnston for his exemplary service and expertise in guiding the County’s progressive land use decisions and for Johnston’s reliably good-natured attitude during the legislative process.

Ohrstrom presented Johnston with a framed copy of the resolution:

WHEREAS, Charles Johnston’s employment as the Clarke County Planning Administrator began on March 1, 1989;

WHEREAS, he served in that capacity and as the Clerk to the Clarke County Planning Commission from March 1, 1989 until October 7, 2011;

WHEREAS, during his tenure as the Planning Administrator he energetically promoted the County Comprehensive Plan, paying particular attention to innovative Planning initiatives, and protection of the County’s Historic Resources;

WHEREAS, he worked in vain to teach his staff his cryptic legislative writing style, unfazed by their bewilderment and gradually realizing this writing style was his own unique talent;

WHEREAS, he encouraged staff to pay close attention to detail in all their finished documents, always encouraging them with his trademark ‘you-can-do-it’ grin;

WHEREAS, he worked long hours and took on added responsibilities with uncomplaining enthusiasm, and, over his tenure, set an example for his staff that one does what is asked to the best of one’s ability because that is what the job entails and that is what the citizens of Clarke County deserve;

WHEREAS, despite his exemplary work ethic, his sense of fun helped maintain a positive and lighthearted atmosphere in the office, and that sense of humor will be sorely missed;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clarke County Planning Commission publicly acknowledges a job well done, and expresses its appreciation to Charles Johnston for his dedication and untiring efforts for the benefit of the citizens of Clarke County; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution of gratitude and appreciation be entered into the official record of the actions of the Clarke County Planning Commission, and that a suitable copy of this action be provided to Charles Johnston as a token of the high regard and esteem in which he is held by this Commission.

Approved and ordered entered upon the public record of the Clarke County Planning Commission this 7th day of October 2011.