REC Says Budget Billing Plan Simplifies Monthly Expenses

As consumers continue to battle the struggles of the current economic recession, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) wants to remind its members about a service designed to help them manage monthly electric bills. Budget Billing is a payment plan that establishes a preset payment amount for each billing period. That preset amount is determined by averaging the member’s bill totals for the 12 months prior to enrollment in the program.

REC’s director of members services, S. Kris Holmberg says, “Part of the ease and convenience of this service is that registration is free. To sign up for Budget Billing, a member’s account must have a zero balance. Once members begin the program they find managing their monthly bill to be hassle- free.”

Budget Billing also comes with built-in flexibility. During REC’s periodic review process during the year, if the budgeted amount turns out to be more (or less) than what was actually used , then the budgeted amount is adjusted to more closely match the use of electricity. For overpayments made earlier in the payment plan, a credit is applied to subsequent bills to reduce the new budgeted amount. And for underpayments, the outstanding bill amounts become part of the calculation to increase the budgeted amount.

Budget Billing is one of several convenient payment options that REC offers its members. Those who wish to enroll may call 800-552-3904 or simply send an e-mail to