Police Say Seat Belt Saved Driver’s Life in Serious Crash on Route 50

A Berkeley Springs, W.Va. woman is alive after a serious single-vehicle accident and police attribute her survival to the use of seat belts.

The accident occurred Friday morning at 8:30 AM on Route 50 in Millwood. 42 year old Romey Lynn Michael, was driving a 2005 Honda Element SUV westbound on Route 50 when the vehicle ran off the the right shoulder of the road. According to State Police Sgt. F.L. Tyler, the driver over corrected and the vehicle veered left into the median, where it then overturned. The Honda crossed the eastbound lanes of traffic and came to rest on its roof on the right shoulder of the eastbound lanes of Route 50. Both eastbound lanes of traffic were closed for approximately 45 minutes as a result of the incident.

Michael, the sole occupant of the vehicle was taken to Winchester Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. She was wearing her seat belt in the accident and alcohol was not a factor.

Investigating officer Trooper M.C. Germillion said that the use of   seat belts   likely prevented the driver from suffering serious injuries in the accident.

The driver was charged with reckless driving.


  1. There seems to be a lot of those accidents where people over-correct when they veer off the paved road. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more driving school cars giving the students practice on how to right a moving vehicle when it slips onto the shoulder. At first, I thought I had a drunk driver in front of me, but I saw them repeatedly and purposefully driving onto the shoulder to practice getting back on the paved surface without panicking and wrecking. Good to see the driving schools be pro-active!

  2. I was on 50 yesterday morning and the accident happened around 6am. Unless there was more than one.