Puppets Travel to Indianapolis

Photo Caption: Bruce Ward — creating smiles and touching lives

“From Berryville to Indianapolis, my Jesus is so fabulous!”  This is the tagline the youth from Berryville Baptist Church applied to their most recent mission trip.  On July 13, 17 youth and 7 adults travelled to Indianapolis for a 9-day mission trip, sharing God’s love with all ages.  This was the church’s 21stannual mission trip, some of which have happened as far away as South Africa.  Joan Houck, who has led all 21 trips, commented that this was the best trip ever, incorporating more technology, and with participants doing the best they could do.  It’s truly incredible to see youth sharing their talents and reaching the hearts of others.

The team stayed in the Metro Baptist Center  and shared Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) — Sunday morning at the neighborhood community church and then every evening at a local trailer park reached by MBC.

In addition to VBS, the group held programs at the Men’s and Women’s Wheeler Homeless Shelters (getting a surprising request for encores!), helped with the Sunday School Programs at the Metro Center and at the Community Church, hosted an afternoon of Arts, Crafts and Music at a Women’s halfway house for those re-entering society after imprisonment, and held a special puppet show in the lobby of Riley’s Children Hospital for children, their families and other visitors.

The Metro Baptist Center is built around evangelism, teaching Biblical truth, fellowship and the desire to meet the needs of those around us.  Before leaving for Indianapolis, the mission team learned about some of the most basic needs of the people the Metro Baptist Center serves, and helped to provide some “bare necessities”, filling a suitcase with new underwear that they donated to the center.

Upon their return to Berryville, the Youth led the Sunday morning worship service, sharing some of the Bible stories, songs and puppet skits, along with testimonies of their trip.  Bradley Braithwaite, one of the puppeteers, recounted the story of one of their afternoons at the trailer park.  When the youth were sharing the story of Noah’s Ark, a storm was brewing in the distance.  That day, the youth were lucky and no rain came, but they had a beautiful rainbow – accentuating the story of Noah where God sends a rainbow as a promise to his children that He won’t flood the world again.  Another puppeteer, Bruce Ward, shared how he asked God, prior to the trip, to help him and the team touch lives.  The stories they brought back and the pictures of children’s smiling faces was proof that they did just that.

This summer, the mission trip was one in a series of mission outreach programs which started with Vacation Bible School held at Rose Hill Park in Berryville early in July and continued on July 28 with the Academy Street Fun Day, an event focused totally on fun and games for the community.

Want to see the puppets in action?
They’ll be at the Clarke County Fair, Wednesday, August 15, at 1 PM, at the grandstand.

The Berryville Baptist Rascals is primarily a children’s ministry and travels with a full puppet ministry that they incorporate into every mission trip and Vacation Bible Schools, and also share at shelters and churches in the Berryville area throughout the year.   If interested in having the Rascals visit you, contact the church office at 540-955-1423.  For more information, visit the church website at www.berryvillebaptist.org or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/berryvillebaptistchurch.  The church is located at 114 Academy Street, Berryville, Virginia.

Photo Caption: The Youth just after arriving in Indianapolis: left to right: Jeffrey Rosenberry, Bradly Braithwaite, Dane Duncan, Bruce Ward, Zach Bartasiewicz, Robert Rosenbrook, Garret Rosenbrook, Amanda Gordon, Sarah Cantrell, Ted Schulz, Alana Bartasiewicz. Back row right……….Anna Louthan, Kristina Bartasiewicz, Sam Whitacre, Kierstan Tinsman. Sitting: Lee Louthan, Caroline Louthan