Welliver Hints Regarding Re-Election Run

School Board member Jennifer Welliver (Berryville) said Monday night that she is undecided about running for a second term on the Clarke County School Board.

Clarke County School Board (l-r) Dr. Mike Murphy, Jennifer Welliver, Babara Lee, Robina Bouffault, Emily Rhodes and Janet Alger - Photo Edward Leonard

“My feeling is that continuity on the board is important,” Welliver said. “If Barbara Lee and Janet Alger are running unopposed then that’s enough continuity for me.”

School board chairman Barbara Lee (Millwood) announced Monday night that she will seek a second term on the Clarke County School Board. Lee’s decision comes after recent announcements by board members Robina Bouffault (White Post) and Emily Rhodes (Buckmarsh) to decline another term. School board member Janet Alger (Russel) announced earlier in the year that she will run again leaving Welliver as the only undecided board member.

Welliver has repeatedly stated that member turnover between school board elections poses a challenge to new school boards who must quickly learn about both school processes as well as how to work together.

“No one is served well by an all new school board,” Welliver said. “Too much time is involved just getting to know what you are doing.”

Asked what factors she would use in order to make a final decision before the August 22nd filing deadline Welliver said “If someone steps forward in my election district that I feel that I can vote for then I will step aside and pass the torch as long as there’s continuity. I’m trying to take it as it comes but I’d like to know who may be interested.”


  1. Smellin roses says:

    This is great news! She has been a solid voice of reason for our schools this year.

    CDN Editor: This comment was originally posted in response to Barbara Lee’s announcement to run again for CC School Board.

  2. Halyomorpha says:

    The real breaking news is that the CCEF had a perfect opportunity to redress the recent controversy over the conversion of Mrs. Lloyd’s scholarship contribution to redirect it to their general fund yet they chose not to discuss specifics. Not a single person I have heard from has disputed the dedication of the Stutzmans to education. But that seemed to be the main point of the rebuttal at the School Board meeting tonight. Doesn’t “intent” mean anything anymore? If Mrs. Lloyd wanted her contribution to go to scholarships, why not apply it to the Nancy Friant scholarship for the arts or even the Danielle Moyer athletic scholarship? Is it really that difficult?

    • Clarke Co Supporter says:

      When everything the CCEF does is intently scrutinized by detractors, I fully understand why they felt the need to get legal authorization to dedicate Mrs. Lloyd’s donation to their general funds. If Mrs. Lloyd wanted her contribution to go to a specific CCEF scholarship, it seems to me she would have specifically mentioned it. Is there anyone out there who knew her intimately who knew if her intent was to support a particular scholarship?

  3. Bob Kelly says:

    Why are some in this county so intent on disparaging the CCEF in general and the Stutzman’s in particular? What harm has been done?

    And why is this poster personalizing this debate with a mention of Danielle? I think that some of my Clarke brethren need to grow up.

    • It’s Mrs. Stutzman’s attitude towards the general public that garners such scrutiny. If you’re not part of her inner circle, you are not worthy.

      • Bob Kelly says:

        Ok, so for you it is personal. What is Robina Bouffalt’s agenda; does she need to counter her own negatives as she prepares a run for Pete Dunning’s open seat, or is she just mean-spirited?

        I also am troubled by the lack of reporting from CDN on the CCEF rebuttal that was presented at their office yesterday evening.

        • I think CDN has done a wonderful job of coverage of local news. However, they can only cover so much, and they’ve explained why several times. Perhaps if you spent more time reading what’s on CDN rather than complaining about what isn’t, you would have known the reason.

  4. My 2 Cents says:

    Best of luck to Barbara! She is truly a rose among many thorns……..

  5. Naked Truth says:

    In other words, she is waiting to see who she will lose to.

  6. Tony Parrott says:

    I would like to see Lee, Alger and Welliver go for a second term. They have been real advocates for the kids and would have my support.

  7. Clarke Co Supporter says:

    Although I am not in their voting districts, I have deeply appreciated the contributions of Jennifer Welliver, Janet Alger and Barbara Lee. All three women are truly dedicated to the best interests of the children of Clarke County and have been an immeasurable benefit to the School Board. I would be honored to support all three for their continued representation with whatever I can supply. I am relieved to learn that Lee and Alger intend to continue their public service. I hope that Welliver decides to continue to represent the Berryville district.