Police Combat Aggressive Driving on Route 9 in Loudoun

Loudoun County, VA –Drivers who travel on Route 9 in Loudoun County will notice an enhanced police presence as officials attempt to stem aggressive driving on the commuter path to and from West Virginia.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office and the Virginia State Police announced a joint effort to combat aggressive driving on Route 9 from May 11th to May 25th.  This is the second year in a row the two agencies have joined forces to target aggressive drivers in a continuing effort to promote highway safety and the efficient flow of traffic for Virginia motorists and visitors.

“Distracted and aggressive driving on Route 9 can end in tragedy. This enforcement effort is an opportunity to make Route 9 safe for everyone by reminding drivers to stay aware and to obey the laws,” said Loudoun County Sheriff Michael L. Chapman.

State Police and Sheriff’s Office personnel will utilize a variety of tactics including patrol with marked and unmarked police vehicles and checkpoints, and an increased presence of deputies and troopers.

“This joint initiative between the agencies involved will only enhance enforcement efforts and provide a continuous patrol in order to slow down those motorists exceeding the speed limit and driving aggressively,” said First Sergeant Alvin Blankenship, Virginia State Police Area Office Commander for Loudoun County.  “If motorists continue to drive carelessly and too fast on Route 9, then we have no choice but to be aggressive in our enforcement efforts. Motorists need to slow down and drive responsibly because we will be strictly enforcing the traffic laws on this stretch of road.”


  1. Who cares what goes on in Loudoun we have our own issues here on the mountain in Clarke county!!!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Perhaps the News Staff of CDN have experienced the same fast, careless and aggressive driving on our mountain and are expressing it in a “news” report so our local department steps up to the plate.

    The speed factor is really frightening.

  3. supportnClarke says:

    Not to mention those aggresive drivers coming down Rt.9 all funnel into Rt..7 and anyone heading that way from our area fall prey to the lack of skills and respect coming from these individuals. As a daily commuter I applaud the efforts of law enforcement in this area.

  4. Clarke County Annie says:

    There was a Clarke Deputy and State Trooper with cars pulled over west of R. 7 bridge at 10:30 this morn and still there an hour later.

    Thank you!

  5. Right Winger says:

    It’s not Rt. 9 that’s the problem, it’s Rt. 7.

  6. Commuter says:

    Its really odd that they are pinpointing Rt 9. I have been communting for over 20 years and find that Rt 9 is more safe than Rt 7 because of the speed factor. Rt 9 is so congested that you cannot get to a high speed if you tried! So speeders they are not gonna catch. Distracted drivers yeah. Because of all the stop and go. But still I find loss of life chances are greater on Rt 7. Who agrees?

  7. Commuter says:

    Contd. You will get run over on Rt 7 if you do not go OVER the speed limit.

  8. I agree, and if you try to do the speed limit they tailgate you and then you get that you’re number 1 sign! They really do need to do something on Rt 7, I hold my breath most days anymore for the whole 35 mile I commute……….even today in the rain, they were tailgating with no head lights on!

  9. dontaskme says:

    How about some additional enforcement on Rt 612/Shepherds Mill Road. This WVa cut through is one of the scareist roads in Clarke. There are some drivers who pass on double yellows and drive well above the limit.

  10. CC TaxPayer says:

    I changed my job so I wouldn’t have to travel Rt 7 during regular business hours. They drive like maniacs! I had someone pass me on the right shoulder going up the mountain. Put more deputies on the mountain!