Preliminary Plans Released for Traffic Flow During Circle Construction

With the recent announcement that funding is now available to complete the extension of Mosby Boulevard from its current terminus to a new traffic circle intersection on West Main Street, Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) preliminary traffic flow plans for the traffic flow construction period have some people scratching their head.

“I don’t know how a tractor trailer will be able to make that turn without going into the other lane” said Clarke County High School construction manager Mike Castelli referring to a proposed sharp southerly turn radius from West Main Street onto Westwood Road detailed in VDOT’s “Phase III” design document.

Castelli’s concern stems, in part, from the requirement for large construction vehicles to have access to the new high school construction site over the coming months. The traffic circle area is also a focal point for school bus traffic.

“I don’t think that the design meets VDOT standards” Castelli told the school board on Monday evening.

The traffic circle plans were provided to the public at Monday night’s school board special construction meeting. Although the traffic circle plans were released by VDOT, the documents are marked as “unfinished and unapproved”. It was not clear to school board members what additional steps VDOT plans, if any, for refining the diagrams.

Specific dates for the traffic circle construction period have not yet been released.

Phase 1 preliminary traffic flow for Westwood - West Main Street traffic circle during construction (click to enlarge)

Phase 2 preliminary traffic flow for Westwood - West Main Street traffic circle during construction (click to enlarge)


Phase 3 preliminary traffic flow for Westwood - West Main Street traffic circle during construction (click to enlarge)

Phase 4 preliminary traffic flow for Westwood - West Main Street traffic circle during construction (click to enlarge)




  1. Janet Tolin says:

    No one has yet to prove to the citizens of Berryville that this “Mosby extension” 3.4million dollar road and round about are absolutely necessary. We have asked and asked “Why?”. We only get the run around. Since most people live in their own little bubble of life, (we all do), they don’t know a problem exists and are happy to believe what the politicians say. Know one knows, know one knows the truth. So sad.

  2. Richie Blick says:

    I am a traffic circle fan. And think they (not sure if it was VDOT or LCS) ruined Lovettsville by installing what many refer to as a ‘squirkle’ plus they added a gazillion signs to make it more confusing and cluttered. And you still have to stop and start. But this plan looks good to my untrained eyes and rather simple. I wish they would widen the lane leaving Cooley to 2 vehicles! That gets bogged down quite a bit during drop off and pick up because people take up what could be two lanes.

    I think it is rather foolish to put a main artery road through the campus of a busy high school (especially with after hours sports). Always have. On the other hand I do not think it can be avoided. And we have to plan for the future growth of Berryville. Hopefully the crosswalks will be lighted and marked. Just no speed bumps – humps maybe but not bumps.

    I think our town council is doing a fine job with what they are given. These are citizens of our town not the enemy. And every one of them care. As in every organization some are better than others. They are not professionally or trained as council people and public servants. They make hardly nothing for the time they donate to our town. There is no college class for town council. And if you can do better, get ont he ballot and be elected.

  3. Janet Tolin says:

    I like traffic circle’s too. This is not the problem. The problem is not everyone has the knowledge to understand traffic studies and the like. I have knowledgeable information that the studies do not support the need for this road. Our new school is only being built to accommodate it’s current student body. We need to leave room for expansion and any other additions that may be wanted in the future.

    This money should be spent improving the safety of the entrance for drop off/pick up of the Coolie students. This round about they propose will get backed up and will become more dangerous because of the inadequate Coolie entrance.

    This is not an attack on the people of the council. Is this a bad decision on their part, yes! I’m sure they are basically good people and I thank them for their time. But, we need to spend this money improving the things that need it. We still have bridges that flood, roads badly in need of mending and the like. We NEED people to use our Main Street, not avoid it!!