Police Seek Public’s Assistance in Animal Cruelty Case

The Berryville Police Department is investigating an incident of animal cruelty that happened in the Battlefield Estates area of Berryville on December 31, 2011. Police responded to a call that a domestic cat had been seriously injured. The owners of the cat transported it to an emergency veterinarian where x-rays determined that a projectile had shattered a leg and lodged in the chest cavity. The cat belongs on the 300 block of Breckenridge Court.

The cat is an adult male Tabby weighing about fifteen pounds. He has green eyes with a charcoal, brown, and gray color pattern with white paws. He also has a distinctive raccoon-like bushy tail.

The cat was last seen in good health at 5:00 pm on December 31, 2011 and later discovered injured around 6:00 pm by a neighbor.

Anyone who may have heard or observed anything associated with this incident is requested to contact the Berryville Police Department at (540) 955-3863.


  1. Cat owners need to understand that everone isnt ok with cats running around killing birds,rabbits and other wildlife. Keep you cat indoors or atleast on your property

  2. sargewillis says:

    Randy your right, but that is what cats have been doing for longer then we have had them as pets, Still, that is no reason to harm a cat !

  3. Randy, cats do not do nearly as much damage to wildlife as traffic. You comment is borderline sick.

  4. Wow Randy, so, it’s okay for someone to shoot a 22 caliber at a cat? What if that was my child?! That was a family pet. I’m disgusted and sickened by your comment. Now, I realize my children are not even safe w/the likes of your thinking even in small town America, Berryville.

  5. The work of a complete coward.

  6. Because I Care says:

    Shooting a a family pet is bad enough (spray bottles of water or a hose work just as well.) Beyond this, there is the disturbing realization that a firearm was discharged in a crowded resiential subdivision within the city limits. It was dark at the time and the bullet could have gone many other places such as through a window or into a person standing nearby. This goes beyond a case of cruelty to a domestic pet. Other laws were broken.

  7. Because I Care says:

    And just think how we would be overrun with rodents if not for these cats roaming around.

  8. Years ago, I worked with a local group of caring individuals who sought to control the cat population in town by trapping and neutering strays in the town of Berryville. We often found suitable homes for these animals…mine among them! One male in particular had a swollen ear when we trapped him. The veterinarian who performed the neuter also treated the ear. He found a BB lodged in the cat’s ear, causing the swelling and an infection. I made a vow that day that if I ever found out who shot the BB into that cat’s ear that I would make that person eat the BB. Sadly, after years in my home, the cat crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But be warned: I still have the BB and the vow still stands.

    • Perhaps the cat was walking on someone’s car and scratching it up. Perhaps the cat was into someone’s bird pens. Who knows what was going on?

      Point being, if you don’t want something to happen to your cat, keep it indoors or in your yard somehow, and they won’t have BB’s in them.

      That said, if someone shot it just for fun, then that’s just wrong

      • Because I Care says:

        The weapon used was 22 caliber. A bit more than a BB. Whoever did it was shooting to kill.

        • Well, then that is a problem, and it didn’t say that in the article. It just said a “projectile” It’s a problem bacause first, that bullet can go a long way. Second, because it appears someone is a pretty bad shot. UNLESS the cat was jumping off the top of a car, or fighting another cat or doing some annoying cat thing like dumping your garbage cans.

          Again, keep your cats indoors. What makes anyone think they can just let their pet loose in the neighborhood and everything will be alright? Would it be OK if I let my Geman Shepherd loose at night to roam around? How about a horse? Would it be cool to let that roam the neighborhood?

          If the answer is “no”, then what makes a cat different?

          • I have two cats, they remain indoors. That being said, if they knocked over your trash, you have the right to complain to me about it, and expect me to pick it up, as I would. However, you dont have the right to shoot the cats, or at them. Why someone would think that shooting anything to solve a problem in a neighborhood is a legitimate idea is beyond me. What if you hit a kid by accident?
            How is that going to be explained? A cat dumped my trash so I decided to teach it a lesson and I accidentally shot the neighbor kid in the arm? Hell if it were my kid I would make sure every dime you had were mine and every other dime you made was mine. The hell with the cat, what about the people that live in the neighborhood?

