Power Restoration Worker Dies in Mountain Crash

A contracted utility worker who was in the area to assist with restoring power after last weekend’s severe weather lost her life in a multiple vehicle crash on Route 7 Tuesday night near Bluemont, VA.

Jacqueline R. Green, 57, of Milton, FL, was driving a 2004 Freightliner bucket truck pulling a service trailer northbound on Blue Ridge Mountain Road around 7:20PM when it appears there were issues with the brakes on the vehicle. According to witnesses, the Freightliner proceeded into the southbound lane of Blue Ridge Mountain Road, steering to the left and passing the first truck in a convoy of utility vehicles. Green continued down the hill towards the intersection with Route 7. Witness accounts indicate that the Freightliner came into the eastbound lanes of Route 7 where the driver struck a 2008 Freightliner trucktractor-semitrailer. The combination vehicle was pushed into the side of an eastbound 2012 Toyota Tacoma.

Green lost her life at the scene. A front seat passenger in the bucket truck, Jonathan Powell, of Florida, was transported to Winchester Medical Center.

The driver of the pick-up and her juvenile passenger were taken to Inova Loudoun Hospital-Cornwall Campus where they were treated and released. The driver of semitrailer was also taken to INOVA Loudoun Hospital-Cornwall Campus.

Preliminarily, members of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crash Reconstruction Unit are looking into issues with the brakes on the utility truck as witness accounts indicated that it appeared that Green lost control of the vehicle’s brakes on the downhill grade and that the vehicle had been picking up speed as it continued downhill.

Green was driving in a convoy of three Gulf Power (FL) trucks in the area as part of a mutual aid agreement assisting Dominion Virginia Power crews. The three trucks were headed to a staging area near the southwest corner of the intersection.

Route 7 was closed for over 10 hours with the investigation and recovery effort. Investigation into the incident continues with units from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit.

Thanks to CDN reader Dave M. for forwarding this information.


  1. that is so sad

  2. Working those long hours to get our power back makes people tired and inefficient. Some politicos in DC and MD were claiming that they would have their boot up their backside if the power wasn’t on by the end of the week. Well you go work in the heat with rubber gloves on top of a pole for hours on end see how good you are at the end of the day

  3. Sargewillis says:

    So sad, to die coming here to help our community and us not having the time to say “Thank you”.

  4. DaveM, your compassion is overwhelming! This poor woman (yes) was working her butt off to help others, and her vehicle’s brakes fail and you call into question this 22 year Gulf Power professional employees efficiency? Dude, ever been on Rt601 (Blue Ridge Mnt Rd); have you read the article? She pasted her co-workers truck, the same size truck to the left while probably traveling far faster than imaginable! I wouldn’t call that inefficiency…sounds like you are one of those ultra political / anti large company management types that blame them for everything bad. Seems you have fans that like your comments…keep up the good work! pt

    • I wasn’t commenting on the lady, i was commenting on the politicos, particularly O’Malley of MD.
      Did, I read the article, i was the one that forwarded it to CDN

  5. Heartbreaking for her family and co-workers. And so far from home.

    To all the crews that were deployed…we thank you.

  6. Rachel from Bluemont VA says:

    Is there an obituary published anywhere? I think the local community would like to send letters of condolence to her family and perhaps donations. I’d be glad to organize it if anyone can come up with more information.

    CDN: We have contacted the funeral home and will have the obituary as soon as it is available.

    • A close friend of the power says:

      Contact crossroads baptist church pensacola florida for any further information on jackie green the power worker who died. she was part of our church family we love her very much.

  7. Sorry for your loss

  8. I came up on this accident right after it happened. It was one of the worst things I have ever seen. I helped with getting the passenger out of the bucket truck. We could not get to the driver. All the others involved in the accident seemed “okay” but it will live with me forever that we could not get the driver out.
    Thanks for the info about where to get further information on where to send flowers and condolences to the famili of Jackie Green. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
    I have one question though…I swore that the guys there were calling her “Jessie”, but I see her name is Jackie. Did I just not hear them correctly?

  9. I saw this right after it happened. People screaming and running around trying to help. Very tragic. And there was an approaching storm in the distance that day. I was worried it would make things worse. Condolences to the family of Jackie Green. May she R.I.P.