Power Restoration Makes Progress but Many Clarke Residents Still in the Dark

With the power back on at the majority of its members’ homes and businesses, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) continues to commit all available resources to addressing the damage caused by Wednesday’s powerful snowstorm. And that full-scale effort will continue throughout the night with the goal of fully restoring electricity on Friday.

At the height of the storm nearly 20,000 REC members were without electricity, but that number has been reduced to 2,300 as of 6 p.m. Thursday. Significant progress was made overnight Wednesday as Cooperative personnel focused their efforts on portions of the distribution system that serve large numbers of members – components such as substations and main circuits.

REC’s outage reporting website lists 228 Clarke County meters and an additional 12 Berryville meters still without power as of 7:00 pm EST..

REC power outages on 1-27-2011 as of 7:00 pm EST

On Thursday work turned to the more labor-intensive effort of repairing tap lines and individual service lines. In addition to REC work crews and contract right-of-way resources, the restoration work has been bolstered by help from sister cooperatives Community Electric Co-op, Mecklenburg Electric Co-op and Prince George Electric Co-op.

As members still without electricity make necessary arrangements for tonight, REC is conscious of the inconveniences caused by a loss of power. “Employees are working around the clock to restore electric service to our members as safely and as quickly as possible”, said Ann Lewis, director of public relations for REC, “and any remaining outages are the result of some challenging conditions. We thank our members for their patience and understanding.”

Anyone still without power who notices that nearby neighbors’ lights are back on are encouraged to call REC for further investigation. The Cooperative’s contact center will be fully staffed throughout the night on Thursday. Members may also get outage information by visiting the Outage Center of  www.myrec.coop.


  1. Citizens are “In the dark” in more ways than one with this outfit.

    • I am sure that our bills will jump up another 250 to 300 bucks a month now, to pay for all of REC’s overtime paid out recently! This place is beyond horrible……

      • Hmmmm…curious about what you mean when you say “this place is beyond horrible”..????? I hate to jump to a conclusion but if you mean Clarke County, then there is an easy solution for you….Move!!!!

  2. Birdonawire says:

    Regardless, I’m very happy to have power and heat again.
    Thank you REC employees for working through the night in the cold and snow to get the power back on.

    I appreciate it.

  3. Dmaxnjackson says:

    Somebody has to pay their inflated salaries. Went to Cracker Barrel yesterday am (1/27) and there was 3 Rapp. Elect. Trucks in the parking lot. Not inside the restaurant eating, but outside in their trucks running. Now I know the have to eat, and they are working long hours. But come on. And I’m not suppose to be upset when I open my electric bill, and it has jumped another 100 bucks. And it seems like everytime I turn around, we have a power blip, or full blow outage? Just venting

    • Thos blips are hard on appliances too. I just had to put $200 to replace a part in my 5 year old refrigerator and the technician told me it was likely a power surge that zapped it.

      • File a claim with REC. I had a part blow out in my AC compressor last summer when we had all the brown outs after the transition to REC. I called REC and they sent me a claim form and I had a reimbursement in a very timely manner.

        Excellent customer service the whole way through.

  4. Allan "Bugs" McWilliams says:

    Picking on tired over worked REC employees is like blaming the gasoline tanker driver for the price of gasoline.