          • As I said, shooting a 22 in the city is a really bad idea. And it’s nice that you would take responsibility for whatever you animals do to other people and their property.

            However, if YOUR cat is on MY property (Where it should not be) and tearing stuff up (Dumping trash cans, walking on and/or scratching cars, killing wildlife), then what happens happens. Probably 9 times out of 10 a person is going to be unable to determine who the cat owner is, or be able to catch the cat to take things up with the owner. Nor should they have to go through the bother

            And as you can see on here, some people have expressed that they seem to think it’s A OK to let their cats run around.

            If something happens to a cat on someone’s else’s property, the blame lays on the pet owner that has the audacity to think that other people should put up with your pet even being on their property, or your pet’s behaviors.

          • Well you know what Sarge, I agree with you, but I think you belittle my point about shooting at stray animals. There is an order of magnitude divide here.

            You probably are a decent law abiding citizen. It is difficult to express yourself completely in a couple of sentences. My point is this: Is a trespassing cat vandal worth the risk of losing both your freedom and your wealth?

          • I’m sorry if I across the wrong way. I wasn’t trying to belittle yours or anyone else’s points. It’s hard to come acros the way you want on the internet sometimes.

            However, my position stands. Some of us that don’t own cats feel we should not have to put up with cat poo in the flower beds, dead birds, scratches/footprints on our cars etc. How would people feel if someone had a pet pig and let it roam at night, rooting around in their flower beds and crapping everywhere? To say “that’s just what cats do” is lame and the ultimate in irresponsible ownership.

            What really is the difference?

          • Let me offer this view, understanding that people are individuals with differing tastes.
            We live in the country; There are all sorts of wild animals around; Deer,rabbits and raccoon all on Jackson Drive. They leave scat, run around the back yard ad ear from t Whe garden.Why get upset over that? If I couldn’t live with it the answer is move to Fairfax .

          • Because no one controls the wild animals. Conversely, pet owners have a choice as to whether or not to let fluffy go roam the neigborhood

          • Mr Mister says:

            Here is something you gun nuts need to understand. Just because you don’t agree or like something, you can’t just shoot at it. Cats, dogs, people how may look funny, if they are not assulting you, you are not defending yourself. Put the gun away! They have rights also.

  9. Isabelle Jaynes says:

    This makes me so angry! Heartless jerks.There isn’t a good reason to shoot cats.

  10. I feel bad for the person who shot the cat. Now he has to face possible criminal prosecution because of a neglegent pet owner. If animal control would pick up every cat wondering around like they do dogs. This might have never happened.

  11. I use have-a-heart traps to capture cats at my place. Then they are delivered to an aminal shelter of my choice. Could be in Fredrick, Loudoun or Clarke County. I have grown very tired of my flower beds being used as litter boxes. I am not fond of getting a hand full of cat crap while working in a flower bed.

    • Relocating someones PET is wrong. I dont understand why people aren’t communicating anymore.
      Shame on you Smitty. I’m sure you know about what comes around goes around!

      I worked for a No Kill animal shelter that a friend ran and is the animal control officer for many years now. Smitty brings the cats to all different places because it would send up a red flag. When a shelter gets too many healthy cats from the same person, bells go off and we go investigate.

      In the event your PET goes missing remember one thing you might be Smittys neighbor, call all the shelters.

      NO PET is safe when they are out of your sight!

      To the COWARD that was shooting to kill, you are not above the law. If you don’t like people or their pets you live in the wrong type of neighborhood, maybe you should just remove yourself. Move deep in the woods where the world wont bother you! Karma will get you!

