Snow Storm Knocks Out Power in Berryville, Electric Outages Throughout Shenandoah Valley

8:15 pm Update: Power outages are widespread throughout the area. Power is reported out in western sections of Berryville, Virginia although power remains on in eastern portions of town.

Over 9,000 REC members were without power at 8:15 pm EST on Wednesday evening.

7:00 pm Update: Over 50% of Berryville power customers are without power at 7:00pm EST.

A widespread power outage in Berryville, Virginia occurred at 6:00pm EST. As of 7:00pm nearly 50% of residents were without power.

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) announced today it continues responding to scattered power outages associated with the ongoing winter storm. The Cooperative is also preparing for possible additional interruptions in electric service as heavier wet snow is forecast for later this evening and into Thursday. Snow-covered trees and limbs could fall onto power lines causing outages.

In anticipation of worsening weather conditions, REC has the necessary field personnel standing by to ensure service restoration is completed as quickly and safely as possible. In addition to the field forces already in place, other REC employees are transitioning from their normal work roles into storm assignments in preparation for new outages, should they occur.

REC reminds members that hazardous road conditions come into play with crew response time. We thank our members in advance for their patience and understanding. Just as REC prepares for severe weather and the possibility of power outages, our members should also be prepared and take steps to ensure the safety of their families and property during such weather conditions.

REC’s restoration priorities are public safety situations and critical facilities, such as 911 centers, hospitals and pumping stations. Restoration is generally scheduled so that the greatest number of customers can be restored as quickly and as safely as possible.

Members are always reminded to stay away from downed power lines and to report them immediately by calling 1-800-552-3904.

For more information about REC’s storm preparation and how members can protect their families and property, go to ¬†< ¬†TARGET=”_blank” href=redir.asp?lid=0&newsite=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Emyrec%2Ecoop> >.


  1. Awesome! Increased power blls AND outages! Out-friggin-standing!

  2. any idea which part of Berryville? Still (knocking on wood) powered up on East Main…

    CDN Editor: Power is out in Battlefield Estates but no further information. REC’s outage map can be viewed at

  3. Clarke Resident says:

    New electric bill is $445 for two bedroom apartment. No way they can justify that.

    • i understand, mine went from $120 a month to $297 not a happy person, and to top it off i live in a bedroom and were never home were both at work or out all the time

  4. Anyone know what happened or when power might be restored?

  5. I hope all of you without power get it back soon!!!

  6. I’m glad I have gas heat. But, yes, I notice my current electric bill has $234 in usage. That used to be about what I paid in the summer with the AC running! What is going on?

  7. Sandra Stickovitch says:

    We live on Walnut and the power came back on around 30 minutes ago. It looks like everyone around me has power again too.

  8. 340 north of Berryville is back on!~!

  9. If you are not getting things resolved with the Electric Company than contact the Public Utilites Commission. You can file a complaint on-line

    Personally, I’d like to see them do away with this full color magazine they send us which is not cheap to do and keep our rates lower or put it towards a fund for families in need for paying their bills.

  10. River Watcher says:

    Power went out at 6:45pm went back on at about 11:15am today.

    Have a lot of tree damage mainly to the pines and cedars. Thought they took enough abuse last year!

    Havent seen any plows yet, Castleman and Auburn Rd. arent passable.

    Does anyone know if Shephards Mill Rd is cleared? Thx