Police Release Mugshots of East Coast Rapist Suspect

Arrest mugshot from New Haven, Conn. (Courtesy Connecticut Department of Correction)

Law enforcement officials have released the first mugshot of Aaron Hajjmilak Thomas after his arrest in New Haven Connecticut. The former Berryville resident has been charged with a rape in New Haven in 2007 and abducting three teenage girls at gunpoint in 2009 in Prince William County. DNA evidence collected also ties him to 17 other sexual assaults committed on the eastern seaboard.

The mugshot from his March 4th arrest was released by the Connecticut Department of Corrections on March 10th. Prince William County police also released a mug shot from an arrest in June of 2001 on domestic assault and battery charges. Police hope that the earlier photo may help other victims in the 14 year span identify Thomas as their assailant.

Thomas is currently being held in Connecticut on $1.5 million bond.


June 2001 arrest mugshot (Courtesy Prince William County Police)


  1. Breathe Girl says:

    He did a lot of maturing in those ten years. His earlier photo does resemble the sketches. However without that wonderful big self incriminating mouth of his and his Narcissistic ego that could not control himself from bragging about it he would still be out there. DNA sealed the deal and I love me some DNA evidence. However they would not have known to pick up Aaron Thomas’s cigarette butt if he had not already directly pointed the finger at himself. I guess after all those years he just had to share his masterpiece.Thank God this person had a conscience and was not another psychopath like Thomas. I would like to shake his hand and congratulate him for ending the terror of all of his victims from having to look over their shoulder. Dude! You did something right!

    • Sojourner Truth says:

      From the articles I’ve read he was just a mild-mannered man until he encountered an unfortunate victim with his knife. No punishment is good enough for this piece of garbage. And we’re to believe NO ONE knew what he was up to all this time? Go get him, judicial system, and yes, thank goodness for DNA!!