      • Why in the world would you investigate and harass a person who is trying to do the humane thing by trapping cats and bringing them to the shelter? He has every right to trap them if they were on his property and some owner was irresponsible enough to just let their cat out the door and roam the neighborhood. Why would you not harass the owner and ask them why they foist their animal on the world when they come to pick them up?

        Perhaps Smitty should just start popping that cats, that way there are no red flags and he avoids any harassment and/or “investigations” from the shelter nazis.

        Self defeating doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re talking about

        • Ya know what Sarge your out of hand. We are talking about peoples PETS not barn cats. I’ll give you nazi, at least I would have the BAL$% to confront a neighbor. Lack of communication is what turns a neighborhood into a FUED! I’ve seen many neighborhood fueds over cats and dogs, lawsuits ect. All because people didn’t want to speak to each other, people like that dont belong in a sub division, period!

          Yes Sir investigate and several people had there beloved pets returned. When too many people from the same neighborhood are calling looking for their missing pets it also raises red flags.
          You are also leaving out the fact that someone used a FIREARM close to homes. Is there something you dont get about that??
          I’m done, I dont condone this or name calling!

          • I believe if you look, I’ve stated several times that discharging a weapon inside the city is a bad idea. And if people cared about their PETS so much, they wouldn’t let them roam and do stuff like dump trash cans etc. And as I’ve also stated, pften times as soon as you look out the door to see what going on, the cat vamooses. How is one supposed to “confront a neighbor” when you don’t even know who’s cat it is?

            I’m simply stating that Smitty could put the thing in a burlap sack with a rock and take it to the river, or just plain shoot it. He’s actually taking the time and effort to trap it and turn it in to people that will keep it alive. But according to you, if someone does that too much, they get “investigated” and hassled.

            Perhaps you should investigate why a certain neighborhood has the mentlaity that they can just turn their pets loose and expect them to be protected when they are causing peoperty damage.
            I mean for crying out loud, there’s laws about picking up after your dogs, there’s laws about keeping them on leashes. Maybe there needs to be a few laws focused on cats, like “keep them indoors”

    • I have spoke with the pet owners, a few times. I have been nice and other times not so nice. letting your PET roam freely is wrong. I doubt your claim of red flag raising.I am very staright forward as to why I am droping off a healthy animal they most often agree and understand my point of view I would view you NO KILL as a person that feels entitled to allow your animals to do as they pleased regardless of who you pi##ed off.

  12. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Should cats be kept safely indoors? I know it’s debatable, but probably yes. Cats are safer, (and bored, but oh well) and wildlife is protected. Is it reasonable to shoot someone’s pet? NO WAY! It is not ok to harm an animal like this for any reason. It’s cruel, and dangerous – period. If you have a problem with a neighbors pet, talk to the neighbor (when feasible), call the police, or use a have-a-heart trap.

    • It’s also illegal to shoot any domestic animal (even if feral) unless your life is in danger, and any other animal without a license.

    • Berryville proper is not a safe place for cats to wander around. I had two most beautiful outdoor cats who bith met their ends to getting hit by a car and we think tasting anti-freeze, which is a most horrible way for an animal to suffer, and by the way is illegal to do in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as children have tasted it as well. It is better for the cat to stay inside.

  13. dmaxnjackson says:

    It’s simple. KEEP your pets inside, when they need to go out and use the bathroom, put a leash on them and walk them in your yard. If you take them for a walk, pick up the mess they leave. I should not have to step in, dig out cat c–p in my flower beds. And if I have to set a trap out, they are going to the shelter. people who have animals that just roam, should not even have animals…….

    • You are wasting animal shelter resources and time. You can walk a cat on a leash. How ignorant.
      Your flowers aren’t growing because you are walking in the flower beds, not from the cat poo. Get real.

      • Dmaxnjackson says:

        Proably your cat “pooing” in my flower beds. And yes I have seen cat on leashes. You are the one that is ignorant