Police Praise Alert and Identify Source of Incident as No Threat

Berryville Police are characterizing the alert issued by the Clarke County Public School System (CCPS) Thursday as a win for vigilance as parents and students were made aware of an incident that had occurred earlier in the day and that remained under investigation as schools prepared to dismiss classes.   Chief Neal White of the Berryville Police Department said, “While the report was being investigated, it was determined that sending the alert was the best proactive response to a potential situation so that parents and children would be vigilant to a potential threat.”

The alert was issued by school officials using the Alert Now system and was carefully worded so as not to cause alarm but rather, to promote increased vigilance as law enforcement continued the investigation. The text of the alert can be found here. The threat involved reports of a suspicious vehicle in the vicinity of school bus stops at or near the Berryville streets of Page, Moore, and Cameron.   The investigation into the suspicious situation continued after school was dismissed and ultimately revealed that the single incident reported was not a credible threat. Police said the threat was thoroughly investigated and it was determined that it was not a false report, but was instead just an honest misunderstanding of an event that happened near a bus stop.

Even though the incident was determined not to be a threat Chief White praised the system and said, “This does serve as a good reminder that area law enforcement and Clarke County Public Schools take all potential threats to the children in the community as a very serious issue.   The alert that was sent yesterday also serves as a good reminder to everybody that they should be constantly aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities immediately.”


  1. LongTimer says:

    I agree that being proactive in this situation was an excellent move. However, a better idea would be if parents in that neighborhood would keep a better watch on their children.